Saturday, February 24, 2007
Holdcut (PL)

Beats, samples and scratch....

Hip-hop is and has been of revelant importance in Poland. As on any other movement, there are those that don't do anything special, and then, there are those that take the risk, coming up with something new, something worth discovering. Fisz/Emade (and all their projects), Eldo/Bitnix, Noon, O.S.T.R. and Pezet, are some of those I had the pleasure to listen to and discover what they were up to.

Today, I would like to introduce you to another artist worth discovering. Ladies and gentlemen, Holdcut!!!

Holdcut is one man alone. Together with his beats and breaks, samples and the amazing cut&paste techniques, we are taken to a place where cinema, cartoons, TV shows, everyday situations and speeches meet and get mixed with old funk classics, jazz, soul, downtempo and hip-hop.

Influenced by artists such as Numark, Steinski, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, his music embraces the urban culture, and specially hip-hop, and gives it a completely different look. The approach to this genre is more cinematic, jazzy and funky, blinking an eye to world music (as on the 1001 arabian nights's Mahomed Dreams), saying hello to downtempo tunes and, as it ought to be, accompanied by the exact proportion of scratch.

Once you dig through his music, and specially through his albums, you get aware of the ability to choose that special tune, that special sample. Hanna Barbera, Jack Skelington, Star Wars,....., all sampled and perfectly glued into his music.

Holdcut is as well one of the masterminds behind the recently ceased netlabel Cut-Orgia Recordz. Since 2002, this label released several singles, EPs and albums, including remix albums, from several artists, including Holdcut himself. Now the time has come for him to go forth. The label as we know it will no longer exist. The records, nevertheless, are still available for download, for a certain period of time. Check it as well on his Myspace.

Soon we shall see him releasing a new album, Inept Vision. Not sure on its distribution yet, this album will go deeper into the sounds of nu-jazz, trip-hop, electronic music and hip-hop. In total, there will be 15 tracks, starring guests Duze Pe, Magdalena Dziegiel, Edas, Dj. Krime and Seledyn.


01. The New Situation
02. I'll Tell U A True Story
03. Idea From The Studio
04. We were here
05. End It?
06. Inept Vision
07. Furious Feelings
08. End Of Immortality
09. Story About Me
10. Abstract Moment
11. Death & Orchestra
12. Friendship?
13. Other Dreams
14. Forgot Music
15. Remember Me?

Three of these tracks can be heard here.

Still this year, we shall see the second volume for the Soundwriter remixes, entitled Revenge Of Cuts.

We strongly recomment you to get some of these albums. We cannot get tired of Soundwriter Remixes Vol.1 and Break Trouble (both the EP and LP).

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Friday, February 23, 2007
XII Festival de Musica Moderna Corroios 2007 (PT)

Let the new sounds of PT take over.......

The 12th edition of the Corroios' Modern Music Festival (XII Festival de Musica Moderna de Corroios) kicks off today.

With 10 projects divided into 5 sessions, we will see these bands competing for a place on the final. This one will take place at the Cine-Teatro Dinasio Clube de Corroios, on the 31st of March.

And here are the bands....

1st Session - 24/02
. One Man Hand (Esmoriz)
. Tape Loading Error (Lisbon)
+ guest band New Connection

2nd Session - 03/03
. Meskaline (Corroios)
. Split (Coimbra)
+ guest band Dapunksportif

3rd Session - 10/03
. The Wage (Marinha Grande)
. Dioz (Gaia)
+ guest band Balla

4th Session - 17/03
. The Guys From Caravan (Lisbon)
. The Doll And The Puppets (Torres Novas)
+ guest band Triplet

5th Session - 24/03
. Skalibans (Almada)
. The Cynicals (Coimbra)
+ guest band Easyway

The final will feature the Coimbra-based rock 'n' rollers Bunnyranch.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007
The Mothers (PL)

Our name should be taken as homage to our moms.

Mothers...... could be yours, could be mine, could be theirs...... but no, these are ours. The Mothers are a indie rock quartet that has drunk inspiration from Her Majesty's britpop and alternative music legacy and came up with some of the freshest indie tunes in Poland.

Vojtek (drums), Jacob (bass), Arthur(guitar) and Bart (vocals) started it all last year. With an age between 17 and 18 years old, these four lads deliver us a bunch of songs that are dressed for success. Their britpop influenced indie rock, their catchy chorus and fancy melodies are able to grab one's attention right after we hit the play button. No wonder!!! If your favourite bands would include Blur, Franz Ferdinand, The Stone Roses, The Clash or Bloc Party, what else would you expect?

