Thursday, June 21, 2007
Unisexblues according to Kasia Nosowska (PL)
It took this lady 7 years to release her next solo album. After the release of Sushi back in 2000, Hey's lead singer, Kasia Nosowska, is back with a pack full of surprises!! To be precise, 14 on total.

For a year that, somehow, musically did not want to kick off, Nosowska and her UniSexBlues have certainly shaken the foundations, and let's hope, opened the doors for the other six months still to go..... But, let's go back to this record, her fourth solo release.

Unlike previous records, UniSexBlues does not include Smolik on the production credits but indeed Marcin Macuk, producer and musician (Pogodno).

The difference is felt the minute the record starts playing. Era Retuszera, the first single out of UniSexBlues, has nothing to do with her previous electronic pop adventures. Catchy, filled with punk drunk pop tunes. A track that won't leave many indifferent, as the beats quickly will put anyone's lazy butt on the move!!

With guests Stanislaw Soyka, Jaroslaw Trelinski (Raz Dwa Trzy), Tomasz Duda and Yumiko Ishijima (from the Japanese group Papaya Paranoia), Kasia Nosowska does not limit herself to one kind of music. Rather, she uses all the help available and goes for a walk on the avenues of pop music, hand in hand with electronic beats, delicate spacey melodies and r'n'b. On the way, she has the time to greet some fast arse kicking rock tracks, to visit Goldfrapp (Metempsyho and My Faith Is Stronger Than The Hills), The Cardigans (Kasitet Romans) or a revitalized Patti Smyth (UniSexBlues).

Even though the record does not follow a straight line, all the constant "mood" changes do not jeopardize it; on the contrary, it shows us how far this lady can go, how creative she is and gives us nothing but one of the best Polish records this year, mine so far.

It is quite difficult to highlight some of these tracks. There's the first single, Era Retuszera, the r'n'b break beat spiced Grand Prix, the electro pop of Makro and the catchy dreamy pop of Kasitet Romans. Others include My Faith Is Stronger Than the Hills (out of a Emily Dickinson poem), the title-track UniSexBlues, the electro Metempsycho, the Madonna look-alike Odrobina Dyskomfortu..... Basically, a record where one find easily a single to release.....

This record can be bough right here, on normal version, or just following the link to a special edition. Do it, as you won't regret.

Here are some previews out of thisUniSexBlues.

Era Retuszera

Grand Prix
Nerwy i Wiktoriańscy Lekarze
Kasitet Romans
My Faith Is Stronger Than The Hills


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Novos Talentos Fnac 2007 (PT)
After all, there's light in the end of the tunnel.....

After all, there's more than just light!!! Fireworks, colours, magic, energy, feelings and light..... lots of light.

Record of the week, the compilation Novos Talentos Fnac 2007 sees 17 new Portuguese bands or artists screaming out loud "we're here". 17 tracks that let us dream with a shiny future for the music made in Portugal.

The compilation opens with Mazgani, the Setubal-based quartet that in 2005 saw one of their tracks, Unageing Games, published on Les Inrockuptibles CQFD compilation. 2 years later and about to release their debut album, Mazgani see Bring Your Love (The morning wind) opening this very interesting release.

Other tracks that surprised me include indie rockers Sizo, with Big Three, the delicate and marvelous pop of Dream on Girl, by former Atomic Bees lead singer Rita Pereira and her new project, the quartet Rita Redshoes. Norberto Lobo and Mudar de Bina, Dj Ride and his collection of scratch and funky groovy beats on My Definition, the summer reggae moods of Freddy Locks and Bring Up The Feeling, the grimme, dub and hip hop inspired trio Macacos do Chines and its Inspiracao (Macacos do Chines were featured on Music@PL.PT's online free compilation with the track Suor no Dancefloor) , the indie, post-rockers Riding Panico, the Coimbra-based lads Sean Riley & The Slowriders with the pop paced Moving On, the fado inspired Contado Ninguem Acreadita by Deolinda, and last, but not least, the quartet hailing from Lisbon and the ukelele delicate pop stories of Rita Braga.

As you can see, a compilation worth discovering. This album can be bought right here, for only 3 EUR. All the sales' revenues are to be given to AMI, for humanitarian causes, so please contribute and get yourself one of these albums.

In case you'd like to listen to it by yourself first, drop by this web page and listen to the album. I already did and recommend it strongly.

If you liked what you just listened, check the following bands on their myspace. You'll see that it's worth while, and that after all, there's more than just these 17 bands.

Recommended bands/projects/artists (PT)

Ela nao e Francesa, Ele nao e Espanhol
The Moss
Projecto Fuga
Voodoo Economics
Green Echo
The Clits
Tape Loading Error
Woman in Panic
Governo Sombra
Azevedo Silva


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Polish Cinema at the Lisbon Village Festival (PT/PL)
A bit late, but still on time to let you know about the 2007's edition of the Lisbon Village Festival (LVF).

This festival kicked out on the 7th of June and will be among us until the 24th.

