Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Are they really Out Of Tune? (PL)

Imagine four young lads hailing from Warsaw, Poland.

Imagine now, four young lads spreading the message of post-punk, rock and arse kickin' pop music every little corner around you, from Northern Poland down to Krakow, up to Lodz and Wroclaw.

These lads are Eryk, on bass and vocals, Mateusz, on keyboards and guitar, Michal, on drums and Maciek, on the guitar, and they give by the name of Out Of Tune.

Together, they have just released Killer Pop Machine EP, a four track EP infected with today's sounds storming from NYC, London or Sheffield, from bands such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bloc Party or the Artic Monkeys, or going back on time, from good old funk alternative rockers Faith No More.

So, do you really think they are Out Of Tune?

Killer Pop Machine, What you're missin', Find a reason and Vintage violence can be found on their site, right here. Nevertheless, we present you with one of our all time favourites:

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Other lists for the Best of 2006 (PL/PT)
As we haven't finished our Best of 2006 list, we would like to share with you those from the Polish magazine Przekroj and from the Portuguese website Disco Digital and blog A Trompa.

Przekroj - 5 Best records of the year 2006 (PL)

01 - The Car Is On Fire : Lake and flames
02 - Contemporary Noise Quintet : Pig inside the gentleman
03 - Cracow Klezmer Band : Tzadik
04 - Pustki : Do mi no
05 - Scianka : Pan Planeta

Disco Digital - 10 Best records of the year 2006 (PT)

01 - Dead Combo : Vol. II - Quando a alma nao e' pequena
02 - Sam The Kid : Pratica(Mente)
03 - Sergio Godinho : Ligacao Directa
04 - The Legendary Tiger Man : Masquerade
05 - A Naifa : 3 Minutos antes da mare encher
06 - Linda Martini : Olhos de mongol
07 - Carlos Bica & Azul : Believer
08 - Wordsong : Pessoa
09 - Balla : A grande mentira
10 - Houdini Blues : F de falso

A Trompa - 10 Best records of the year 2006 (PT)

01 - Dead Combo : Vol. II - Quando a alma nao e' pequena
02 - Carlos Bica & Azul : Believer
03 - Bernardo Sassetti : Unreal: Sidewalk Cartoon
04 - Gaiteiros de Lisboa : Satiro
05 - The Legendary Tiger Man : Masquerade
06 - Samuel Jeronimo : Rima
07 - Most People Have Been Trained To Be Bored : Success in cheap prices
08 - Bypass : Mighty sounds Pristine
09 - Linda Martini : Olhos de mongol
10 - Nuno Prata : Todos os dias fossem estes/outros


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Saturday, December 23, 2006
Polish Painting of the 21st Century (PL)

From the 16th of December until the 25th of February, a chance to see the works of over 60 Polish artists, at the Zacheta National Gallery of Arts, in Warsaw.

".... The exhibition also includes pieces by performance, sticker and video artists who expand on the concept of painting with works that explore the status of painting and the painter in the 21st century...."

The exhibition will include works by Basia Banda, Wilhelm Sasnal, Bartek Marterka, Agata Bogacka, Edward Dwurnik, Leon Tarasewicz, Stefan Gierowski, among many others...


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Thursday, December 21, 2006
We Wish You All (ALL) ...

And of course, two little presents for you.

One from Poland, a Xmas bonus track from Old Time Radio, and an 11 years old track from the former Portuguese band, Raindogs. This was one of my favourite Xmas songs.

Old Time Radio - I hate Christmas
Raindogs - Kids only


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Woman in Panic (PT)

Woman in Panic is a one man project led by Pedro Lourenco, of You Should Go Ahead.

Electronic music with an arse kickin’ rock attitude, connected to the electro sounds of Kraftwerk and other electro punk bands from the 80’s. Electro, synthesisers and other machines…...

This adventure started on the year 2000 with the Jovens Criadores contest in mind. Later, after some collaborations and new tracks, two tracks found its way to the American Label, Samurai Records, and shall be released in one of their compilations.

In some of his live performances, part of the machinery is replaced by a live band, (composed by some of his friends), giving a more organic touch to his music.

Hopefully, 2007 shall see him releasing his debut album.

To find out more on his music, visit his MySpace and download Instead of making bleed right here.


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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Xmas music @ Clinic (PT)

The Gift, Mesa, Rodrigo Leao, Loto, Norton and Cindy Kat.

After the sucess of its first edition, "As Nossas Cancoes de Natal" or "Our Xmas Songs" are back to Clinic, in Alcobaca.

