Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Under the Radar with ..... Madame Godard (PT)
"Madame Godard is no one in special, just a name that sounded better after a couple of experiments. It even was Madame Arlette. They even thought on Russian names,...... it just had to be Madame something....."

They are five, they're from the North of Portugal, from Viana do Castelo, and they sound gorgeous.

Juvenal Vieira, on vocals, theremin and megaphone; Rui Amaro, on guitar, banjo, trumpet and backing vocals; Paulo Oliveira, on keyboards, violin, moog and accordion; Paulo Goncalves, on bass guitar, claps and backing vocals; and Jose Ribeiro on drums and guns are Madame Godard, a quintet that has been perfuming my past few weeks with their amazing mixture of crooner style music, fantastic combination of chanson francaise meets Calexico meets Tindersticks in dark cheap and merry cabaret, amusement park soundtracks, delicate pop songs, whispered catchy chorus, claps claps and more claps, and a wild party, open to everyone, where accordions dance with violins, banjos challenge trumpets for a run up to the skies, keyboards fall in love with theremins.
Altogether they deliver us this amazing party of sounds, of beautiful melodies and great great songs.

The story of Madame Godard, nevertheless, goes back to the late 90s. By then and after a quite successful participation on the Termometro Unplugged music contest, where they finished in second place, we would see them later on Festival Paredes de Coura in one of the most enthusiastic performances, in that festival, that year.

On the year 2001 the band would take a pause, after some internal issues, only to come back last year with a new line-up and a great wish to finish their debut album.

This debut is being worked on, together with producer Paulo Miranda (worked with Old Jerusalem and The Legendary Tigerman among others), and shall see the lights early next year.

Meanwhile, so that you can get addicted too, Madame Godard placed 5 tracks (not final versions) on their MySpace. The fact that these are not final versions makes me happier as they are already fantastic.

Have a look at the beautiful Queens of the Twilight, Love is Poker, Femme Fatale, Le Carrousel and Hardly Alone and fall in love with them.

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Monday, July 30, 2007
Under the Radar with ...... Myppa (PL)
On our second Under the Radar, we continue in Poland, the land of great vodka, bigos and amazing electronic music.

Tonight we step into the world of Myppa. Tonight we step into the word of Marcin Czajka and another project of his.

After getting a degree on Film and Television Academy in Warsaw, Marcin started his music project Myppa. We were then on the year 2005.

One year later, we would see him coming up with Altruistic Behaviours, his debut album under the skin of Myppa. Dig no further than Sigur Ros and all the companions from the vast and mysterious Scandinavian lands of ice.

The whispers of the North European auroras can be heard here. Beautifully constructed textures take us to those imaginary places difficult to reach on our day to day lives. Epic sounds, melancholic and delicate electronic tunes that reach deep in our souls, letting us feel so cosy and relaxed.

Close your eyes and imagine this place where, laying down, you can hear the sea waves kissing the soft bright spots laying on the dark skies. Imagine......

This 2007 may see another of Myppa's releases coming out. Two tracks, Sandcastle and I'm Seven Meters Tall are available at his MySpace, alongside with two other tracks from his debut album.

But this is not all of it......

Recently, I discovered that Marcin Czajka, a.k.a. Myppa, is running another project. This projectgives by the name of Myppa Manila.

Myppa Manila is closely connected to Myppa. This is the project where Marcin delivers the tracks that do not fit into Myppa's profile. Do not let this last sentence make you think of Myppa Manila's as the project handling the rests. Here you can find enchanting melodies, incredibly emotional beats and inspired remixes. Just have a look at the beautiful remixes for Sigur Ros'Smaskifa and Samskeyti. In case this is not enough, listen to Children's Painting and Shiny Nat at his MySpace.

After all, this Under the Radar is not about one band only. This Under the Radar is about Marcin Czajka and his amazing two blossoming projects, Myppa and Myppa Manila.

