Saturday, October 27, 2007
Slimmy's sexy Beatsound Loverboy (PT)
".... Beware!!!! Beatsound Loverboy is set free on September 06. The countdown has just started!!!!! ...".

This was last year. Unfortunately it took more than a simple countdown until we could see Beatsound Loverboy hit the stores. Finally it has seen the light.

The London-based Oporto rocker Slimmy debuted some weeks ago Beatsound Loverboy, an 11 track electrifying album, fueled with some of the best rockin' beats I've heard this year.

There are times we need an album just like this: Electro cascades, melodic and catchy lines, heavily loaded guitars, horny and filthy vocals and a quite provocative pose!!! Basically, sweaty, dirty and sexy music.

Once you press play, the self-titled track Beatsound Loverboy kicks in. Slimmy welcomes us with an angelical "... look at the starts... ", an invitation to his world, wrapped in saturated drums, spacey distorted guitars, squeezed and screaming in pain; and 240V charged electro beats. By this time, (with only three minutes gone), you already dove deep into these crazy electro vibes; these rock meets techno meets pop meets house sound orgies. By this time, you already dove deep into this Beatsound Loverboy.

Love, lust, sex, seduction, electro and rock 'n' roll never had such a good soundtrack!!!! Look no further than You Should Never Leave Me (Before I die), the bassy Show Girl, Bloodshot Star, Self Control or the 80's pop driven Set Me On Fire.
Far From You and Good Night Good Souls, are two lonely cuts that show us a more intimate Slimmy, with the electronic put aside and going more acoustic. The latter track will get you back to Earth, back to reality and remind you that this ride has come to an end. At least until you press play again!!

For those following Slimmy's career over the last year, this album might not feel as "fresh" as it should be, as part of these tracks have been around for some time. Still, it's a hell of an album.

This is the world of Slimmy. A world with no boundaries!!! This is Beatsound Loverboy, one of the most dance-orientated rock albums to see the light this year.

Beatsound Loverboy
You Should Never Leave Me (Before I Die)
Show Girl
Bloodshot Star
Self Control

Buy the album here:

Musica Online

Currently Slimmy, together with Garcez, on drums, and Paulo Garcim, on bass and vocals, are taking this album to the road. Catch them live this November on the following dates:

9th of Nov. @ Fnac GaiaShopping, V.N. Gaia
10th of Nov. @ Recepcao ao caloiro, Oliveira de Azemeis
17th of Nov. @ Festival Cosmopolis on MusicBox, Lisbon
23rd of Nov. @ Santiago Alquimista, Lisbon
24th of Nov. @ Patio do Sol - Fabrica da Polvora, Oeiras
28th of Nov. @ Fnac Santa Catarina, Oporto
28th of Nov. @ Fnac NorteShopping, Matosinhos
29th of Nov. @ Chantal's House of Shame, Berlin (DE)

Sex, filth and rock 'n' roll on a damn electrifying track.....
Ladies and Gentlemen, Beatsound Loverboy!!

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