Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Nice to Miss You by Sizo (PT)
"..Sizo lives and breathes as an autonomous entity that delivers its music as an anti-inertia manifesto that seeks to wake up the dazed and the stoned...."

With an EP dating back to the year 2005, Short-Term Proposition, the "..power trio with four guys...",Sizo, returned this year, thundering all their way from Oporto, with Nice to Miss You, a 24 minutes arse kicking 8 track album.

Andre Cruz, on guitar; Joao Guedes, on vocals; Rui Magalhaes, on drums; and Eurico Amorim, on keyboards, will see their debut album , to be released on their own on the 15th of August, hit the stores and hopefully make it to a high number of fans. Nevertheless, in a rather interesting and peculiar way, Sizo made their album available on their website, until the 15th of August.

With producer Jorge Coelho, the 8 tracks on Nice To Miss You are all about post punk raw guitars, naked, noisy and fast rock served together with superb screaming vocals. With melodic and catchy lines, energetic guitar riffs and a hell of an attitude, this is the debut many have been looking for but never achieved.

Our favourite track, Big Three, is available on Fnac's Novos Talentos Fnac 2007 compilation, reviewed here some days ago. An explosive post-punk track that combines two enraged guitars, fantastic chorus lines with Joao Guedes seeing his voice dragged and distorted so beautifully. My Summer favourite track.

See them live on the following dates:

12th of August, Festival Paredes de Coura
24th of August, Pontevedra
25th of August, Guarda @ Sala Escarabajo
21st of September, Braga @ Censura Previa
3rd of November, Braga @ Theatro Circo

For further news, get to visit their MySpace.

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