Saturday, September 30, 2006
Music@PL.PT's concert agenda

Finally we made it.

From today, Music@PL.PT will include a suggested concert agenda of Portuguese and Polish bands playing in Poland and Portugal. Others from Angola, Brazil or Cabo Verde may as well appear if they play in one of these two countries.

If you've got a band, and you'd like to be on the agenda, then drop us an email.

The Polish concert agenda was causing more issues, but tks to MySpace we managed to conclude it as expected. The Portuguese agenda is complete tks to the Magazine Mondo Bizarre.

Music@PL.PT has already embraced the MySpace community. You can find us right here, at this address. Join our community as well.
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When the 21st century meets the 80's pop (PL)

Electro and 80's pop and new wave.
These are the main ingredients for Wroclaw's electro pop duo Nun.

Magda Kaspryszyn, on vocals, and Olaf Karbowiak, synths, programming,...., released this September Sunlight, an album where the sounds of Ladytron, Human League, Depeche Mode, Madonna and Erasure, among many others, are blended into a special catchy musical cocktail.

On the album, you'll find several tracks that will catch your attention instantly. If not, take a look at Stop, Burn, Sunlight or Silence. There are nevertheless, some other tracks that are bellow the quality of those mentioned previously. It is exactly here that the barrier between Eurodance, a trashy dance genre!!! made popular during the early 90's, and their sound becomes too narrow.

Luckily, it doesn't last that long, and we quickly get back on the road.

They'll start touring pretty soon. Wroclaw and Krakow will be the first ones to be visited. Check out the dates and any update, on Music@PL.PT's music agenda.

You can find more on their music on their MySpace, at their remix section or right next, on the album track list.


1. Hope (complete track)
2. Stop! (complete track)
3. I Don't Know How
Vision of Life
6. Here 4U
8. Dream Away
10. Your World
11. Sunlight
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Hail to the Lord.... Bunnyranch are here(PT)

Hailing from Coimbra, this four-piece band is about to show us the way to salvation, their brand new Luna Dance.
After the 2002 EP Too Flop Too Boogie and the 2004 album Trying To Lose, Bunnyranch are back to rescue you from temptation, and save your soul!!!
Kalo, on vocals, drums and percussion, Pedro Calhau, on bass, Joao Cardoso, on organ, piano, and vocals, and Andre Ferrao, on guitar, continue delivering us doses of furious, fast and melodic rock 'n' roll.
Inside My Head
is the first single to be taken out of Luna Dance. On the prescription it's written that it shall be listened at maximum volume.

Do not resist! It is futile! Embrace the salvation!!

Wednesday, the 4th of October, Bunnyranch will take their celebration down to Lisbon's club Mercado.

Take your Sunday fancy clothes, and pay them a visit. It may save your life!!!!!

Have a look at Insyde My Head right here.

For some more tracks, check their MySpace.
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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Moments ............... Cities in PL
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Monday, September 25, 2006
Plac Zbawiciela (Saviour Square) (PL)

life - noun plural lives

1 [C or U] the period between birth and death; the experience or state of being alive.

2 [C or U] way of living or a particular part of someone's life.

Everything seems to be ok. A normal family. Could be the neighbour next door. Could be the friend you greet everyday. Could be you. Could be me.
Suddenly........ Our dreams become nightmares.

Disappointing and sad. Unpleasant, unfaithful and

Despair, mercy, hate and guilt.

Getting as low as it can. Able to dash your hopes.....

...... but real. Too real. When you think it cannot be worse, you find out there's plenty of space ahead of you.

This is life at Plac Zbawiciela. The brand new film by Joanna Kos-Krauze and Krzysztof Krauze.

Winner of the best film award at the 31st Gdynia Polish Film Festival, it tell us the story of
Beata and Bartek, their two kids and Beata's mother-in-law, Teresa.

One of the best films I've seen this year. Plac Zbawiciela shows us how life can be cruel, with its twists and turns.

We recommend it strongly.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006
The Rock 'n' Roll Machine (PT)

Somehow you find yourself in the wild west. Step into the saloon right next door!!! There's a band playing on stage. It starts slowly, with a slide guitar.

We're part of a film. A Western. Soon, the bad guys will come in and everything will change.

No, they're already inside. They're 5, and they're playing dirty bits, spitting every word they say. The music, contagious, starts making its effect. Take off your shirt, scream out loud and dance!!!! The music comes bursting out of the speakers!!!!! The wild west is no longer!!!!

Welcome to the world of the Green Machine. Please join Joao Pimenta, vocals, Bruno Costa, guitar and vocals, Angelo Sousa, bass and vocals, Pedro Oliveira, drums, and Rude, drums and action, on their mission. These 5 lads storming out of Barcelos, are rampaging not only Portugal but Spain as well. Prepare yourselves for this rock'n'roll machine.

Expect no mercy.

Expect nothing but guitars, dirty, noisy and damn fast, vocals, spitten and screamed out loud, uncontrolled bass sessions and drum sounds bursting out of your stereo.

This is the sound of Themes for the Hidebounds, their second EP. Here, you can find 7 tracks, where rock'n'roll and blues go walking hand by hand.

Have a taste of it at their MySpace.

You can get this EP, for a mere 5 EUR plus postage, by contacting the band at their email.

"The ep its in the streets! We are gonna tour all over the place.And your city will never be the same!"
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Saturday, September 23, 2006
Hiena (PT)

Guitars screaming and roaring, driven to the limits, damn powerful drums and fierce vocals. This is Crash, the first song for the 6 track EP Sink it All, released by Hiena.