Last month, they took part on Music@PL.PT's compilation with the track Night Life in Big City, a track on which the initial guitar riffs keep taking me back to Justine Frischmann's Elastica.
Recently they added a new track to their MySpace, Fool Kids Are Dead. This is one of those tracks once you listen to it first time, you'll do it again, and again and again.

On the 16th of March, one of their tracks will be released on Offensywa, a music compilation by Polskie Radio Trojka.

This Friday they are to hit Krakow, at B-Side. After supporting The Car Is On Fire on some of their concerts, this is a fine occasion to see them live, and check how these four Mothers can rock!!!!

As someone said......

"....They sound like the Dutchess Camila's and Prince Carol's bed on new year's eve.... " I guess this must be a hell of a bed. Colourful, poppy and that can put you to dance after the very first chord.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Graftmann and the I Hate Wintertime 2007 Tour (PL)

"....I'm writing songs when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm sleepy. I love music and i love films. I'm inspired by 80's disco lifestyle, 60's movie stars, scandinavian animals, drunk women, soft pornography, cowboys whiskey and million other beautiful things...."

Graftmann is on tour. This Krakow-based singer/song-writer packed his guitar and harmonica, and from the 25th of February to the 3rd of March, he will be exorcising these cold winter nights.

Together with his warm, personal and intimate words, the acoustic guitar notes and all the lo-fi ambients created by his music, Graftmann will offer us some of the songs out of his self-titled debut album and, perhaps, some new tracks.

You can catch him live on the following dates:

25/02 @ Jadlodajnia Filozoficzna, Warsaw
26/02 @ Dyrekcja, Bydgoszcz
28/02 @ Pod Muzami, Kalisz
01/03 @ Jazzbar Tradycja, Wloclawek
02/03 @ Stara Wozownia, Lusowo k. Poznania
03/03 @ Studio, Krakow

Listen to some of his music on his Myspace and to Sometimes Sorrow, Sometimes Happiness and Half A Moon For You, Half A Moon For Me right here.

".... You didn’t say goodbye
But I know it’s not your fault
Wait for me I’ll come to you
When the day for me is done
Half A Moon For You, Half A Moon For Me ....."

Out of Half A Moon For You, Half A Moon For Me.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
B.I.O. Project Live in Poland (PL/FR)

Arcade video game sountracks!!!

B.I.O. Project
is Deuce, Marcin, Gangpol, Guillaumit and Gilou, a Polish/French music quintet, born in Budapest, after these musicians run into each other.

With Deuce and Gangpol in charge of the sound machine, Guillaumit, Gilou and Marcin take care of the visual part of this bizarre but quite appealing pop meets electro, bingo bango spectrum world.
Their music takes us to a colourful and kinky old pub, where a band on stage, sings along to the bits and bytes coming out of a karaoke machine, that insists on giving us the best music our beloved spectrum 64 computer ever delivered!!! All this shaken with traditional Hungarian tunes and a lot of sampling (people, radio, street noises, toys,....).

Their visual component is inspired on the city they met in, Budapest. Its tradition, architecture, people and dynamism are the perfect screenplay for the short stories we are introduced as we take off with B.I.O. Project's on this trip to the unknown.

Currently B.I.O. Project are on tour in Poland, taking their sound to the cities of Poznan, Wroclaw, Katowice, Warsaw and Lodz. Next, they'll head to France, Belgium and Hungary.

Take a break and dance to the sounds of Budapest via the Poland/France express!!!!

Listen to some of their music at their MySpace.

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Monday, February 19, 2007
Mesdames et Messieurs, Buraka Som Sistema Live in Paris (ANG/PT)

Attention, attention!!! Buraka Som Sistema seront en concert 'a Paris, le 23 Fevrier.

Forget les galois. Forget Asterix and Obelix.

This Lisbon-based phenomenon will invade la Cite des Lumieres with their arse shakin' heavy bass beats, putting everyone to dance.

Dive into this sweaty dance madness with BSS, at the Le Bal des Blousons Noir, in Paris.

Start you preparation right here, with Yah! (feat. Petty).

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Hurray for Carlos Oliveira (PT)
A little tale in 4 minutes and 21 seconds.

Recently Incubus challenged their fans to come up with the video for their latest single Dig.

Among several proposals was the one from Carlos Oliveira, aka kaamuz, a Portuguese designer based in Esmoriz.

His video ended up getting the band/fans pick award, whereas Ramon Boutviseth got the Grand Prize.

Even though Incubus do not fit into Music@PL.PT, we are quite proud with this amazing animation fairy tale Carlos came up with.