In this second edition, the Sao Jorge Cinema is once more the main stage of the event, hosting the VIDCF - Village International D-Cinema Festival and also the Village Lounge parties with DJs. The Portuguese Communications Foundation and the Galveias Palace complete the list, being dedicated to Village Art.

For us here at Music@PL.PT, this festival becomes more important as not only shows several Portuguese short films (mainly animation) but include a showcase on Polish cinema. The choice, unfortunately, is not as vast as it could be, letting aside some of the most interesting films Poland saw during the last few years. On the big screen, Lisbon will have the chance to see the works of Andrzej Wajda (Ashes & Diamonds/Popiol i Diament and Kanal), Krzysztof Kieslowski (The Scar/Blizna and Short Film About Love/Krotki Film O Milosci).

Worth checking the latest work of Jan Jakub Kolski, Jasminum, one of the most interesting films to come out of Poland last year, and Life as a Fatal Sexuality Transmitted Disease (Zycie Jako Smiertelna Choroba Przenoszona Droga Plciowa), by Krzysztof Zanussi.

For more info on this titles, please check this link or download the PDF on all the showcases right here.

19th @ 19.45, Ashes & Diamonds/Popiol i Diamentand (A. Wajda)
20th @ 19.45, The Scar/Blizna (K. Kieslowski)
21st @ 19.45, Jasminum (J. J. Kolski)
22nd @ 19.45, Life as a Fatal Sexuality Transmitted Disease/Zycie Jako Smiertelna Choroba Przenoszona Droga Plciowa (K.Zanussi)
22nd @ 23.45, Short Film About Love/Krotki Film O Milosci (K. Kieslowski)
24th @ 19.45, Kanal (A. Wajda)

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Hayden Berry - What Do You Believe In? (UK/PL)
Today Krakow is a city where one constantly runs into foreigners. There are those here on vacations; there are those just passing by, and then, those that once came and for one reason or another decided to stay.

Hayden Berry is a singer/songwriter hailing from West Yorkshire, England. He is one of those that decided to stay and good for us he did so.

Likened to some heavy weight alt-country, singer/songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tim Buckley, Neil Young and Nick Drake, Hayden has been around the music business for more than 15 years. Some years ago, he decided to embarked on his own, writing and performing melancholic acoustic/folk songs. Songs that talk about lost loves, about politics, about hope and personal journeys.

In Krakow, he can often be seen playing live with Teresa Lipinski. This lady, owner of a beautiful and remarkable voice, has brought a whole new life to Hayden's music, making it sound "more complete".

After the 2004 debut album Music from my Mountain and last year's Moving Along, this year sees What Do You Believe In? presenting a renewed Hayden Berry.
The album kicks off with Can You Feel It? and right here, we meet 2007's Hayden Berry. A new path has been drawn and the melancholic side put slightly away. White, the following track, keeps on the same path. On the way, there's still time for some catchy tunes, and yes, pop tracks.

The album keeps rolling and suddenly, we dive, though shortly, on the seas of melancholy he's so good coming up with. Then, we take a trip back on time and visit the tunes from the flower-pop/hippie era. All spiced up with the sounds of an extra French horn and keyboards.

With Music from my Mountain, Hayden signed one of his best albums so far. Have a look at his MySpace and judge it for yourself.
Listen to my favourites Can You Feel It?, We Two Boys Clinging and Pull Down The Flag, plus another track out of Music from My Mountain, The River of Your Eyes.

In case you're interested on Hayden's music, drop him a message.


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Shangri-La by Wraygunn (PT)
Lord, I'll never turn back .... No more..

Ever felt the need for something extra?

Ever felt the need for something that could lift you off the ground, and take you away from the day to day boredom? Yes? So you've come to the right place!!!
Welcome to Shangri-la, the amazing follow-up to Wraygunn's highly acclaimed second release Esclesiastes 1.11.

If on their previous release Paulo Furtado and his fellow companions were more into the world of gospel, this time, they've put it behind their backs and went more rock, more blues, more soul, and guess what, there's even a taste of funk, pop, punk and electronic music.

Blues going punk (with the explosive and highly addictive Love Letters from a Muthafucka); pop kissing electronic music; devilish gospel embracing soul (with the divine gospel-like choirs of two amazing ladies, Selma Uamusse and Raquel Ralha). On this third release, we see mainly Raquel Ralha enchanting us with her powerful and seductive vocals. Together with Selma Uamusse they are the voice wispering behind your hear, taking you deeper into the world of Shangri-La.

The album kicks off with Ain't it Nice, the perfect introduction to the 12 chapters to come next. By the second track, and while singing Love Is My New Drug, we come together with Raquel and Selma and their powerful, soulful and melodic vocal contribution, while Mr. Paulo Furtado is left to his guitar. Ain't it Nice reveals as well Raquel's writting skills.

A couple of weeks ago, when I first listened to Go Go Dancer, this album's first single, I was left a bit in doubt. The track, at that time, failed to conquer me at first listening. Today, together with Love Letters from a Muthafucka, Hoop Hoola Woman, No More, My Lord and some other tracks, this is among my favourites. Then again, can you really list any track that you would not include here?