3 to 4 tracks per band. One has to do with Christmas.

An alternative pop evening for your Xmas holidays. An early present on your shoe, hanging by the chimney.

I wish Xmas was everyday!!!!


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Sunday, December 17, 2006
An Alternative Xmas (PT)

From the 18th of December to the 24th, Natal Social is the event to go to.

An alternative market will take place, at the Ateneu Comercial de Lisboa, showing different material handicraft and material produced by designers.
Performances, theater, music, workshops also say Present!!!!

This will be a wonderful chance to run away from the common shopping centers, and shop in a place where you will be welcome and shown products that are not available to you normally, prepared with such care and imagination.

The entrance fee is 1 EUR or 1 kg of food.

Do not miss it.


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Saturday, December 16, 2006
Pop according to Husky (PL)

Patrycja Hefczynska, (vocals), and Jacek Dojwa, (machinery), are Husky. This Wroclaw-based downtempo, electro-pop duo released this Autumn their second album, Zgadnij, on 2-47 records.

Delicate, sensual, laid back and with a touch of Scandinavia, Patrycja's voice and Jacek's electronic textures bring us to memory the likes of Moloko, Moa, Bjork, Everything But The Girl and Peggy Lee.

4 years after the release of Czy slyszysz, 2006 saw their return in a much better shape, with an album that fits in the list of the best releases this year.

Zgadnij, with its 10 tracks and a multimedia section (where we can find some photos and the video for Iskrzy, iskrzy!!!), is a pearl that requires more than the simple quick listening. It requires to be listened often, paying special attention to the music while it fills your place with its exotic scents.

Sung both in Polish and English, this is an album where there isn't that much space for hits.... but, do not let this statement trick you. Tracks like the jazzy pop Niue, the more electro orientated Black Coffee or the instrumental Else will not get out of your head that easily.

The music is all there! Delicate and smooth, made of such beautiful electronic ambient pop and bossa-nova sunbathed, breathing downtempo tunes and breakbeats.
This is Zgadnij, another pop meets electro release that will colour our winter and make it warmer.

Discover them at their MySpace and right next.

Iskrzy, iskrzy!!!

Black Coffee

More tracks can be found at their homepage.


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Our friends this week (PL/PT)

A bit later than usual, here are our friends for this week.

This time we recommend ....

Novika, Tropa Macaca, Komety, Sr. Alfaiate, Gasoline, Mola Dudle, Laki Lan, You Should Go Ahead, Ladybug, Stowaways, Maria Peszek, Conjunto Ngonguenha, Mitch & Mitch, Spartak!, Miloopa, Family Poison, Pustki, Valete, George Dorn Screams and Spaceboys.

Pay them a visit. It'll be worth it.

On the next few days, we'll present you all our friends that decided to take part on the Polish and Portuguese Music Compilation put together by Music@PL.PT.

Thirty something bands, from Poland and Portugal, that we will have the pleasure to share with you.

Keep posted. New details.... soon.


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The Partisan Seed Concert - Postponed (PT)
Due to technical problems at the venue where the concert was supposed to take place, Partisan Seed's album presentation concert has been postponed to a later date.

We'll keep you posted with the updates.


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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Clube Mercado goes into party with.... (PT)

..... the best live acts that stepped onto this small club, at Rua das Taipas, close to Bairro Alto.

Starting on the 14th of December, expect names such as You Should Go Aheah, Man and Unable, Balla, Buraka Som Sistema, X-Wife, Fuse, Ex-Peao, The Vicious Five, Riding Panico, Prince Wadada and many many more.

As you can see, a busy and quite entertaining month of December at Mercado.

Do yourself a favour and pay them a visit!!!



You Should Go Ahead


Man and Unable - M.A.U.




Buraka Som Sistema




Cacique' 97


Fuse + Ex-Peao


The Vicious Five + Riding Panico


Prince Wadada

For a full programme, visit Mercado's blog.


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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Live @ Left, Lx (PT)

The snake goes out again!!!!

Now, for the last time this year, it will head down to Lisbon, to Left, on the 14th of December.

Get up!! Shut the door!! Head to Left!!!!

Fat Freddy are on the loose!!!!

Guitars, electronic beats and percussion.

Rock, sci-fi soundtracks, psychedelic explosions.

See it all live...... this Thursday.

Untitled 3
Untitled 7


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Visions of solitary branches live (PT)

Filipe Miranda will take his project, The Partisan Seed, to the road. For now, he will be playing live at Mercado Negro, Aveiro, on the 16th of December.