Enjoy it and congratulations to Carlos Oliveira.


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Saturday, February 17, 2007
Fox Gang Live (PL)

A very special Saturday night....

Every weekend, crowds head to Krakow's city center in order to enjoy their Saturday night evening. Known for its immensely popular discos and pubs, Krakow held last Saturday evening something somehow different.........

Yesterday Awaria saw Fox Gang playing another gig in their short but quite busy career. One year after their start, this was their 51st concert!!!!

The concert started a bit later than supposed, so all those eager to see Fox Gang live did not miss anything. It was around 21h30 when Ryan, Joe, Lucas, Thomas, Ian and Rafal gave it a go. The tiny stage and dance floor (!?!?!) seemed ok for both the audience and the band to give freedom to their Fox Gangisz mad dancing classes.

The music they play is tough to fit in any kind, but then again, why bother?
By looking at those at my side, I could say I was attending a techno/trance and a Robert Palmer concert at the same time!!!! This is the amazing thing about their music. It reaches and contaminates all those listening and each one reacts
to it on its own way.

Going back to the gig, fact is that these six lads are not capable to play live and not deliver themselves to it completely. Each concert is a celebration! Each concert is a huge party! Each concert is a mad music session that can last up to three hours if not more and this one was no exception.

During three hours, they played their unique mixture of Calexico's moody background indie rock, reggae and punk music, always with a remarkable stage presence and commitment.

Songs like EasyJet, Warsaw Song, White English, Fish Song and Summer and the Fur are among those we had occasion to listen to, as most likely, all the others they ever played. With two breaks during their set, FG played and the audience danced as if there would be no tomorrow.
It is guaranteed that if you drop at any of their concerts you'll follow all the others on this tremendous party. In a city where people often prefer to attend a rock concert sitting comfortably, one thing I'm sure; with Fox Gang the story is different!!!!

The evening was to end to the sound of several covers with Lucas mutating into the human beatbox and taking over the mic. Massive Attack's Safe From Harm and Joy Division's Transmission where some of those extras we had the pleasure to listen.

Be under the influence of Fox Gang on the following dates. For now, just in Krakow. Soon, hopefully, in a city near you, because
the time has come for Poland to discover and dance to the sound of the gang, the Fox Gang.

22/02 @ Tytus i Koka, together with Eluktrick.
24/02 @ Cafe Szafe.
02/03 @ Nathan's Villa.
10/03 @ Stary Port.
17/03 @ Club PRL.
22/03 @ Club Imbir.

Get Easyjet at Music@PL.PT's online compilation or at their site, together with White English.

For further songs, drop by their MySpace. Ah, and drop them a message.

If it wouldn't be for Fox Gang, Easyjet would not be the same!!!!


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Arena Rock (PT)

The Arena Rock elimination series is about to start. 24 bands will compete for a spot on this year's edition of Festival Vilar de Mouros.

Divided into six elimination phases and a final concert, this first edition will see its start today with the concerts of Ironic Speech, Moon Cresta, Paranoid and Alison Bentley.

Welcoming these bands, the Auditorio de Arcos de Valdevez will see as well Blunder performing live. Hosting the other concerts will be Andre Indiana, Blind Zero, Loto and Mesa.

And here are the scheduled concerts...

1st Arena @ Auditorio de Arcos de Valdevez, 17/02

1st round: Ironic Speech (Caminha) vs. Moon Cresta (Vigo - Spain)
2nd round: Paranoid (Vigo - Spain) vs. Alison Bentley (V.N.Famalicao)

2nd Arena @ Feira/Mercado da Trofa, 24/02

1st round: The Moss (Oporto) vs. Rizoma (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
2nd round:: Half Tone (V.N.Gaia) vs. Ecos (Sto Tirso)

3rd Arena @ Tertulia Castelense - Castelo da Maia, 03/03

1st round: Plasmma (Arouca) vs. Bed Noise (Matosinhos)
2nd round: Skeezos (Maia) vs. Mcalister (Irlanda/Oporto)

4th Arena @ Bla Bla – Matosinhos, 09/03

1st round: Dust (Oporto) vs. Sonic Whip (V.N.Gaia)
2nd round: Rebel Monks (Oporto) vs. Aphonnic (Vigo - Spain)

5th Arena @ Lotus Bar - Cascais, 23/03

1st round: Uni-form (Queluz) vs. Enday (Cascais)
2nd round: Fita Cola (Coimbra) vs. Capsula (Buenos Aires - Argentina)

6th Arena @ In Live - Moita, 24/03

1st round: Dr. Zilch (Amadora) vs Bar (Lisbon)
2nd round: Phazer (Lisboa) vs Eratoxica (USA)

Final Arena @ Casa das Artes de V.N.Famalicao
, 31/03


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Thursday, February 15, 2007
On the 26th of February, Old Jerusalem ..... (PT)

Old Jerusalem's third album is to hit the stores still this month.

