Sunday, April 27, 2008
Dead Combo's Latin Playboys (PT)
Latin Playboys are two lonesome men that wander around the narrow and dark streets of Lisbon carrying with each other, alongside their guitar and double-bass, nostalgia, saudade, melancholy, a bunch of unique sounds and a whole lot more.

After releasing Vol.1 and Vol.2, and last years vinyl album Guitars from Nowhere, 2008 sees these 2 gentlemen, To' Trips and Pedro V. Goncalves, return with yet another fantastic collection of tracks, now with more elaborate and careful arrangements.

Dead Combo have been called several things: from fado to western spaghetti, from cinematic tunes to blues. On this Latin Playboys, they continue walking the roads of the big screen, inspired by the sounds of the world around us, this time taking a short-cut and stepping into the moods of South America (Mexico's mariachi, Argentina's tango) or those of Cuba.

With a guest list that many would dream of (Howe Gelb on Manobras de Maio 06, Carlos Bica on Lisbon Berlin Flight 1001 and Kid Congo Powers on Cuba 1970, among others), this Lisbon-based duo present us with one of their first sung songs (Desert Diamonds / Enraptured with Lust), a phantom-like tale that drags itself throughout five long sandy minutes. The rest is all about bad cop / good cop lullabies, oriental-inspired delicacies, served with angelic choirs (just listen to the superb Like a Drug), cool guitar dancing and cello-driven moments (Putos a Roubar Macas), scents of a dreamy Cuba (Cuba 1970) or simply a couple of instruments running for simple pleasure, dressed out of any taboos, running and playing,...... but always keep on playing (Fuga em Correria).

No one ever thought that 2 men alone with their old companions, the previously mentioned guitar and double-bass, would take this idea so far and with such high standards. Dead Combo did it and it seems that they will continue doing it, in great style, as they got us all used to. at least we hope so.

The album can be bought right here. It comes together with a DVD containing a live performance on Lisbon's Maxime and several videos. In case you'd like to discover a bit more on this band, just visit them at their MySpace and get discover how these Latin Playboys sound like.

And now.... Um Puto a Roubar Maças....

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