Saturday, February 24, 2007
Holdcut (PL)

Beats, samples and scratch....

Hip-hop is and has been of revelant importance in Poland. As on any other movement, there are those that don't do anything special, and then, there are those that take the risk, coming up with something new, something worth discovering. Fisz/Emade (and all their projects), Eldo/Bitnix, Noon, O.S.T.R. and Pezet, are some of those I had the pleasure to listen to and discover what they were up to.

Today, I would like to introduce you to another artist worth discovering. Ladies and gentlemen, Holdcut!!!

Holdcut is one man alone. Together with his beats and breaks, samples and the amazing cut&paste techniques, we are taken to a place where cinema, cartoons, TV shows, everyday situations and speeches meet and get mixed with old funk classics, jazz, soul, downtempo and hip-hop.

Influenced by artists such as Numark, Steinski, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, his music embraces the urban culture, and specially hip-hop, and gives it a completely different look. The approach to this genre is more cinematic, jazzy and funky, blinking an eye to world music (as on the 1001 arabian nights's Mahomed Dreams), saying hello to downtempo tunes and, as it ought to be, accompanied by the exact proportion of scratch.

Once you dig through his music, and specially through his albums, you get aware of the ability to choose that special tune, that special sample. Hanna Barbera, Jack Skelington, Star Wars,....., all sampled and perfectly glued into his music.

Holdcut is as well one of the masterminds behind the recently ceased netlabel Cut-Orgia Recordz. Since 2002, this label released several singles, EPs and albums, including remix albums, from several artists, including Holdcut himself. Now the time has come for him to go forth. The label as we know it will no longer exist. The records, nevertheless, are still available for download, for a certain period of time. Check it as well on his Myspace.

Soon we shall see him releasing a new album, Inept Vision. Not sure on its distribution yet, this album will go deeper into the sounds of nu-jazz, trip-hop, electronic music and hip-hop. In total, there will be 15 tracks, starring guests Duze Pe, Magdalena Dziegiel, Edas, Dj. Krime and Seledyn.


01. The New Situation
02. I'll Tell U A True Story
03. Idea From The Studio
04. We were here
05. End It?
06. Inept Vision
07. Furious Feelings
08. End Of Immortality
09. Story About Me
10. Abstract Moment
11. Death & Orchestra
12. Friendship?
13. Other Dreams
14. Forgot Music
15. Remember Me?

Three of these tracks can be heard here.

Still this year, we shall see the second volume for the Soundwriter remixes, entitled Revenge Of Cuts.

We strongly recomment you to get some of these albums. We cannot get tired of Soundwriter Remixes Vol.1 and Break Trouble (both the EP and LP).

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