Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Are they really Out Of Tune? (PL)

Imagine four young lads hailing from Warsaw, Poland.

Imagine now, four young lads spreading the message of post-punk, rock and arse kickin' pop music every little corner around you, from Northern Poland down to Krakow, up to Lodz and Wroclaw.

These lads are Eryk, on bass and vocals, Mateusz, on keyboards and guitar, Michal, on drums and Maciek, on the guitar, and they give by the name of Out Of Tune.

Together, they have just released Killer Pop Machine EP, a four track EP infected with today's sounds storming from NYC, London or Sheffield, from bands such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bloc Party or the Artic Monkeys, or going back on time, from good old funk alternative rockers Faith No More.

So, do you really think they are Out Of Tune?

Killer Pop Machine, What you're missin', Find a reason and Vintage violence can be found on their site, right here. Nevertheless, we present you with one of our all time favourites:

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