A good chance to listen to some of the tunes out of his debut record.

" about my people, my places....."

Get to know more on The Partisan Seed, by visiting his MySpace or listening, right next, to these 2 tracks, courtesy of HoneySound.

A desperate call from London
Did a gun give you a name?

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Monday, December 11, 2006
Sergio Godinho goes Ligacao Directa (PT)

6 years after the release of Lupa, singer/songwriter Sergio Godinho is back with Ligacao Directa, one of 2006's most interesting records made in PT, and one of his best albums released during these last years.

Our singer/songwritter by excellence returned with a marvellous album, an x-ray taken on Portugal year 2006. An album, superbly written, where stories of love meet with those of tremendous irony, humour and clever wit. A caricature of the Portuguese society version 21st century - reality shows, celebrity magazine heroes, our ridiculous criticism, our pessimism with roots dig deep down and, on the other side, our sudden bursts of confidence and happiness.

An album where tracks like A deusa do amor, O As da negacao, As vezes o amor or the great So neste Pais are sure to write their names on the book of portuguese music classics.

Portuguese popular music.

Pop songs with a touch of today's world.

For those that have never heard about Sergio, I would compare him to the genius of Marek Grechuta, Neil Young or Bob Dylan. You can discover some more of his work at this Fan MySpace site.

After 3 decades sharing with us some of the most beautiful music made in Portugal, we welcome this Ligacao Directa. This week, a 3 in 1, here at Music@PL.PT: Album of the week, video "... @ the screen" and album review.

Album tracklist:

01 - A deusa do amor
02 - As vezes o amor
03 - Marcha Centopeia
04 - Nao ha duas como ela
05 - O velho samurai
06 - O Rei do Zum-zum
07 - No circo Monteiro nunca chove
08 - O As da negacao
09 - O Big-One da verdade
10 - So neste pais (complete - for a limited period of time)

Get it here.


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Friday, December 08, 2006
Wywrotka na Podgorzu (PL)
This Saturday, starting at 19h30, Podgorze goes into party.

Performances, concerts, workshops, cinema, and more, much more.

Live, performances by the German Don't Shelest and the Polish Plum and New York Crasnals.

The full programme, in Polish, can be found right here.


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Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Roots & Routes 2006 (PT)
From the 7th to the 10th of December, Roots &Routes will land in Lisbon this 2006.

Do not miss it.


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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Firmament Festival (PL)

From the 8th of December to the 10th, Kielce will hold the Firmament Festival.

This year, apart from the Polish crew, this event will count as well with participants from Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

Live acts, DJs, visual instalations, films, exhibitions,....

On Friday, concerts by Letko and Oszibarack (PL). Saturday will be taken over by Zenial & VJ Joaquim, Tram.Waj (PL) and Jamka (SK). Sunday will finish with the live acts by Automatik (PL), Materidouska (CZ) and Tigrics (HU).

For full programme, please follow this link.


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Is it all about screaming? (PL)

Tonight let me introduce you to George Dorn Screams (GDS) and their debut album Snow Lovers Are Dancing.

GDS are an alternative rock band, likened to Mogway and the ambient atmospheres they create, but somehow sounding more melodic with a song structure well present.
This Bydgoszcz-based quartet has on Magda's lo-profile and seductive voice, on the guitar, bass and percussion dialogues, on the sometimes pop, experimental and noisy guitar swirl driven alternative rock their major characteristics.

Their 9 track album, is a nice suprise on the Polish music scene. It does not fit into any post-punk look-a-like band, neither brit pop nor any other trendy music genre. Tracks like the excellent album opening 69 moles (and their first single), Phoney, Winter of deceit or The woman with a bow will catch anyones's attention after first contact. It happened this way with me.

Live, Magda keeps her lo-profile, barely addressing herself to the audience, but the regular "Dziekuje" once and then. The other three elements, Radek (guitars, synths and rhodes), Wojtek (bass and lyrics) and Tomek (drums), keep focused on their most important asset, their music.

Here, they sound more intense than on Snow Lovers Are Dancing. Their skills are given a chance to show themselves and we take part of a guitar, bass and drum orgy. Do not believe me? Catch them live then.

Download The woman with a bow right here and discover their debut at their media section. Buy the album at 3moonboys' online store.


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Digit-All-Love live and ".... on the screen"

After Balla's magnificent video for O fim da luta, we invite you to discover another of Poland's best kept secrets, Digit-All-Love. We've mentioned them before, but here it goes again.
They swing to soft, athmospheric and delicate electronic beats, ,trip hop ambients and dreamy pop music. Welcome to Digit-All-Love.

