Saturday, January 13, 2007
Thirty something new tales from PL.PT

And finally, it is out. Today, Thirty something new tales is officially released.

Music@PL.PT would like to invite you to discover some of the new sounds coming from Poland and Portugal.

From minimal electronic music to ambient pop, from funk to jazz, from post-punk to hip-hop, from hard beat electronica to acoustic songs, this compilation gathers the likes of 36 bands and artists. With 20 bands from Poland (including those based in Poland) and 16 from Portugal, these 36 tracks will take you in a unique trip around the world of music made in PL.PT.

This compilation is free to share. Burn as many copies as you want, give it to your friends, family, teachers, bosses, pets and if you're one of those giving music to your vegetables, try this one. Results have been proved worthy.

Send this post or the link to everyone you know, let them know about the compilation. Post it on your blogs or sites, on your MySpace, Hi5 or Last.Fm.

I want to remember you that the purpose of this release is to promote all those bands trying to take their music to each one of you. I really hope this will help them.

I would like to thank all the bands for the interest shown on this initiative. I'd like to thank as well to Wojtek Baczynski for his help on the graphic material.

Do not forget to support the bands. Go to their concerts, buy their albums and demos. Drop them an email or message, but do let them know what you think about their music.
Let us know, as well, what you think about this little project of ours.

Even though the compilation is divided in two cds, it can be put together as a unique mp3 album. This had to do, mainly, with software restrictions.

And here are the links needed to download both the cds and graphic material.

Download cd1 here (aprox. 89MB)

Download cd2 here (aprox. 91MB)

For those wanting to know more on the bands, please follow this link and download the press release.

front cover

cd label1 and cd label2

back cover

The bands, as ordered, on the cd. All the links to the bands can be found on the Press Release.

01 - So Quiet
02 - An On Bast
03 - Borges
04 - Melodia
05 - Ela nao e' Francesa, Ele nao e' Espanhol
06 - Mississippi Goddam
07 - The Moss
08 - Graftmann
09 - The Ossis
10 - Nobody's Bizness
11 - Projecto Fuga
12 - Avell
13 - The Bruce Lee Dance Party
14 - Appleseed
15 - Voodoo Economics
16 - Katabatic
17 - Green Echo
18 - Iowa Super Soccer
19 - Phantom Taxi Ride
20 - Organizm
21 - Out of Tune
22 - The Clits
23 - Eluktrick
24 - Sensorry
25 - Fox Gang
26 - The Mothers
27 - Rotofobia
28 - Hiena
29 - Rose Buttons
30 - Waxfood
31 - Peltzer
32 - Woman in Panic
33 - Dj RedLamp
34 - Macacos do Chines
35 - Governo Sombra
36 - Borderline

The time has come for you to expand your musical horizons!!!!

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