Get yourself a copy of Altruistic Behaviours right here:
UK Trance Alliance

Previews right here.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Nice to Miss You by Sizo (PT)
"..Sizo lives and breathes as an autonomous entity that delivers its music as an anti-inertia manifesto that seeks to wake up the dazed and the stoned...."

With an EP dating back to the year 2005, Short-Term Proposition, the "..power trio with four guys...",Sizo, returned this year, thundering all their way from Oporto, with Nice to Miss You, a 24 minutes arse kicking 8 track album.

Andre Cruz, on guitar; Joao Guedes, on vocals; Rui Magalhaes, on drums; and Eurico Amorim, on keyboards, will see their debut album , to be released on their own on the 15th of August, hit the stores and hopefully make it to a high number of fans. Nevertheless, in a rather interesting and peculiar way, Sizo made their album available on their website, until the 15th of August.

With producer Jorge Coelho, the 8 tracks on Nice To Miss You are all about post punk raw guitars, naked, noisy and fast rock served together with superb screaming vocals. With melodic and catchy lines, energetic guitar riffs and a hell of an attitude, this is the debut many have been looking for but never achieved.

Our favourite track, Big Three, is available on Fnac's Novos Talentos Fnac 2007 compilation, reviewed here some days ago. An explosive post-punk track that combines two enraged guitars, fantastic chorus lines with Joao Guedes seeing his voice dragged and distorted so beautifully. My Summer favourite track.

See them live on the following dates:

12th of August, Festival Paredes de Coura
24th of August, Pontevedra
25th of August, Guarda @ Sala Escarabajo
21st of September, Braga @ Censura Previa
3rd of November, Braga @ Theatro Circo

For further news, get to visit their MySpace.

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Monday, July 23, 2007
Under the Radar with ...... Popo (PL)
Welcome to the first Under the Radar.

The opening honours go to Popo, or shall I say Potrzebuje Powietrza, the Polish for I Need Air (in English). Popo are an indie rock quartet that come rocking from Bydgoszcz to place near you.

Mikolaj Czajkowski, on vocals and bass guitar; Sebastian Loskot, on vocals and keyboards; Tomasz Wojtaniec, on vocals and guitar; and Kuba "Qba" Janicki, on percussion and programming are the masterminds behind the textures and flowing emotions, the catchy melodies and aesthetic sounds they came up with.

Post rock driven, electronic music flavoured, blessed with the magic powders of pop music and haunted by the spectrum of the 80's new wave, Popo are here to conquer a place on the sunny side of Poland's new music scene. Their music is all about freshness and rhythm, sounding new and attractive to those who love indie, electronic or pop music.

Going back to the year 2005, with a pause in between, it was only by mid 2006 that this quartet has had the line-up settled up. With only one EP so far, the 3 track Playground EP released this year, they are about to see the track Get The Bus and Stop to Kidnap make it to Trojka's Piotr Stelmach's compilation Offensywa #2, and hopefully make it to several others that did not have the chance to meet them so far.

The electrifying and highly recommended Get the Bus and Stop to Kidnap, Potrzebuje Powietrza and Hello Disco are waiting for you. Playground EP can be found on their MySpace.

This October they'll hit the road. Catch them on the.....

1st of October, Torun
2nd of October, Poznan
3rd of October, Wroclaw @ Bezsennosc
4th of October, Krakow @ B-side
5th of October, Lodz @ Big Day Over
6th of October, Warsaw
7th of October, Bydgoszcz @ Mozg

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Under the Radar........
Today Music@PL.PT introduces a new series on our weekly posts. The Under the Radar series will feature some of the most interesting new acts emerging from both Poland and Portugal.

Under the Radar is covering all the interesting sounds rising from the world of pop, folk, punk, rock, dance, hip hop,...... In case you'd like to have your band reviewed here, please send us some details on it and perhaps we'll meet here, in one of the next articles.