The 26th of February shall see the premiere of The Temple Bell, another music trip into the intimate, melancholic, lo-fi and folk world of Francisco Silva, aka Old Jerusalem.

Old Jerusalem will share with us, live, the songs out of this The Temple Bell during two concerts to take place in Oporto.

09/03 @ O Meu Mercedes, Oporto
22/03 @ Campo Alegre - 5as Leituras, Oporto.

In order to discover some more on Old Jerusalem, download here the track Grasshoppers, and visit him at his MySpace.

This album, as previously, will be released on Bor Land.

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New Century Classics' concert cancelled (PL)
Tomorrow's New Century Classics has been cancelled. Still, at Giraffe, one can see the incredible rock punk pop machine Fox Gang.

New Century Classics are to play later on, in March the 2nd, at Tytus i Koka, in Krakow, together with Eluktrickt.


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
We invite you to the following concerts ... (PL/PT)

This Friday, Giraffe Hostel will host two of the most interesting bands to come out of Krakow recently. We are talking about Fox Gang and New Century Classics.

Expect a night of contrasts.....

Expect a night with great new music!!!!!

Expect a night when a beautiful pop sunset, spacey electronic melodies, vast and cosy landspaces of NCC meet the punk rock attitude, the dance man machine and the always friendly indie pop of party makers FG.

Listen to the beautiful New Century Classics' Sandbox Love and check Fox Gang's sounds right here.

Fox Gang were featured on Thirty something new tales from PL.PT free online compilation.


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The Video Night ...... (PL/PT)

Today we start a new feature, the so-called "The Video Night".

Every two weeks, we will bring you a selection of videos that somehow have captured our attention.

Tonight, we present you with Fat Freddy's Untitled 3, Psychocukier's Harry J., L.Stadt's Fagot Eyes and last but not least, The Vicious Five with the magnificent video for Bad Mirror.

All these have been chosen because on each one of them, animation plays a major role. Either if we're tallking about stop-motion, classic animation or even, like on Bad Mirror, using a thorough manual image treatment process. On this latest video, all the 4370 video frames have been manually reproduced, during six months, by the band itself, the video producer and friends.

And here they are.

Fat Freddy (PT)

Psychocukier (PL)

L.Stadt (PL)

The Vicious Five (PT)


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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Pop?!?! Rock!?!? Indie!?!!? .... L.Stadt (PL)

Yesterday just got a message on my email concerning this new video by Polish band called L.Stadt. I have to be honest and, unfortunately, admit that it was the very first time I heard about them. I say unfortunately because L.Stadt are able to come with a unique sound and a couple of superb songs.

Trying to catalog a band can always become something quite difficult and I must say I'm facing this issue with this Lodz-based quartet. The easiest would be mentioning what they have on their MySpace, and I quote "Alternative / Garage / Indie". Then again, nowadays, almost every band calls itself alternative, indie,.... and post-punk!!!

Lead vocalist, piano and guitar player Lukasz Lach, bass and guitar player Adam Lewartowski and drum players Radek Bolewski and Andrzej Sieczkowski bring us the sounds of Jim Morrison's The Doors, a Leonard Cohen-inspired Barry Adamson, The The and Spiritualized mixed with hipnotic spiral pop sounds, sexy wispered chorus, electronic beats and a deep and captivating voice.

L.Stadt got together in the year 2003. Their unique combination of mellow pop music with alternative rock has brought them success not only in Poland but as well in countries such as France and Germany.

We strongly recommend you to discover their music. Listen to it at their site. The magnificent March can be heard at their MySpace.

This week's video features L.Stadt's Fagot Eyes

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Monday, February 12, 2007
Rock according to Tape Loading Error (PT)

Imagine yourself pressing the repeat button over and over again.

Imagine yourself turning the stereo volume up.

Imagine yourself getting your lazy arse to move to some damn good tracks.

Got the idea? I did, because I cannot stop listening to the Tape Loading Error's demo.

TLE is Rodrigo and his fellow companion, his computer. Together they're responsible for the electrifying sounds coming out of your stereo. Catchy refrains, distorced vocals and fast guitar riffs that grab your attention from the very first minute.

