Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Novos Talentos Fnac 2007 (PT)
After all, there's light in the end of the tunnel.....

After all, there's more than just light!!! Fireworks, colours, magic, energy, feelings and light..... lots of light.

Record of the week, the compilation Novos Talentos Fnac 2007 sees 17 new Portuguese bands or artists screaming out loud "we're here". 17 tracks that let us dream with a shiny future for the music made in Portugal.

The compilation opens with Mazgani, the Setubal-based quartet that in 2005 saw one of their tracks, Unageing Games, published on Les Inrockuptibles CQFD compilation. 2 years later and about to release their debut album, Mazgani see Bring Your Love (The morning wind) opening this very interesting release.

Other tracks that surprised me include indie rockers Sizo, with Big Three, the delicate and marvelous pop of Dream on Girl, by former Atomic Bees lead singer Rita Pereira and her new project, the quartet Rita Redshoes. Norberto Lobo and Mudar de Bina, Dj Ride and his collection of scratch and funky groovy beats on My Definition, the summer reggae moods of Freddy Locks and Bring Up The Feeling, the grimme, dub and hip hop inspired trio Macacos do Chines and its Inspiracao (Macacos do Chines were featured on Music@PL.PT's online free compilation with the track Suor no Dancefloor) , the indie, post-rockers Riding Panico, the Coimbra-based lads Sean Riley & The Slowriders with the pop paced Moving On, the fado inspired Contado Ninguem Acreadita by Deolinda, and last, but not least, the quartet hailing from Lisbon and the ukelele delicate pop stories of Rita Braga.

As you can see, a compilation worth discovering. This album can be bought right here, for only 3 EUR. All the sales' revenues are to be given to AMI, for humanitarian causes, so please contribute and get yourself one of these albums.

In case you'd like to listen to it by yourself first, drop by this web page and listen to the album. I already did and recommend it strongly.

If you liked what you just listened, check the following bands on their myspace. You'll see that it's worth while, and that after all, there's more than just these 17 bands.

Recommended bands/projects/artists (PT)

Ela nao e Francesa, Ele nao e Espanhol
The Moss
Projecto Fuga
Voodoo Economics
Green Echo
The Clits
Tape Loading Error
Woman in Panic
Governo Sombra
Azevedo Silva


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