The bands featured here will also be mentioned on our MySpace and LastFm.


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Monday, July 16, 2007
Lisboa, Cronica Anedotica by Jose Leitao de Barros (PT)
Jose Leitao de Barros died 40 years ago, back in 1967.

The director of Ala-Arriba!, A Severa, Maria do Mar and Camoes, among many others is back this Thursday, the 19th of July, on a special screening of the 1930's Lisboa, Cronica Anedotica.

This silent black and white documentary shows Lisbon, its people and day to day life in Portugal's capital, on a series of small episodes, recorded in a poetic and humorous style.

Lisboa, Cronica Anedotica will now see a new life, at MusicBox, Lisbon, when the Flak Ensemble (Flak, Filipe Valentim, Viviena Tupikova, Abel Gomes and Diogo Faro) dress it with a brand new soundtrack (specially prepared for this screening) performed live this evening.

The original soundtrack was composed by Frederico de Freitas, Juan Fabre and Antonio Melo.

Do not miss it. This Thursday, at MusicBox, starting at 23h.

Some sounds available at Flak's MySpace.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Capitao Fantasma and Viva Cadaver (PT)
The bells are ringing for those who passed away long long ago!!!!

Some of these perish forever, others .......return!!!!!

This 2007 four riders dressed in black have returned from the dead to celebrate the dark alleys, the life of lust, the black & white horror movies and the scary monsters that haunt our dreams....

After the release of Contos do Imaginario e do Bizarro back in 1996, Capitao Fantasma are back with a 14 track album where one can find a new recording for Os mortos, a track that goes back to their 1992 debut album Hu Ua Ua and a cover for Daniel Bacelar's Se Eu Enlouquecer.

Almost 20 years after Capitao Fantasma started this crusade, Jorge Bruto, on vocals, and Tiago Serio (drums), from the original line-up, are back and this time they brought Andre Joaquim, on guitar, and Braulio Alexandre together with them. Together these four men continue spreading their cursed rock 'n' roll and psychobilly tunes with stories on love, sex and alcohol, not forgetting their sweeter side, bringing the stories on monsters, death and violence!!!

During these 38 minutes you will not find an album that smells to a "brand new sound". Capitao Fantasma have drunk from the same fountain as Poison Ivy and Lux Interior, from the Cramps, and the result is obvious. 14 tracks that breathe energy, and lots of it!!!! 14 tracks that are what psychobilly stands for. 14 damn good tracks, that's it!!!!

After all, who needs novelties when you have Viva Cadaver!!!!!

Take part on this amazing horror story on the following dates:

15th of July @ Hey Ho... Let´s Go Summer Fest! [with Marky Ramone], Cine Teatro Corroios

15th of August @ Torres Novas' City parties.

Viva Cadaver can be bought right here. Just follow the link. Deliveries Worldwide.

Do not forget to listen to some of their stories on their MySpace.

Capitao Fantasma - Cidade Suja

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
On Tour with ...... Terrakota (PT)
After the release of the refreshing and quite exciting Oba Train, Terrakota's recent new album, the time has come for this collective to pack their bags and hit the road.

On the next few months, we shall see them playing live not only in Portugal but as well in Spain, France and Italy.

Let us all welcome Terrakota!!!!

14th of July @ Festival Serra da Estrela, Portugal

15th of July @ Festa da Diversidade, Lisbon, Portugal

19th of July @ University of Burgos, Burgos, Spain

20th of July @ Festival Delta, Lisbon, Portugal

22nd of July @ Tavira, Portugal

24th of July @ Festigal, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

27th of July @ Burgos, Spain

28th of July @ Festival Fiest'A Sete, France

11th of August @ Peniche, Portugal

17th of August @ Barreiro, Portugal

19th of August @ Castell Visbal, Catalunya, Spain

6th of September @ Acqua Viva Festival, Siena, Italy

7th of September @ Semintesta Festival, Frascati, Italy

11th of September @ Festival Lusitano, Salerno, Italy

"....From TerraKota flourishes a natural music deep rooted in the Black continent, inspired by the Saharan, Caribbean, Hindu and the Western sounds that rise under the Jamaican sun.
In most cases, African music is simply the expression of life through sounds in which the musician beyond imitating the sounds of nature,using natural musical instruments, also reverses this process using the sounds of nature in its music. This is TerraKota's motive.