Even though TLE debuted last year with a home made demo, it all started in the year 2005. The idea behind it was to play at the music contest Equalizador Lx 06, where, he managed to make it up to the final.

His music takes part of a new breed of interesting projects blooming out of Portugal. U-Clic, Woman In Panic and Peltzer are some of these, to name but a few.

With some new material to share with us pretty soon (the track Goodbye was presented during his last concert in Lisbon's Lounge bar and It's always greener on the other side shall be released within the next couple of weeks), this is one of those projects we are pleased to recommend you.

His demo can be downloaded, freely, at his site.

We highly recommend Murphy's Law, Today and the magnificent Staring right at you.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007
The sexy electro rock 'n' roll of ..... (PT)

".....A bad French lover, a rude afro-Portuguese boy and a hysterical Spanish women met in Lisbon, in the Bica neighborhood to form one of the most exciting musical experience, The Badlovers and hysteria Iberika...."

Within a couple of days, on the 17th of February, Badlover & Hysteria Iberika will invade Bacalhoeiro with their provocative electro rock 'n' roll. This is a good chance to see Silvia, Marcus and Gaby exploring the boundaries of La Vida Mata.
Expect provocation, irony, punk attitude and sweat.

The Badlovers and hysteria Iberika go back to the year 2002. Since then, they've been spreading their highly contaminating and addictive music across the country .......

Lisboa together with Furor Vaginal Remix and other two tracks are available at their MySpace

Did I mention it will be damn sweaty? Hope so.....

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Saturday, February 10, 2007
The Story of a Polish Ninja - Misty Ninja (PL)

Comics by Gulash & Bohdan. Taken from PopUp Magazine.


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Keeping Wounds Open (PT)

Lisbon-based rockers Madcab have just released their debut album, Keeping Wounds Open.

Luis Silva (on vocals and guitar), Filipe Gracio (on guitar), Miguel Delgado (on bass) and Luis Costa (on drums) are the four lads behind this quarter. They got together back in 2001 and five years later, in 2006, they recorded 10 tracks that have seen the light this February.

With dense and heavy atmospheres lead by a powerful percussion section, electrifying guitar riffs and prevailing and gutural voices, Madcab deliver us Keeping Wounds Open, where they combine rock tunes with late 90's heavy metal scene.

The album can be downloaded, freely, right here.

On the 8th of March they will play live in Lisbon, at Fnac Colombo.

Download Liar right here.


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Friday, February 09, 2007
The Partisan Seed (PT)

As Visions of Solitary Branches makes its intro, delicate acoustic guitar tunes move, calmly, towards us, so as to introduce us to what's next.

The melodic sounds, the sometimes sad and melancholic voice of Filipe Miranda and the delicate and slightly shy sounds coming out of the gently handled guitar, take us to an album that cohabits in similar universes to those of Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake.

The Partisan Seed is Filipe Miranda's debut album as The Partisan Seed.
After the adventures under the name of Kafka, he has returned with Visions of Solitary Branches. Here we find 14 songs that ought to be listened quietly and with the lights low.....
These are songs of reflection.... these are songs that welcome those rainy Autumn nights......

Filipe takes us into his personal world.... simple, sincere, sometimes made out of several colours, just like those of a rainbow, sharing with us his thoughts, his songs of love and sorrow.
It is difficult to go thru his music and not to get moved by the sincerity coming out of his guitar-driven lyrical proses or by the ambients created by the beauty of You know what I mean, Monica and The old garden, some of which featuring the warm and mellow vocal contribution of Lisete Santos.

Having heard before his presentation EP, I am marvelled with his return.... and what a return.

See The Partisan Seed live on:

23/02 @ Fnac Sta Catarina, Oporto
02/03 @ Fnac NorteShopping, Matosinhos
03/03 @ Fna GaiaShopping, Vila Nova de Gaia
09/03 @ ...., Espinho
17/03 @ ...., Barcelos

In case you would like to listen to more of his music, go to his MySpace, or check these two tracks, courtesy of HoneySound.

A desperate call from London
Did a gun give you a name?

His album can be bought here.

".... the album 'visions of solitary branches' is made of new and old songs, written for my bedroom walls. They talk about my people, my places... The possibility of putting some of them on record was a wonderful thing..... Hope you'll enjoy the songs. Thank you all for listening!... - Filipe Miranda"


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Thursday, February 08, 2007
The adventures of ....... Levi (PT)

We would like to welcome Rasarte to the world of music industry. As part of, Rasarte is in charge of promotion, edition and management of young new artists.

Recently they released their first album. The honour was all Levi's.

