Thursday, April 27, 2006
INDIELISBOA - Daniel Blaufuks

The first film of Daniel Blaufuks repeats today at IndieLisboa. Blaufuks is one of the great contemporary Portuguese photographers. Click here to an overview of his work in photography and photography-related installation work, set design, video and film.

Slightly Smaller Than Indiana is a road-movie about Portugal and its landscapes and cities. The title becames from the fact that Portugal is slightly smaller than the USA state Indiana.

In a melancholic way, Blaufuks shows his disenchantment about Portugal. The film was mostly shot at the areas involved in the European Football Cup of 2004 that took place in Portugal.

It's the only Portuguese film in competition. Original music by Dead Combo

"Last Summer, I traveled across Portugal to shoot my project: a road-movie about a country that can be crossed in six hours from north to south and just one hour and a half from east to west. The landscape we passed through, (camera) João Ribeiro and I, was the post-Euro 2004 Portugal, with the provisional government of Santana Lopes about to take office. It is a country that still seems like the idea we all have of "our homeland", but which actually no longer corresponds to reality and is becoming almost unrecognizable, as in a postcard. It was this notion that led me to want to make this film, and this journey in an old Mercedes named Rocinante, eventually confirmed it, sometimes in an alarming way." by Daniel Blaufuks
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