They use African traditional and popular harmonies and rhythms, playing various instruments from all over the world, further to the usual Western instruments such as bass,guitar and drums. They perform a careful fusion in which every new sound has its space in the web under which the themes develop.
In a time in which the majority of the western modern music variants seems to head to a dead end, many Western musicians are turning to new features from all over the world. They aim to create fresh sounds and give to their music the soul it lacks to find in the Western world in which a single human brain in front of a mega computer produces almost everything. It is as if just like planet Earth,in an advanced stage of degradation,the western music also needed a catharsis,a return to the natural state to be able to breathe again...." taken from their MySpace.



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Buraka Som Sistema (PT) .......
These guys are simply unstoppable!!!!

After Glastonbury and Roskilde Festival, Buraka Som Sistema continue their kuduro meets techno meets funk meets drum 'n' bass tour around Europe, hitting some of the most interesting festivals and venues on the old continent..... but not only.

Check out a brand new interview on Fact Magazine, as well as an older article, and other interviews on BBC, and myvillage.com, plus a one page article on Dummy magazine.

So, what are you waiting for? Check them live on....

11th of July w/ Lil'John + Riot + Kalaf (Buraka Som Sistema DJ SET) @ Tamariz, Estoril, Portugal

14th of July @ Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

20th of July w/ Lil'John + Riot (Buraka Som Sistema DJ SET) @ Fabric, London, England

22nd of July @ LoveBox, London, England

3rd of August @ Festival Sudoeste, Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal

19th of August @ Pantiero Festival, Cannes, France

23rd of August / Lil'John + Riot (Buraka Som Sistema DJ SET) @ Mare de Agosto, Santa Maria, Azores

2nd of September, Buraka Som Sistema DJ SET @ Rock n Coke Festival, Istanbul, Turkey

7th of September @ Bestival, Isle of Wight, England

..... and now....

BSS live @ Tapete, MTV, with Yah! feat. Petty.

and a special 13th of May BSS contribution to the Gato Fedorento show....

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Saturday, July 07, 2007
Extracerebral by Mr.S (PL)
Sometimes music can look just like wine. Some years are just nothing special, with the normal releases but nothing extraordinary. There are others that simply become perfect years, when you expect nothing but vintages.

This just to say that Poland, this year, is having one of these latter years, at least when concerning electronic music.

After the magnificent Indian Salon, by Stealpot, time for another excellent release. This time, the honours go to Mr. S, a Bydgoszcz-based young artist and his debut album, Extracerebral.

This 13 track album, released on the British label Artificial Bliss Recordings, cruises the vast seas of electronic music, inspired and spiced with jazz performances, downtempo textures, incredibly addictive break beats, electro pop tales and fluffy ambient magical tunes.

This amazing musical pot, together with the warm and delicate vocal contribution of Natalia Braciszewska and the collection of live instruments make this Extracerebral a superb release, moreover being Mr. S's debut, and an album to stick by within the next few months.

Apart from gathering the singles RooM23 and the great Les Enfants Mortes, there is still time for the downtempo pop Hemisphere Left, the ambient and break beat flavoured Super)(nova, Hemisphere Right and the title-track Extracerebral, the sci-fi soundtrack inspired Second Thought, the eclectic beats, rhythm and textures of SuAve, Chernobyl Karma (live) and Coda: Sunscale. The only disappointment comes with HPS, a pop and slightly boring track that distances itself from what we've listened so far, closer to Ania Dabrowska's 2006 release.