The adventures of is Levi's second album and Rasarte's debut. 10 songs that travel from the sounds of Dylan to those of Elliot Smith, from blues to folk, from acustic guitar melodies to blossoming pop dreams.

Three years after the release of Ocean of time, this Lisbon-based multi-artist, delivers us an album that breathes lo-fi indie pop tunes, dressed up with bluesy guitars and down to earth alternative country music, an album that tells us several stories,

Once The adventures of kicks in, we are face to face with Nozh, oozy and britva waltz and Stained wings, where acoustic sounds marry with those of distorced electric guitars.

Meaningless existencial hell and Ocean are two beautiful pop guitar driven tracks, with Levi's warm and delicate voice populating these last nine minutes.

Scarborough is one of those electric pink dreams that takes us flying over those white snowy mountains, far, far away. It starts slowly, quite slowly..... then, this musical spider web gets you in this noisy agreeable swirl. In Don't want to loose you and Library blues, Levi takes us into the world of the Lousiana blues, whereas in Untitled we are taken to visit some of Ben Harper's folk bluesy tunes and Dylan's .

Before The last song, we are presented with Treacle tart, a beautifully slow-paced song that meets Levi's in a very delicate, close to rupture vocal register.

Welcome to The adventures of ....

Catch him live, on the 17th of February, at Tertulia Castelense, in Castelo da Maia.

Listen here to two tracks of Levi's secong release. The album, can be downloaded for free, right here.


Treacle tart


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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Merzbau's netlabel is 2 years old (PT)

Merz works - art pieces built up of found objects. Some very small; other taking the form of large constructions, later to known as installations. One of these installations, by the German Kurt Schwitters, was called Merzbau.

Merzbau is also a music label that decided to change the music made in Portugal.

Born on the year 2000, they were first dedicated to music in general. Later on, they set up themselves to promote musical projects that, following a certain sound and ideas, could bring something new and interesting to music in general.

Two years ago they created their netlabel, where projects not aimed to big audiences and that, normally, are disregarded by the music industry, would find their place. Promoting new bands and projects, and taking music a step forward is something they have decided to take on their shoulders as well.

20 online EPs and 3 cds after, they are celebrating their second anniversary.

Lobster, Debut!, Goodbye Toulouse, Jesus the Misunderstood, Lemur and Noiserv, among many others, are some of the names Merzbau's netlabel introduced us to. All their releases can be found right here.

This February will see their music celebration taking place all over Portugal.
Go and celebrate with them.

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Neyorkewr - The new single by The Car Is On Fire (PL)

The Car Is On Fire are back with Neyorkewr, the second single to come out of the 2006's Lake & Flames.

One of the most interesting tracks out of TCIOF's second album sees as well their fourth video, after 2006's Can't Cook (Who Cares), and 2005's Cranks and Miniskirt.

This new video is featured on Music@PL.PT, "... on the screen".

Go and see the video and buy the album!!!


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Talking with Zerova (PL)

In our second interview, we took around 30 minutes on a very interesting talk with Pawel Dudzinski, of the Polish band Zerova.

Responsible for one of 2006's most interesting albums and one of the best new acts for Poland's 2006, please discover more on Zerova right next.

. Who is Zerova? and how did it all start?

It all started with a Mum concert in Warsaw. We decided to go to it and after, we decided to start a band.
Even though each one of us has its own favourite kind of music, first we wanted to start a project that, later, would become more serious, starting to play together.

. After all, the references on Mum and Sigur Ros, among others, do make sense.

Exactly. It all started that way, with Mum's concert. The sound has evolved to something different, but yes...... it all started that way.

. I've read that during the recording of I Think I've Lost,
you decided to record on a quiet and isolated place. Why that choice?

Well, we can say that where we live, we have this peaceful place. Even though working on a big city, we worked on our music, around 20 km away from the city. There wasn't even mobile network.

. Something that interested me was the combination of sound and image. Image or graphic component, is it something important for Zerova? The album, the site, the photos... What is the connection behing all this?

A friend of mine and I work as an architect and graphic designer. We use these means to transform our website into something more artistic. Our photos are treated as art. After all, music is art, so here's the connection.

. And what about your live performances? Is image an important factor for you?

We always try to have a visual component in our concerts. We have some friends that prepare some animations for our concerts, and whenever possible, they join us with their material.
The music itself seems to welcome such ambients.

. And what about the CD? Once out, will it also feature all this graphic component?

We hope so. The CD ought to come out in January, February. Hope it goes ok. **
Our label is making all efforts to release it in Poland, and as well in the UK...... but mainly that it comes out as soon as possible.

