Thursday, May 08, 2008
Czeslaw Spiewa's Debut (PL)
Ladies and gentlemen.... Welcome to Debiut!!!! Come closer; don't be afraid!!! And join us on this 10 track merry-go-round soundtrack .

Known to be a fan of punk and good pop music, living in Denmark since his early years, 28 years old Polish born Czeslaw Mozil released this year Czeslaw Spiewa's debut album, simply entitled Debiut (Polish for debut).

This long play smells to Balkan breezes (Ucieczka z Wesolego Miasteczka), to theatrical and cinematic aromas (closing your eyes you can find yourself easily in Amelie's world, just this time, somewhere in Krakow). It comes wrapped in colourful circus melodies, sweet candy pop textures (Maszyna do Swierkania or Efekt Uboczny Trzezwosci) and French cabaret-like backgrounds. Then, there is still space for melodic lullabies, punk and rock music inspired firecrackers (Tylem do Przodka, Mieszko i Dobrawa jako ...., Kradziez Cukierka) and the phantom-like choirs (Pozycie Malzenskie).

Debiut is an album totally sung in Polish with lyrics from Michal Zablocki and the internet collective poetry service Multipoezja. Pure joy, melancholy and melody perfumed with several instruments (accordion, piano, double-bass, trombone, guitar,....) that melt together wonderfully. The result could not have been more beautiful and surprising, certainly one of 2008's debuts of the year, together with Iowa Super Soccer's Lullabies....

Ladies and gentlemen, step in and join us on this show.
Welcome to this candy called Debiut!!! Open it and discover it!!!

Now, it's time for Maszyna do Swierkania.

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