Keep an eye on Mr.S. He will be performing live on the 30th of August in Szczecin.

Extracerebral can be bought on the following sites:




Listen to an album mix right on Mr.S's MySpace, some other tracks at his Last.fm or download, right next, the track super)(nova. More mp3s to be found at Wirtualna Polska.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Stealpot's Indian Salon (PL)

Finally this 2007 is becoming something quite interesting on this side of the Vistula (Wisla) river.

After six months of releases that did not surprise that much, when compared to last year's offer, this Summer has arrived with some of the most interesting releases we might see this year. Rock, pop and especially electronic music are making the wonders to all those listening to the new sounds of Poland. If not, just have a look at new releases by Apteka, Kasia Nosowska, Digit-All-Love, Mr. S and Stealpot, with its second album Indian Salon, released on Vivo records.

Szymon 'Stealpot' Folwarczny released his debut album back in 2005. By that time, Mass Mess.Age caught everyone by surprise. An unknown young artist, hailing from Katowice, had just released one of the freshest albums of the year. By then the album gathered several good reviews and made it to countries such as Germany, England or Japan.

This year young Szymon is back with the always difficult second album. After the debut Mass Mess.Age expectations were high for his next chapter. Indian Salon has just arrived and not only it stands up to our expectations, it is a big step forth towards its predecessor.

For this release Szymon brought together, again, Kasandra Adebowale, on vocals, and Gosia Warszawska, on flute, two artists that collaborated with him on his debut album. Anna Ruttar, on vocals, Junko Nashimura, from the French/Japanese band Mondialito, Damir Radic, Piotr Czyja, Jaszczur and many others joined this second adventure. All together, they brought a brand new sound to Stealpot.

The music now is full of life, rhythm and energy. There's space for electronic pop, nu-jazz and downtempo. The instruments sound so real. Well, they're real now. Percussion, bass, double-bass, hammond organ, rhodes, piano, guitar, a string quartet with two violins, a viola and a cello, and trumpet. All these take part on Indian Salon.

The album opens with On Time, a track that breathes low-fi and calm jazzy textures. Anna keeps this her vocals running smoothly under the trumpet radar. One of my favourites.

Going through these 12 tracks is like embarking on a trip all around the world. The tunes and melodies sound as coming from everywhere but Poland. The fact that the album is sung in four different languages (Polish, English, Croatian and Japanese) also gives a little hand. Among these songs, there's space for some instrumental tracks, especially for Jazzcore in The Rock Opera, a great music exercise where percussion, trumpet, bass and guitar all get together in a true sound jam. Highly recommended.

Worth mentioning the highly seductive Step Into Another Reality, the spacey Indian Salon and the delicate oriental pearl Kimi Na Oto, with Junko whispering, softly, so many words, in so many different colours and shapes.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Indian Salon, Music@PL.PT's favourite album for this 2007 so far, and our album of the week.

You can buy this record on the following stores:

Vivo Records (Poland)

Darla (USA)

Amazon.jp (Japan)

Juno Records (UK)

Penny Black Music (UK)

Shiny Beast (The Netherlands)

Plegion (Russia)

In order to listen to some more of this Indian Salon, check Stealpot's MySpace , Last.fm or next, with the following previews:

On Time

Na Poludnie/Viaje Al Sur

Tiho I Lako

Jazzcore In The Rock Opera

Step Into Another Reality

Indian Salon

Kimi No Oto


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European Cinema ....
Today, while reading the highly recommended Sound + Vision, I discovered the 5 clips Media came up early this year, back in February, at the occasion of the Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival).

These clips were prepared with extracts from several films supported by EU's MEDIA programme. The Pianist, by Roman Polanski, made it here. Unfortunately, no Portuguese film made it to this campaign.

The 4 clips are Joy, Sadness, Love and Love II. The 5th is a compilation of all the previous ones.

