Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Atlantic Waves 2007 - The party is about to start...
Atlantic Waves festival is back. 2007's edition will continue promoting new artists, among other established ones, coming from the four corners of the World.

Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Israel, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. All these countries are represented in this cultural melting pot.

From the 1st to the 11 of November, London will be invaded by the music of Saudade, Fado, the unforgettable sounds of the Portuguese Guitar Masters, three Lusophone club nights exploring the new trends on soundclash, techno/electro and ghettotrash. Apart from it, there is still time for three world class experimental audiovisual electronic nights at the ICA, altogether featuring something like 70 different artists in 8 days.

Several artists and acts will perform for their very first time in the UK, so this really becomes a unique chance to get hold of some of the most promising names in Portuguese music, regardless if we're talking about fado, pop, rock or dance.

Do not miss The Grand Divas of Fado, premiering the heavy weights Beatriz da Conceicao and Maria da Fe, plus the great new values of Fado, Aldina Duarte and Raquel Tavares, plus performances by Joana Amendoeira and Mafalda Arnauth.

The Portuguese Guitar will be represented by one of its masters, Antonio Chainho. But he won't be alone on his UK premiere. Custodio Castelo and Ricardo Parreira will receive this London audience for their very first time, together with guitarist Fernando Alvim.

The festival goes on with several other performances. We strongly recommend Zentex, the Finish Lisbon-based producer Jari together with his electronic techno sounds.

Another event not to miss will definitely be the Ghettotrash Lusophone Clubnight.

DJ Marlboro, Frederic Galliano Kuduro Sound System and the youngsters Macacos do Chines, on their UK premiere, releasing their peculiar mish-mash tunes upon everuone!!! Expect kuduro meets techno meets grimme meets..... Check them out on Music@PL.PT's online free compilation, Thirty Something New Tales From PL.PT.

The night would not be complete without Lusophony, The (R)evolution documentary.
"..... With the participation of Caetano Veloso, Cesaria Evora, Lura, Sara Tavares, Gilles Peterson, Carlos do Carmo, Buraka Som Sistema or Sam The Kid, Lusophony, The (R)evolution is a view on identity, rhythms, melodies and dances. This is a documentary on the music which connects some 220 million people in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde and Sao Tome and Principe. Setting out from the cultural miscegenation between peoples from the 15th century onwards, it explores the way in which lusophone culture has inspired musicians in genres such as Hip Hop, Fado, Reggae, Jazz, Semba, Tropicalia, Kuduro or Morna. This is a unique portrayal of the essence and the magic of Lusophony......"

So, what are you waiting for? Run to the ticket offices and get yourself loaded!!!

For more information on tickets, schedules and venues, please check the Atlantic Waves 07 official website.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007
Farewell, Sean Riley & The Slowriders (PT)
Rock, blues, folk and country.

Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tim and Jeff Buckley, Neil Young, Howe Gelb, Devendra Banhart and the Doors. Anything in common? Yes, Farewell, the debut album by the Coimbra-based trio Sean Riley & The Slowriders.

Farewell, produced by the Dutch Wout Straatman, is one of the biggest surprises to come out of Portugal this year (watch out for the next one, by Mazgani to be released quite soon). It is not that common that a band on their debut album comes up with a bunch of songs - 11 in total - that sound as if they've been around for ages. Afonso Rodrigues (or shall I say Sean Riley) on vocals and guitar; Bruno Simoes, on bass, guitar, percussion, melodica, synths and xylophone; and the ex-Bunnyranch Filipe Costa, on drums, keyboards and harmonica show a maturity several projects haven't achieved after years and years of hard work.

Their music is of beautiful acoustic melodies, sorrow and feelings. Surrounded by silky textures, notes dripping out of the melodica, xylophone and harmonica; dragged, paced and soul warming vocals. It breathes the warm winds of Southern America and drinks inspiration from all the artists mentioned previously.

After the release of the first single, Moving On, I was sure that something special was on its way, I just didn't know that it would be this special!!! The vocals by Sean Riley and the melodies created by Afonso Rodrigues and Bruno Simoes give space to this shiny and special aura, resting above our head, embracing and caressing us. We are taken through some of the memories Mazzy Star left behind; through the sounds Dylan and Tim Buckley taught us to love; through the dry and lonely fields of Bruce "Nebraska" Springsteen. Stories on thousands of nights, departures on the middle of night and difficult decisions. Stories..... 11 of them on this Farewell. Songs as Harry Rivers, Let The Good Times Roll, Lights Out, City Of A Million Thrills and Spider's Blues will be difficult to forget!!!!

