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Zerova, New Century Classics and The Midnight Reverie Trio live .....

Within a couple of days, Krakow will host a magical music evening, celebrating the new sounds of Poland together with Zerova, New Century Classics and The Midnight Reverie Trio.

These three bands will spread their music at Tytus i Koka, on Music@PL.PT's first concert evening.

This will be a unique occasion to check Zerova live, on its premiere in Krakow, playing together with two local bands on which we deposit big hope, New Century Classics and The Midnight Reverie Trio.

Whereas Zerova released their debut album on Herb Recordings last year, New Century Classics got their first EP out a couple of weeks ago. Check here for review. The Midnight Reverie Trio are working on their first release. Hopefully it will be presented on their concert, this day, at Tytus i Koka.

Get ready for an evening where calm sounds of Iceland met those of artistic Paris, where guitars in screaming journeys ride side by side with subtle piano notes, where accordion melodies meet those of a wild french horn, and where computer bits meet distorted loop sounds.

That day is coming!!!! Discover the new sounds of Poland, this May, on the 12th, in Krakow, at Tytus i Koka.

Doors open at 20h. The show starts 30 minutes later. Entrance fee - 10 PLN.

I'd like to thanks Esgar Acelerado for the beautiful poster he handed out for this event. Thanks, as well, to Cracow-Life for their words and to Faza, from B-Side for all the support given.

The Midnight Reverie Trio are Sonia (on the French horn), Scotia (on accordion) and their loop pedal. Together, this colourful and magic trio plays this enchanting and melancholic pop blend of eastern European folk melodies and carnivalesque reveries, that take you on a musical journey to the heart of Pigalle and lets you fall in love with their calm and catchy tunes.

“….. They’re a street circus band, waiting for their circus…”

  • Hala Targowa (Circus Theme No.2[mp3]

  • Sometime ago, we referred to this band as one of Krakow's best kept secrets. Now the time has come for all of you to discover them.

    New Century Classics is a Krakow-based post-rock, indie pop quintet that started their music adventure last year, back in May.

    Together, they have taken the mission to compose some of the most beautiful music Krakow has listened recently. Delicate and melodic, yet sometimes so emotional and of such strength.

    With Anna on synths, bells, guitar, ibook and egg, Antonello on percussion, Dana on violin, synths, laptop and egg, Marek on guitar and synths, and Mateusz on lead guitar, they brings us the soundtrack for our busy days, for our tormented hours.

    Their music has the same effect on me as that of Sigur Ros, Michael Nyman or Mogwai. Melodies in continuous spiral. Dancing lullabies. Instruments that bleed incredibly passionate music. Guitars and percussion galloping as wild horses.

    Live this quintet sounds even better. Their music gains another life. It aspires for something huge, something beautiful...... Suddenly we are taken by our arms and we find ourselves in Neverland.

  • A Small Missunderstanding[mp3]

  • 2004 was a good year for Polish music, especially for a certain little town, located somewhere in the North of Poland, by the name of Bialystok.

    Adrian Jakuc-Lukaszewicz (progs, vocals, accordion, synths and and other keyboard instruments), Maja Chmurkowska (piano, vocals and other keyboard instruments) and Pawel Dudzinski (guitar, melodica and vocals) landed on this corner of Eastern Europe to give us one of the most interesting debuts last year, under the name of Zerova.

    Just as many artists decide to isolate themselves in search of inspiration, Zerova did the same. Taking themselves to the countryside, their music was then gifted with the cold whispering winds of the Baltic Seas, with the relaxing ambients from Iceland, with the melancholic and smooth electronics from Sweden and Amelie Poulain's beloved Paris, and the mysterious folk sounds of darkened Poland.

    In their music, one can find influences from the sounds of Scandinavia but not only ....... Sigur Ros, Mum, Yann Tiersen or Orb ......... all of them, found space in their music. Enchanting melodies, ghostly whispers, hypnotising synthesizer backgrounds and a marriage between sci-fi soundtracks and folk bring us the unique sounds of Zerova.

    I Think We've Lost was released on the British label, Herb Recordings, home to Myppa, another interesting Polish project, and can be found at the following online stores iTunes, BeatPort or imusiclabel.

  • Fukka'jo[mp3]
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