. Your music is quite unique. In Poland there are as well An On Bast, At Home or So Quiet that sometimes get closer to your sound, but Zerova is always something quite unique. How has Zerova been welcome at home, in Poland?

Whevener we play live, we always had a good feedback. We have sent our material to Polskie Radio and thanks to it, we got a really good feedback and some invitations, supporting Old Time Radio, for example. Summing up, the feedback has been quite positive.

. On Herb Recordings, Polish artists rule!!! Myppa and Zerova are on the top 3, and on the majority of all the downloaded tracks. How is it been like?

A month after the release, the record seems to be doing quite well and again, we are getting a very good feedback from those who bought our music online.

. I've read that next year, Home Pop Records shall release the Split EP Zerova/Milipop. Will this happen at all?

Yes, it will. The tracks are already prepared.

. And will we listen to some new tracks?

Yes. There will be some new tracks. Two tracks of ours, two from Milipop and two remixes. So, we can say that this EP will be divided in three parts.

. And will it come out as a CD, on Home.Pop.Records, or as an internet release?

It will come out as a CD. Anyone will be able to buy it afterwards. Most likely, it will come out between February and March.

We lack this kind of releases in Poland, and this is a good chance to promote bands.

. This will be another opportunity to promote your music and get your sound to the radios. What about them? Trojka, Bis,.... Any interest?

We already aired on Trojka, on Agnieszka Szydlowska's radio show, and Novika has played some on Bis as well.

. Lets talk about Fukka'jo. Such a song can easily become your flag track. It was the first song I heard, and instantly caught my attention. The same with other people?

Fukka'jo, which does not mean anything, has gathered very good opinions. People have mentioned that they feel that music and this is something very important for us. It is a song with a very emotional side.

. On your new songs, how is Zerova going to sound like? Like Fukka'jo or different, more instrumental?

More similar to Fukka'jo. This is the road we're taking and the new songs, on the EP for example, shall sound more that way.

. 2006 is coming to an end. 2007 is right next door. What does Zerova wish for themselves this 2007?

That we keep working on the band, that we keep on having ideas and that we may play several concerts.

. Regarding the ideas, how does it all work for you? I mean, how does the composition aspect look like?

It is really simple. We all seat together. Each one of us picks its instrument and we start playing, not stopping at all. Thirty minutes, one hour.... until it makes sense. We then stop and note what we did.

. So it is more about improvisation?

In the beginning yes, but then it works as a whole.

. Well, we are running out of time and questions. A last one before calling it a deal.
What do you think about Polish music in the year 2006? What were the bands more interesting for you

I'd say The Car Is On Fire and Smolik.

** The interview was conducted in December

Zerova are to play live, in Warsaw, at the Kawiarnia AMFC Gama. The concert will start at 18h. Do not miss it.


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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Lets all go live (PL/PT)
This time we recommend U-Clic (PT) on double dose (3rd anniversary and debut album release parties) and the Sound of Science (PL/....) sessions, by Lost in Krakow, on its second edition, featuring Zach Eggleston, The Midnight Reverie Trio, The Funz and MoluZapa.
Enjoy it!!!


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Monday, February 05, 2007
When Portugal and Sweden collide (PT/SE)

.... a new musical project is born.

Thanks to a trompa, I discovered this interesting project that gathers musicians from Portugal and Sweden, the Stockholm Lisboa Project.

Taking the traditional music from these two countries as their departure point, they deliver us folk music soaked in fado and on the Nordic culture.

From Fado to Polka and Bluegrass, the portuguese guitar, the mandolin and the Nordic mandola have been taken on a new adventure that is bound to break some musical barriers. This adventure is led by Simon Stalspets (Svart Kaffe, Lystra and Kalabra) on Nordic mandola and harmonica, Sergio Crisostomo (At-Tambur) on violin, Liana (Liana, Fado.PT and Dazkarieh) on vocals and Luis Peixoto on bouzouki and mandolin.

Next month, they'll start a tour in Sweden, so if you're somewhere close, do not miss it!!!!

21/03 @ Jeriko, Malmo
23/03 @ Dunkers, Helsingborg
27/03 @ Folkhogskola, Sjovik
28/03 @ Stallet, Stockholm

Listen to some of their sounds right here. Discover some more at their webpage.

Hortela mourisca

".... Distant in space, under the universal language of music they found new textures and bridges between North and South, one tradition and the other.... "


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Coming soon ... to a store near you .... (PT)
2007 will see some interesting records hitting the stores. Among some long-awaited debuts, others will add a new chapter to their musical stories.