Currently Sean Riley & The Slowriders are on tour. All the details on their MySpace.

If you like what you've just read, get the album right here:

MusicaOnline (with previews and best internet offer!!!!)

And now, a little extra on Farewell's recording sessions.....

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Saturday, October 27, 2007
Slimmy's sexy Beatsound Loverboy (PT)
".... Beware!!!! Beatsound Loverboy is set free on September 06. The countdown has just started!!!!! ...".

This was last year. Unfortunately it took more than a simple countdown until we could see Beatsound Loverboy hit the stores. Finally it has seen the light.

The London-based Oporto rocker Slimmy debuted some weeks ago Beatsound Loverboy, an 11 track electrifying album, fueled with some of the best rockin' beats I've heard this year.

There are times we need an album just like this: Electro cascades, melodic and catchy lines, heavily loaded guitars, horny and filthy vocals and a quite provocative pose!!! Basically, sweaty, dirty and sexy music.

Once you press play, the self-titled track Beatsound Loverboy kicks in. Slimmy welcomes us with an angelical "... look at the starts... ", an invitation to his world, wrapped in saturated drums, spacey distorted guitars, squeezed and screaming in pain; and 240V charged electro beats. By this time, (with only three minutes gone), you already dove deep into these crazy electro vibes; these rock meets techno meets pop meets house sound orgies. By this time, you already dove deep into this Beatsound Loverboy.

Love, lust, sex, seduction, electro and rock 'n' roll never had such a good soundtrack!!!! Look no further than You Should Never Leave Me (Before I die), the bassy Show Girl, Bloodshot Star, Self Control or the 80's pop driven Set Me On Fire.
Far From You and Good Night Good Souls, are two lonely cuts that show us a more intimate Slimmy, with the electronic put aside and going more acoustic. The latter track will get you back to Earth, back to reality and remind you that this ride has come to an end. At least until you press play again!!

For those following Slimmy's career over the last year, this album might not feel as "fresh" as it should be, as part of these tracks have been around for some time. Still, it's a hell of an album.

This is the world of Slimmy. A world with no boundaries!!! This is Beatsound Loverboy, one of the most dance-orientated rock albums to see the light this year.

Beatsound Loverboy
You Should Never Leave Me (Before I Die)
Show Girl
Bloodshot Star
Self Control

Buy the album here:

Musica Online

Currently Slimmy, together with Garcez, on drums, and Paulo Garcim, on bass and vocals, are taking this album to the road. Catch them live this November on the following dates:

9th of Nov. @ Fnac GaiaShopping, V.N. Gaia
10th of Nov. @ Recepcao ao caloiro, Oliveira de Azemeis
17th of Nov. @ Festival Cosmopolis on MusicBox, Lisbon
23rd of Nov. @ Santiago Alquimista, Lisbon
24th of Nov. @ Patio do Sol - Fabrica da Polvora, Oeiras
28th of Nov. @ Fnac Santa Catarina, Oporto
28th of Nov. @ Fnac NorteShopping, Matosinhos
29th of Nov. @ Chantal's House of Shame, Berlin (DE)

Sex, filth and rock 'n' roll on a damn electrifying track.....
Ladies and Gentlemen, Beatsound Loverboy!!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Under the Radar with .... FlyKKiller (PL/UK)
"...... The FlyKKiller story is that the songs contained within this album are recorded by an extra terrestrial called V who created this album (whilst in captivity in the FlyKKiller Institute in Poland) as a vessel in which to pass on her peaceful communications to us earthlings......"

FlyKKiller are London-based Polish downtempo, trip-hop singer Pati Yang, together with Stephen Hilton (musical parter of David Holmes, of The Free Association), and Dominic DeGrande, Faye Hamilton and Brian Fairbairn (mainly taking part when playing live).

With an album, Experiments In Violent Light, and three EPs released so far, this collective is on its way to become something quite serious in Her Majesty's lands but not only.... With their mutated hip hop structured tracks, trip hop flavoured backgrounds, experimental fat electro beats, dense and groovy bass sound waves, Pati and Stephen deliver something unique in today's soundscapes.

Combines the likes of a dark shadowed Goldfrapp and The Knife on a rainy Sunday afternoon, Pati's dense and sexy vocals marry perfectly to Stephen's beats creating the marvelous sound behind their debut album, the perfect soundtrack to David Lynch's or Alfred Hitchcock's most terrifying films.