Going forth, we encounter Hoop Hoola Woman, the first track sailing on the seas of calmness. Seductive pop, dreamy and catchy..... How beautiful music can be!!!

Until the end, there's still time to discover Work Me Out, a dirty rock'n'roll guitar soul anthem, with Raquel and Selma sounding amazing once again.
These two ladies do it again on the closing track, No More, My Lord. This gospel spiced soul version starts smoothly. Then, the chorus sounds louder and louder. The guitar gets noisier, trapped in addictive loops. Altogether, this whirlwind of sounds finished Shagri-La at it's best.

Shangri-la includes guests Vidal (Blind Zero) and Matt Verta-Rey (Speedball and Heavy Trash).

Get this album right here.


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Couple Coffee live at Antena 1 (PT/BR)
Couple Coffee are Luanda Cozetti and Norton Daiello.

With two albums released so far, Co'as Tamanquinhas do Zeca! (2007), a tribute to the singer songwriter Zeca Afonso, and Puro (2005), this Brazilian duo is about to play live, this Thursday, at Antena1, on a concert broadcasted live from Teatro da Luz, Carnide, Benfica, together with Sergio Zurawsky, on guitar, and Ruca Rebordao, on percussion.

In order to listen to it, just follow this link. This will be a good chance to listen to some of the new tunes out of Co'as Tamanquinhas do Zeca!.

The show starts at the following hours, on the 14th of July.

11h, Rio de Janeiro
10h, New York
23h, Tokyo

You can still catch them that evening (22h) at B.Leza, Lisbon, together with special guest JP Simoes.

The next day, on the 15th of June, it will be JP Simoes inviting Couple Coffee, this time at Espaco Zambujal, Sesimbra.

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Buraka Som Sistema heading your way.... (PT/ANG)
There's no better way to say hello rather than with our favourites Buraka Som Sistema.

After putting this Summer's first Portuguese music festival, Oeiras Alive! 07, on fire, where they presented themselves with a drummer and percussionist, Buraka Som Sistema are heading to some of Europe's finest music festivals.

June 22nd
Buraka Som Sistema live @ Glastonbury Festival**, Glastonbury, UK
** BSS will play twice, in two different stages during this festival. Check them at the Glade Stage and at The Dance Village... East.

July 7th
Buraka Som Sistema live @ Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark

July 14th
Buraka Som Sistema live @ Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

July 22nd
Buraka Som Sistema live @ LoveBox, London, UK

You can catch them as well on the following showcases and DJ Sets:

June 16th
Lil'John+Riot (Buraka Som Sistema DJ Set) @ Modular Records/Wireless Party Aftershow, London, UK.

June 18th
BSS SHOWCASE @ Fnac Almada Almada

June 30th
BSS SHOWCASE @ Fnac Coimbra Coimbra

July 5th
BSS SHOWCASE @ Fnac Colombo Lisboa

July 21st
Lil'John + Riot (BSS DJSET) @ Fabric London

August 19th
Lil'John + Riot + Kalaf (Buraka Som Sistema DJ Set) @ Pantiero Festival, Cannes, France

Meanwhile, these youngsters have re-released their debut EP, From Buraka to the World, now with two extra tracks, D...D...D...D..Jay and Wawaba (v. 1.8). Their EP can be bought right here.

For all those in Poland eager to discover more on this phenomenon, check this article on Exklusiv.PL.

Check them at their MySpace. Some sweets right next.....

Yah! feat. Petty

Preview for Shy Child's "Noise Won't Stop (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)"

Bonde Do Role - Gasolina (Buraka Som Sistema Dub)

Adventures In The Beetroot Field @ Fabric

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We're back......
After several weeks only updating the concert database, videos and other sidebar items, Music@PL.PT is back.

Lots of things took place during this time not allowing me to update this blog properly. I hope to make it more frequently now.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at introducing some changes here. Hopefully you've noticed some of them: The Recommended Festival bar. Every week, we'll propose a festival (music, theatre, cinema,......) taking place in our PL.PT universe.

Using Music@PL.PT's Last.Fm site, we've included our playlist with some of our favourite tracks coming from both PL and PT. Have a look at it, and let us know what you think about it.

New features to follow will include The MySpace Discoveries, an item presenting you some of the most interesting new proposals to be found at this service, Our Favourites So Far, a feature to include our favourite albums of the week, with a link to a site where these can be bought and last, but not least, Labels Under The Radar, a monthly article on a label that has been taking either Polish or Portuguese music forth.

Hope to count on you for some more suggestions or ideas. I'm looking at changing the blog's header as well. Ideas are welcome.

Apart from that, I'd like to thank all those that dropped by the concert Music@PL.PT organised last month, gathering The Midnight Reverie Trio, New Century Classics and Zerova. Thank you all, for it was a big success. Thank all the information services that decided to give a hand.

A very big tks for these three magnificent bands and their support after I was refused both some equipment and sound technician by the club where this event took place. A very special thank you to Pawel Dusza for driving almost two hours to get some of this equipment.

Hopefully this has not been the last event we've organised.

Take care



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