Films to be found among these clips include the likes of:

The Pianist by Roman Polanski
L'auberge espagnole by Cedric Klapisch

Les choristes by Christophe Barratier
Billy Elliot by Stephen Daldry

Le Fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Secrets and Lies by Milke Leigh

Sophie Scholl - Die letzten Tage by Marc Rothemund
The Pianist by Roman Polanski

Todo sobre mi madre by Pedro Almodovar
La vita e bella by Roberto Benigni

Noi albinoi by Dagur Kari
Head-on (Gegen die Wand) by Fatih Akin

Mar adentro by Alejandro Amenabar
Goodbye Lenin by Wolfgang Becker

Breaking the waves by Lars von Trier
L'enfant by Jean-Pierre und Luc Dardenne

Girl with a pearl earring by Peter Webber
La mala educacion by Pedro Almodovar

The Deamers by Bernardo Bertolucci
The Man Without a Past by Aki Kaurismäki




Love II


In case you're wondering on all the other titles, just follow this link.

So, what are you waiting for!!!!!


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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
When Poland visits Portugal - Oles, Jorgensmann, Oles live in Lisbon
The Polish Embassy together with the Goethe Institut present this Thursday, the 5th of July, Theo Jorgensmann and the two brothers, Marcin Oles and Bartlomiej Brat Oles, a German-Polish Jazz trio.

Marcin on double bass, Bartlomiej on percussion and Theo on bass clarinet will bring the sounds of Directions, dating back to 2005 and elected by many as the best jazz album released in Poland that year, or from the most recent Live in Poznan, released this year.

The concert will take place at the Goethe Institut Gardens, at Campo Martires da Patria, 37, Lisbon, as parts of the Jazz in Goethe Garten 2007 Festival.

You can find more info on them right here.

Check some of their tunes right here:

Giuffree - out of Directions
Eternity (preview) - out of Chamber Quinter
Per Rata (preview) - out of Directions

As some others describe them.....

"Marcin Oles plays with a captivating sense of confidence and vigor, never bottling up the improvisers nor backing every statement with stated or implied time."
All About Jazz

"Oles makes powerful statements in either the arco or pizzicato mode. His vigorous execution on the title tune dominates the soundscape."
Cadence Magazine

"Marcin and Bartlomej Oles belong to the most remarkable Polish musicians of the present."
Rheinische Post

"..bassist Marcin Oles and drummer Bartlomiej Brat Oles have become two of that country's most in-demand players. It's not just that they're a first-class rhythm section, but they're fine instant and singular composers as well"

"..the best hope of polish jazz."
Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland

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New releases from PL.PT
For the last couple of weeks I've received several interesting EPs from some of the newest Polish and Portuguese acts. Next, I'll present you four of these releases. Welcome to the new sounds of The Ossis, Katabatic, Fox Gang and Borges. Apart from it, it is quite interesting to see that all of these bands took part on the compilation Thirty Something New Tales from PL.PT put together earlier this year.

We start with The Ossis and their brand new EP Ossis vs. Wessis.

This Wroclaw-based trio is back with their indie pop and alt rock tunes on this 5 track EP, and this time with a melodica that has given some more emphasis on their music.

They are still travelling over a wide sound spectrum (the 70's, 80's and 90's pop and rock are present within this release) but this time, the band delivers us a couple of songs rich in melody and energy that will catch your attention for sure.

Often Polish bands feel some difficulties singing in English. With The Ossis and, mainly, with Janek, the difference is minimal, regardless if he sings in English or Polish.

Out of these 5 tracks, our choice goes to the opening track, the Polish sung Wroclaw and the the excelent closing track Updating Family Trees.

Discover The Ossis by yourself. Check them out on their MySpace or download two tracks right here.

Updating Family Trees

Their EP can be ordered right here.

For further info on The Ossis, check the interview Janek gave us some months ago.