After the release of our 2005 favourite Silent Treatment, Pati has returned in great shape, together with Stephen Hilton to sign one of 2007's most interesting proposals. The time has come for you to discover it now......

While this debut does not make it to Polish record stores, why not get it on the internet, right here:
Juno Records

Get to listen to some of their music on their MySpace. Some previews right next, but before, courtesy of Tomek Myszko, check their interview or BBC6 radio and the live recorded session.

Live Session and Interview @ BBC6
Live Session @ BBC6 and City Centre Social


01. Flykkiller
02. Peroxide
03. Fear
04. Sell My Pulse
05. Shine
06. Get All Pulled Out
07. Controlled Environment
08. B Murphy
09. Music For Twelve Wounds
10. Cze Nie Szkoda Cie
11. Flykkiller David Holmes Remix

As good news never travel alone, Peroxide, right next.....

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Sunday, October 14, 2007
David Fonseca and his Dreams In Colour (PT)
After the release of 2003's Sing Me Something New and 2005's Our Hearts Will Beat As One, the expectation was quite big towards David Fonseca's latest release, Dreams In Colour. After listening to the latter, I must say that the expectation was met.

Known for some time as Silence 4's lead vocalist, it's been a while since David Fonseca decided to undergo a solo career, and I'm glad he did so.

With three albums up to today, we are constantly surprised by his new songs and the way each record grows compared to its predecessors. Dreams In Colour is only his most accomplished release so far, the perfect follow-up to his previous two albums. With an handful of tracks (11 in total), we are taken into a swirl of indie pop, 80's electro, catchy, melodic and heavily contagious dancing tunes, where constant changes in mood take place; songs run in epic crescendos. It's a sea of emotions and amazing pop pearls!!!

Songs like the poppy Kiss me, Oh Kiss me, the mind-blowing dance melodies of Silent Void, the crescendo on This Wind, Temptation and the superb cover to Elton John's Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be a Long, Long Time) are more than the perfect welcome card to one of my favourites this 2007.

This is Dreams In Colour, a hymn to pop music, one of the best pop albums Portugal has seen on recent years. An album suiting those that, like me, love pop music, or those that prefer more alternative/indie music.

Take a deep breath!!! Press play and enjoy. It's all about Dreams in Colour.

Get it right here. Special limited edition (digipack with 24 page booklet + DVD) on these stores.

[previews out of Dreams in Colour]

4th chance
Kiss me, Oh Kiss Me
Rocket Man (I think it's gonna be a long, long time) (highly rec.)
Silent void (highly rec.)
This wind, temptation (highly rec.)

[previews out of Our Hearts Will Beat As One]

Who Are U?
Swim II
Cold Heart II
Hold Still II (featuring Rita RedShoes)
Start Over Again II

Enjoy Superstars, the first single out of Dreams In Colour.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007
The many faces of Esgar Acelerado (PT)
Esgar Acelerado?
".... An illustrator, graphic-designer and comic-book writer. I live alone. I love a smoke and a cup of coffee. Hate cats, but I'm a nice guy..... .... I also run LowFly, Portugal's smallest record label with releases from artists like Jad Fair, Bonnie Prince Billy, Us Forretas Ocultos and.... .... at last, my day-time job? Art teacher ....."

Some of you might have seen part of his work. The poster for the New Century Classics, The Midnight Reverie Trio and Zerova concert Music@PL.PT organised was his.

But there's more to Mr. Esgar (or Esgar Acelerado) than the poster art he's been sharing with us. Portraits (here and "here"), comics (here, here - responsible for the script of Superfuzz - and here again), records artwork, and a whole other world of drawings (galleries 1, 2 & 3)

It is with great honour that I present you the work of Esgar Acelerado!!!

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The colours, sounds and flavours of Lisboa (PT)
This Summer, the newly born Lisboa Records decided to pay its tribute to Lisbon, the city that sits calmly by the river Tagus.

With Fragil's 25th anniversary as a starting point, some musicians, composers and poets took a chance and accepted the challenge made by Lisboa Records' Tiago Faden.
The idea was to celebrate the city that had seen Fragil grow up during the past quarter of a century.