Their show will finish the "Enjoy Mondays - Polubisz Poniedzialki" concert series. They'll play live, at the Capitol Theatre, on the 18th of December, in Wroclaw.
Go and see them in concert!!!

By the way, you read it "Digital Love"

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Monday, December 04, 2006
Kieslowski visits Lisbon (PL @PT)

10 years ago one of the most aclaimed film directors left us.

This year we celebrate the works and life of Krzysztof Kieslowski, the hand behind the magnificent series Decalogue, the trilogy Three Colours, The Double Life of Veronique or A Short Film about Love .

This year the Polish Embassy, in Portugal, and cinema Quarteto, in Lisbon, will give you a chance to discover some of his work. Decalogue, several short films and documentaries will be shown, from the 8th to the 14th of December, in Lisbon, at Cinemas Quarteto.

There will be place as well for a photograph exhibition with 45 b&w photos, by Krzysztof Kieslowski himself, entiltled "Fotografias da Cidade de Lodz" or "Photographs of Lodz".

Download the full programme right here.


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It's on its way ... to you .... (PL/PT)

This December, discover and support the new sounds of Poland and Portugal.

The countdown has started.

Check Music@PL.PT for updates.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006
This December, at B-side, Krakow (PL)
This December B-Side will bring us such bands as the indie rock female quartet Andy, the punk, psychofolk Czerwie, the funk, punk, country rock aliens Laki Lan, the nu-jazz, electro hip-hopsters Projekt Kosmodrom, the DJ collective Indie Riot Night, by Mary and Kasia, the indie, pop rockers Out of Tune, the DJ collective Dance on Pegs, by Julia and Ambulance, and a post-rock, indie New Year's Eve party.

Do you need any other excuse to drop by B-Side? Thought so......








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Buraka to conquer the world ...... (PT)

Buraka Som Sistema couldn't have thought about a better name for their first EP, From Buraka To The World.

I've spoken about them already but today I'd like to share with you the success of one of the hippest new acts to come from Portugal/Angola.

Australia, Sweden, England, USA, France, Canada, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany,.... to name but a few, they've all discovered this Lisbon-based collective.

This kuduro, kizomba, d'n'b, dub and hard-techno mix is taking the sounds of Angola and Portugal to the world. Kuduro and kizomba were a music genre partially ignored by some in Portugal. Thanks to BSS, this sound has conquered Portugal and is taking over the world, being compared to the phenomenon that hit us in 2005/2006 called Baile Funk.

After Underground Sound of Lisbon, back in 1994, taking the new electronic sounds of Lisbon to everyone, twelve years later the time has come to Angola and Portugal say present once again.

Buraka Som Sistema will be playing live on

02/12 - ARC Os Musicos, Faro (PT)
09/12 - Sodra Teatern, Stockholm, (SE)
21/12 - Clube Mercado, Lx, (PT)
11/01 - Eurosonic Festival, Groningen, (NL)
12/01 - Het Paard, Den Haag, (NL)
26/01 - The Old Blue Last, London (UK)

Check them at their MySpace. Their releases can be bought at iTunes or here as well.

Yah!!!! Vamos partir esse mambo!!

Buraka Som Sistema - Yah! (feat. Petty)
Buraka Som Sistema - Buraka Entra

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Back from the grave ... (PT)

The punk rockers The Parkinsons and the garage, 60's beat rock'n'roll devils The Prostitutes are to play tonight, the 2nd of December, at the Porto Rio bar, guess where...... in Oporto.

This is a unique chance to see live, the energy, the chaos and the dirty, loud, fast and rude music celebration brought by these Portuguese/British London-based rock'n'roll punks. Likened to The Stooges, The Clash and MC5 expect the unexpected!!!
After putting an end to their activity back in 2004, they returned this year, after accepting an invitation from London pub Dirty Water.

The rock'n'rollers The Protitutes are currently recording an album to come out still this year and that shall take them on an European tour.

More on The Prostitutes can be found here.

The Parkinsons - Bad girl
The Prostitutes - Hungry

To buy any The Parkinsons' album, follow this link.

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Friday, December 01, 2006
A musical evening in Krakow (PL)

Tough evening in Krakow.

On the 2nd of December, in concert, Let The Boy Decide and Citizen Woman There @ Kawiarnia Naukowa, Fox Gang @ Awaria and Andy @ B-Side.

To help you make up your mind,

Let The Boy Decide - Love and die

Citizen Woman There - A table

Fox Gang - Easyjet

Andy - Funeral blues


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