The first time I heard about this band was by the time I was putting up together the compilation Thirty Something New Tales from PL.PT. I got some information on them and by then, I knew they had to take part on it.

The EP kicks out with 03:17:00, the track Katabatic included on the compilation mentioned above.

With Hugo, on guitar, vocals and percussion, Joao, on bass and synth, Jose, on drums and Tiago, on guitar, this Lisbon-based post-rock noise quartet continues creating a world of their own, where calm and inspiring backgrounds clash with distorted, loopy and noisy guitars. The Munchausen Syndrome is a good example of it.

This release, Vago, comes packed with a 5 track EP plus a short film for the music trilogy O Ceu Aterrou.

O Ceu Aterrou is divided into three parts: Rising Nebula, Falling Purple Blue and Midnight Glow.

Rising Nebula is the introduction to this 21 minutes sound adventure. It starts quietly, evolves throughout its five minutes, creating relaxing ambients, into what comes next, Falling Purple Blue, a track where the percussion and guitar play a more important role. The song picks up where Rising Nebula ends and takes it across several states of mind, ending in a noisy guitar/drum battle.

The EP ends with Midnight Glow, the third part of this O Ceu Aterrou. Spider webs drawn with the sound of fingertips dancing over guitar chords. The rest... is a little suprise.

This EP can be bought at their MySpace, where you can download as well two tracks, 03:17:00 and O Ceu Aterrou - Falling Purple Blue.


Wor Jacky is Fox Gang's first release "packed in a nice box" as they put it themselves.
This 4 track EP documents the performance held at Radio Krakow late last year. Out of the eleven tracks recorded by then, only four made it this time.

Wor Jacky is released with the perfect timming, when Fox Gang started to tour outside Krakow and before they embark on a new UK tour this August.

Home Is So Sad, Cheesewire, Wor Jacky and the superb Nichola capture only part of what Fox Gang stands for. The energy, the madness and the never ending party are difficult to pack within these 18 minutes. Furthermore, Ryan's vocals do not look that good in tracks like Home Is So Sad or Cheesewire.

Nevertheless, do not let this take you away from this record. It is worth every penny or zloty. As an habitue to their concerts, I was waiting for this for long. The expectations were high and they managed to overcome it, not letting you down, even though I think this band reached its peak when playing live. Nichola is the track that takes us closer to the ideal Fox Gang. Play it damn loud and you'll get what I mean.

In order to get Wor Jacky, please check their MySpace.

Check them live on the following dates:

6th of July @ Plac Sczepanski, Krakow, PL
15th of August @ Whistlebinkies, Edinburgh - Fringe, UK
16th of August @ Centurion's, Newcastle, UK
18th of August @ The Quay, Blyth, UK
19th of August @ The Tyne Bar, Newcastle, UK

Take a look on EasyJet at Thirty Something New Tales from PL.PT.

Read more on Fox Gang right here.


Let Me Take You For a Walk On The Wild Side. The title for Borges' debut EP opens the book in front of you and invites you to take part on this ambient and colourful world of melodies and funny sounds.

It all started back in 2005. Georges Borges, vocals, sampler and synths, Eleanor Azedine, guitar and vocals, Luisa Santiago, bass, synths and vocals, and Ruy de Souza, percussion and rhythm, got together and decided to put together several ideas they had been working on.

Then, in a little room, they composed what turned up to be the Borges EP, a 4 track EP, released on their own and now, re-released on the Dutch label MoocSound under a new name and with an extra track, the hidden track number 5.

The EP, which stars guest Janine on vocals on the tittle track, Let me take you for a
walk on the wildside
, is a trip into the world of acoustic sounds, sampling,
pop and electronic music, where delicate melodies, sexy and tempting vocals,
ambient electronic beats and a percussion section marry so perfectly,
delivering us these fine tunes.

Let yourself go with Borges. Catch them at MoocSound or at their MySpace.

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