Norton will release this year their fourth long-play, after Make Me Sound E.P., Pictures From Our Thoughts and the remix album Frames>Remixes&Versions.

As they put it on their MySpace, "... We just thought that March is too long to keep you waiting so we've posted two new songs on MySpace from our upcoming album Kersche..."

These two songs are Cinnamon & Wine, the first single, and Balcony, featuring Nuno Goncalves of The Gift.

Cinnamon & Wine shall hit the radios and tv sets quite soon and, hopefully, we'll be able to put the video right here, on the screen.....

With a new line-up, Corsage are to release their follow-up to 2004's self-titled debut album.

Pedro Temporao, Henrique Amoroso, Carlos A. Santos, Damiao and the newcomers Sanja Chakarun and Rui Coelho are responsible for these cool and loose sexy and melodic cabaret pop songs.

The music smells to their debut album, mainly to the magnific Wedding by the mall, but has taken a step forth, as one can see on the 3 tracks we are shown on their MySpace. Drop by and let them know about it.

See them live on the 23rd of February, at Musicbox, in Lisbon

After the release of the vibrating and fresh Tora Tora last year, the Lisbon-based collective Tora Tora Big Band are to present their second album next month. This will take place on the 9th of March, at Santiago Alquimista, in Lisbon.

Meanwhile, drop by their MySpace and listen to Kika Santos' warm voice on the newest Elephants run.

This is their first song featuring live vocals and it sounds quite promising. Let March come!!!!

Others to come include Micro Audio Waves' Odd Size Baggage, Umbigu's Anatomia Electronica, Tree Valley's self-titled album and the Velvet Underground Portuguese Tribute album, Velvet Underground Revisited.


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Sunday, February 04, 2007
Mariza Live in Lisbon and in Poland (MZ/PT)

".... Having the river and the Tower, the place where the boats left to make their discoveries in the 16th Century... going to india and Africa.... Being in that place, singing fado was very emblematic that night....."**

In 2005 Mariza gave a concert to around 25000 persons, by the river Tagus, in front of the Torre de Belem, in Lisbon, together with the orchestra "Sinfonietta de Lisboa" and conducted by Jaques Morelenbaum (producer of Mariza's previous album Transparente and known for working with Caetano Veloso for the past years).

One year later, in 2006, this Concerto em Lisboa comes out as a cd/dvd release, bringing back that memorable night, by the river. Music from her latest record and as well from her first and second albums are featured on this release.

This is a unique occasion to listen to her astonishing voice and to be marvelled by her amazing charisma. Concerto em Lisboa showcases some of her previous work, now with new arrangements, populated with the melancholic cello of Jaques M. and the overwhelming ambient and "soul" created by the Sinfonietta de Lisboa. Among these 18 tracks there are some pearls such as Ha uma musica do povo, Cavaleiro Monge, Duas lagrimas de orvalho or Amalia Rodrigues' O gente da minha terra.

This Mozambique born "cantadeira de fados" is currently on tour promoting her latest record.

The sounds of Lisbon's Mouraria will land in Warsaw, on the 22nd of February, at the Sala Kongressova, as part of the Era Jazz Festival.

Do not miss this chance to see one of Portugal's most promissing artists.

** excerpt taken from

Listen to some of her music right here.

Maria Lisboa

O gente da minha terra
Ha uma musica do povo
Duas lagrimas de orvalho

Get Mariza's Concerto em Lisboa right here:

in Poland
in Portugal
Everywhere else

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Thursday, February 01, 2007
Contemporary Noise Quintet on Tour (PL)

Best new Polish act for 2006 and 5th best record of the year, Contemporary Noise Quintet are to go on tour next March.

Together with new bass player Patryk Weclawek, they will hit the road on a 10 date tour. Later on, we will still be able to see them on the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days and on the Polish Band Festival (Przeglad Polskich Zespolow) in Budapest.

And here are the concerts. Try not to miss them!!!

07/03 @ Blue Note, Poznan
08/03 @ Pod Jaszczurami, Krakow
09/03 @ Tarnowskie Centrum Kultury, Tarnow
10/03 @ Pani K., Sanok
11/03 @ Jadlodajnia Filozoficzna, Warsaw
14/03 @ Ucho, Gdynia
15/03 @ Jazzga, Lodz
16/03 @ Utopia, Czestochowa
18/03 @ Pod Aniolem, Torun
24/03 @ Swieto Niemego Kina - Kino Ilozjon, Warsaw

Listen to CNQ right here.


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