With the likes of Rodrigo Leao, Paulo Abelho and Pedro Oliveira (all former Setima Legiao), Rui Reininho (GNR), Armando Teixeira, Adriano Filipe, Ricardo Rocha, the bands Dancas Ocultas, The Gift, BCN, A Naifa and Novembro, among others, the 12 tracks on Lisboa are all about elegance, colour, wonder, experiences and discovery!!! An amalgamation of sound and word, embracing pop, rock, fado, electronic music, poetry and spoken word.

The poem You Are Welcome to Elsinore, by the poet and painter Mario Cesariny, is featured on BCN's track (entitled as the poem), giving the impression that it was recorded at the same time as the song itself. Another track to pay attention to is Amalia Rodrigues' Com Que Voz reviewed here by Maria Ana Bobone and Ricardo Rocha.

This is our Lisboa.
The city of colours, light and shadows.
The city of charming narrow streets and typical neighbourhoods.
The city of amazing people, cultural melting pots, poetry, and music encounters.
This is..... Lisboa.

Pedro Oliveira and Jose Sousa – Magnifica Luz
Rui Reininho and Armando Teixeira – Estranho Caso do Amante Preguicoso
Rodrigo Leao – Cidade Tejo
Maria Ana Bobone and Ricardo Rocha – Com Que Voz
BCN – You Are Welcome to Elsinore

More album preview right here.
Get Lisboa on this site.

Lisboa, Making of.....
and other live recordings.

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Friday, October 12, 2007
The music behind Guitars from Nothing (PT)
People have said they can find traces of Ennio Morricone on it; others, Clint Eastwood’s westerns or even Robert Rodriguez’s imaginary worlds.

I, as many others, have mentioned the so-flavoured “western fado” sound, the spaghetti western colours and all the other unusual and incredibly creative ingredients to be found on their music.

I’m sorry I quite forgot to tell you who I’m talking about. After the release of their astonishing debut album, Vol. I, and last year’s superb second album, Vol. II: Quando a Alma Nao e’ Pequena, Dead Combo are back with Guitars from Nothing, their third album, which after all, is their first one. Confused? Well, you shouldn’t be.

Guitars from Nothing, released some weeks ago on Rastilho, is a 500 copies limited vinyl record that collects To Trips’ first experiments, drawing the path to what would become later on, their first adventure as Dead Combo. We were, at this time, on the year 2002. As you go further on these 20 something minutes, you can feel the soul behind their music, that special feeling and unique sound you experience once you play any of their former releases.

With 13 tracks divided into A and B sides, we are offered a total of 11 new tracks, some of them already presented in some live acts. Without the contribution of Pedro Goncalves’ double bass, it feels so good to discover the first steps of what has become one of the most interesting new acts on Portuguese music.

Ladies and gentlemen, please open up the curtains and let these Guitars from Nothing light up your day. Discover the wonders behind Ribot, Tejo Walking, the melancholy of Electrica Cadente and the colours of Fiji Dreams.

In case you’re arrived a bit too late, drop by their site, where you can listen to these 13 tracks.

"....They play Lisbon, the city of the countryside, chimneys and white domes, sceneries of a lost past, the fado, the loiter western, all together in a voodoo of emotions, the Tagus river, misplaced lovers, abandoned angels in the crossroads of destiny, flowers with misplaced colours, saints, burning hot chambers, naked guitars, thrown on the street, double basses on fire, top hats, chickens on the loose and things that roll on the street...."

Boys and girls....... Quando A Alma Nao E' Pequena


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Sunday, October 07, 2007
Digit All Love (PL) tunes and beats
"... Delicate and melodic tunes, downtempo beats with an orchestral flavour, electronic pop with cold Islandic inspiration...."

A 10 track album by a 10-piece electronic orchestra. The name.... Digit All Love.

This Wroclaw-based collective, that gathers musicians from several Polish bands (Miloopa, Mikromusic or Milk, among others), has just released DigitAllLove, their self-titled debut album. A collection of songs that breathe sensibility, intimacy, warmth and relaxing tempos; majestic arrangements, fat downtempo beats, subtle and inspired electronic backgrounds; all served together with live instruments and the sensual and delicate vocals of Natalia Grosiak.

After posting on them last year, now it's time to present you their record. Once we step into DigitAllLove, we get face to face with the likes of Bjork, Massive Attack, Portishead or Goldfrapp. The inspirations are obvious and the album does not plan to hide it as well. Putting aside this detail, DAB deliver an album that is close to being perfect. I say close, for they lack something new here that could take them to another division.