The year 2005 saw the former Zen, Rui "Gon", Marco Nunes (former Blind Zero and Tron), Fred (Yellow W Van, OiOai and Bullet) and Mike (former Zen and Jorge Palma) getting together in order to start writing some music. Some months later, Sink It All was born.

But do not expect only anger and fast guitars. Melodic tunes, sliding bluesy guitars keepin' up the rhythm, and blue dreamy chorus make all the way to such tracks as Sink it all or It will finally be madness.

The EP can be ordered via email to

The tracks Crash and It will finally be madness can be downloaded right here. Listen to some more of their tracks at their MySpace.


It will finally be madness

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Thursday, September 21, 2006
The music business
After two weeks vacation in Portugal, I'd like to share with you some of my thoughts on today's music business, concerning mainly Portugal and Poland.

Today, as some years ago, the music industry keeps complaining that the internet, music sharing copying and other kings of piracy are ruining a once prosper industry. What they do forget is everything else that does not support music, in any format, and the artists themselves.

Music from both Poland and Portugal is not as air played as we'd all wish. BIS, Eska Rock and Trojka are some of the radios where one can listen to some new Polish music, and where of course, we won’t find any Polish Paris Hilton or Eros Ramazotti. The same would apply to such Portuguese radios as Radar, Oxigenio and Antena 3.

Even though it might seem enough to promote music, keep in mind that some of these radios only have one or 2 programmes where we can find these tunes.

Apart from this, we have the price for brand new cds. Whereas in Poland, it is possible to buy a local release by a mere 7 to 8 Eur, versus the 16 EUR for a foreign record, in Portugal sometimes, a record released by a Portuguese artist is more expensive than a foreign record, reaching sometimes an incredible 20 EUR.

For artists, not known in the market, such situation becomes one of the most difficult barriers to overcome. Not only they have to fight against the fact that their music cannot be listened anywhere, the music industry expects that such amount will be paid for a first release or an unknown record, with doubtful quality.

In Poland, fortunately, they have acknowledged that by having Polish music cheaper they can sell more, fight back the rise of piracy, and promote the artists as well.

But not only is the music industry to blame.

When back in Lisbon, I had the chance to see Spartak live in concert. I arranged with some friends to see this concert but unfortunately, once we got to this venue, 30min later than its supposed starting time, not only the room was empty, as no one from the band had arrived. These arrived around 1h30m later than what was said to be the starting time, and still, we were offered an extra 30 minutes waiting time.

Don’t know whose fault it is, but the band did not even apologize for such a delay. Perhaps, it has become a common practice. After all, a concert that should start at 23h30, started at 01h30!!!!!!

With such situations, is anyone in condition to complain that the music business is not going as expected?
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Friday, September 15, 2006
News Bulletin (PL)

After the magnificent Mass.Mess.Age, released last year, Stealpot (Szymon Folwarczny) is to release this year his second album.

Kimi No Oto,
featuring Junko (from the band Mondialito), is the first single to be taken out of his second cd.
If all the other tracks sound as good as this one, then we found ourselves the record of the year.

Find Kimi No Oto at his MySpace.
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Thursday, September 14, 2006
10011001001 - Love going digital (PL)

Natalia Grosiak, on vocals; Maciek Z, sampling & electronics; Bond, on bass & low control; Mush, on drums & loops; Mont - R, on guitar & efx; Bartek Bober and Ola Kwiatek, on violin; Ola Konczak, on cello; Rafal Zalech, on viola; and Toyotaka Ota taking control of the visual area.

These are Digit-All-Love and they play .......

Music for a dark cloudy day;

Music to lay down on a green grassy field;

Music from the frozen seas;

Delicate and melodic tunes, downtempo beats with an orchestral flavour, eletronic pop with cold Islandic inspiration. This is the sound of Digit-All-Love.

Listen to Skinflower, Run away and U keep it at their MySpace or have a look at these previews.

U keep it
Run away

Check the video for Run away right here

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
News Bulletin (PL/PT)

Old Time Radio (PL) will release this November Downtown.

This 10 track album can, nevertheless, be bought before, during OTR's concerts.

Please find next the dates for their tour in Poland.

20.10 - Bydgoszcz @ Mozg
22.10 - Wroclaw @ Gumowa Roza
23.10 - Krakow @ Kawiarnia Naukowa
24.10 - Warszawa @ Jadlodajnia Filozoficzna
25.10 - Torun @ Jazzgod
26.10 - Poznan @ Stare Kino
29.10 - Gdansk @ Kafe Delfin

You can listen to the track Downtown at their MySpace.


(PT) just saw their debut album release date postponed.

Now, on the 16th of October, expect Console Pupils.

Listen to the tracks Robot 'n' roll, Pixelized Scenario, Like and Unfashionautic Superstar at their MySpace.


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Thursday, September 07, 2006
News Bulletin ed.3 (PT)

Loto are to release their second album, Beat Riot, still this year.

For now, available at their MySpace, the first single to come out of this album, Cuckoo Plan, with special guest Peter Hook (of Joy Division and New Order).

"Life's too why waste time saying that Loto is this or that???......"

Find it out by yourself!!!
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Sunday, September 03, 2006
And now, on vacations

Just to let you know that for the next 2 weeks, Music@PL.PT will on vacations on sunny Portugal.

Take care.
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