Saturday, February 23, 2008
Waglewski, Fisz and Emade's Meska Muzyka (PL)
Wojtek, Bartosz and Piotr.... father, two sons and Meska Muzyka.

Wojtek Waglewski, composer, vocalist, guitarist and producer, an institution within Polish music, .....; Bartek, a.k.a. Fisz, painter, radio dj and hip-hop artist; and Piotrek "Emade" Waglewski, dj, producer and percussionist; together with guests Marcin Masecki on keyboards, Bartek "Boruta" Leczycki on harmonica and Envee on tambourine, released Meska Muzyka, a record that gathers 15 tracks with some of the most interesting music this country has seen recently.

After working together on Maria Peszek's debut album and some Voo Voo releases, Wojtek, Fisz and Emade got together again, to sign this first record on their own.
As part of the Strefa Inne Brzmienia series, these three set foot on a musical journey that would take them into the world of country music, blues and rock, coloured by some of the most interesting new urban sounds, where sounds from other locations and projects would inspire their music.

With Wojtek assuming a big share of the lyrics, music and vocals (alone he signed 9 tracks out of 15), Fisz and Emade were left with vocals and lyrics for 6 other songs (Fisz) and production (Emade). In result, 50 minutes of music that will keep you close to your stereo system for long long time, and have you hit replay quite often.

Whereas Fisz brought to this record part of his music experiments and vision (Majty, the high-speed adrenaline Sport, the blues-flavoured Badminton and the slow runner Wakacje), Wojtek Waglewski perfumed it with his voice and guitar that walks with us side by side, during these fifty minutes (Dziob Pingwina, Wladca Kol, Niezmiennie,.....) but this scent is not guitar alone! Emade's percussion gives Meska Muzyka more character and consistancy, not forgeting Boruta's harmonica and Marcin's keyboards.

Meska Muzyka comes together with a 40 page booklet containing interviews with Wojtek, Fisz and Emade, lyrics, photos by Tomek Sikora and drawings by Fisz himself.

Get the album right here.


Meska Muzyka live....

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  • At 7:40 PM, Anonymous wsi said…

    i am definitely getting their album,
    and by the way GREAT vid.


    wsi marketing

  • At 6:28 AM, Blogger skl said…

    Hello Chrissy and tks for your comments.

    Currently Music@PL.PT is slightly down as I'm working on a new visual and more content to it. I hope to bring it back to shape within the next month.

    Tks for your support


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