Led by the voice of Natalia Grosiak, the superbly arranged tracks, filled with passionate string melodies, darkened moods and energy, create a very special aura around this release. Listening to DigitAllLove will take you on a journey of discoveries, many emotions and colours. As you go by the aesthetic atmospheres of Run Away, passing through the more jazzy and soul ambients of Candy Castle, the loops of Skinflower, the many contrasts and flavours of Matulu, the saturated beats of Don't Expect Too Much, I U Could and I Learn 2 Be into the angelic, Icelandic cold Navel, you find yourself looking away, widely, into the vast!!! You grab the remote and hit play!!! It is time for the second journey!!!

It is a pity this debut was not released some years ago. Nevertheless, it is a great record and one of the most interesting proposals made in Poland, this 2007.

For more, check their website or their MySpace.

[mp3 previews]

U keep it
Run away

Buy Digit All Love @


Another sweet for the weekend. The promo for Run Away:


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Saturday, October 06, 2007
Rotofobia are back (PL)
The melodic and loose guitars, the catchy vocals, the well-timed drums , the saturated bass and keyboards are back. Rotofobia are back!!!

One of our favourite bands is back with a brand new self-titled EP, our last week's Album of the Week. Having written on them one year ago, the time has come to bring you some more on this Warsaw trio.

With a 4 track EP on their hands, Rotofobia are here to conquer those that haven't surrendered to their music. Musze Juz Isc and Warszawa, Hard To Say and Going Away were the lucky ones to make it this time (two tracks in Polish and two in English). The result? Four arse kickin' tracks. It's rock meets pop meets punk!!!! All in one place!!! All in fifteen minutes!!!! Sebastian Barc, Arkus and Szymon take us on a wild ride, where chaotic and spiral guitars melt with poppy claps, repetitive chorus and dirty drums. It's damn contagious!!

Even though these three lads sound as if they've been around for several years, think again!!! Their past goes only a couple of years back but their music does not reflect that, showing a band that is quite sure of itself, knowing where they're heading to and what they want for themselves.

In case you don't get any Polish, don't worry, Musze Juz Isc will get you out of your seat in no time and put you to dance as if there was no tomorrow. Then, Going Away and Warszawa will the do same back again.

Still not convinced? Try it yourself by downloading their EP right here. Get it and spread it. The world needs to discover Rotofobia as soon as possible. The salvation is here!!!

Musze juz isc [mp3]

Currently they're promoting their EP on the road. You can catch them on the following dates:

16th of November @ Ucho, Gdynia
17th of November @ Mlyn, Gniezno

Check our agenda for further dates.

You know what? Musze juz isc..... but before, Warszawa, live!!!

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Friday, October 05, 2007
Under the Radar with ... Gabriela Kulka (PL)
Have you ever wondered how come you've missed something or someone that was just there, in front of you?

Recently I felt it once I ran into Gabriela Kulka and the songs on 2006's Out, her latest album.

This Warsaw-based artist released last year an album that is simply a must, an album that should be featured on everyone's cd collection!!!! I still do not own it but I expect to get it in about two weeks.

Owner of a fantastic voice - cool and galloping, festive and yet so strong and powerful, emotional and theatrical; piano notes that come dropping smoothly and elegantly, dressed in black and surrounded in smoke as if they'd been all night long playing on the bar right next door.

Her music takes us to the world of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Ute Lemper or Kurt Weill. We see ourselves surrounded by jazzy, cinematic, classical and pop tunes. The arrangements give this Out another soul, making it reach other skies, making it too small for Poland alone!

The pursuit continues!!!
Track after track, we discover more of Gabriela and her fantastic music. Diving deeper and wandering through her past releases we notice how amazing has her evolution been, release after release, constantly surprising us with her ironic lyrics and a handful of brand new flavoured sounds.

With two albums (Between Miss Scylla and a Hard Place and Out) and some demos released so far, Gabriela is something quite special in the Polish music scene, if not even unique.
After bringing you the likes of Julia Marcel (another Polish artist we strongly recommend), today we present you Gabriela Kulka, one of Music@PL.PT's 2007 recommended artists.

Get to listen to some of her music right next. Gabriela's Myspace is here too.

Death won't save the day
Krolestwo i pol

[Between Miss Scylla and a Hard Place]

In case you like the mp3s, get the albums right here:

Out (CD Baby)
Between Miss Scylla and a Hard Place (CD Baby);

or on her website.

We could not let you go without a small surprise. Gabriela Kulka and, her father, Konstant Kulka on a unique version for The Clash's London Calling.

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