Saturday, March 31, 2007
Noite/Nuit by Tiago Sousa and SRX (PT/FR)
Merzbau just got a new album out. Noite/Nuit is a split EP with the artists Tiago Sousa, member of Goodbye Toulouse and Jesus, the Misunderstood, and the French artist with Portuguese origins Sandra Reignoux, aka SRX.

Tiago Sousa, after his solo debut with Crepusculo, returns on this split EP with three melancholic tracks completely dominated by his piano. The perfect companionship for those long and cold winter nights, his music is of several faces, carrying dark tones dressed in light blue silk.
A Espera would perfectly suit one of those black and white mute thriller films, where this character follows someone in this never ending alley.

His share on Noite/Nuit ends with Folha Caduca, another moment of melancholic crescendo, quiet and beautiful music.

SRX is Sandra Reignoux. With a delicate and trembling voice, she starts her share on this Split EP with The Amazonian Sky, a song where piano notes fall side by side with
chorus in constant loop. Simple, beautiful and catchy.

Pieces for Portugal is an exercise where spoken-word meets a lonely piano. Both, closed in a dark room, singing solitude within darkness, expressing her fear and other emotions. Better Than continues on the same path. Words throw out, quietly, softly, delicately as if we were walking on thin ice.

In 2005 SRX released By the way, Ordinary things on the French label Another Record.

Discover these two artists @ Merzbau.

Download Noite/Nuit right next. For more information, just follow this link.

01 - Arvore Ancia
02 - A Espera
03 - Folha Caduca
04 - The Amazonian Sky
05 - Pieces for Portugal
06 - Better Than

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Azevedo Silva - Tartaruga (PT)

Last year Azevedo Silva delivered Claraboia, his debut, featuring 4 original tracks and a cover for Daniel Jonhston's Devil Town.

This year he brings us Tartaruga, his first long play. Splitting his time between Madcab and his solo career, Luis Silva found time to release these 11 tracks under the name of Azevedo Silva.

One again, a close encouter with slow paced, melancholic, lo-fi, acoustic and intimate music all sung so beautifully in Portuguese.

The album kicks off with the one minute intro Ao Mar. Then, Frio e Fome, an acoustic guitar driven track of such melancholy and beauty. Words that carry emotions; words that tell a story; words...... throw to winds..... Silva's voice drags itself slowly and mournfully. One of Tartaruga's pearls.

Vai Com a Chuva continues on the same mood and so do Bloqueio and Abutre. On the latter, with the acoustic guitar on his hands, we are told about the awful episodes some of us have to go through in real life. Tough reality, accompanied by the melancholy of Azevedo Silva's voice and the sad and delicate melodies.

Inimiga is more of a instrumental track. The few repeated lines dropped in-between the guitar chords seem more as an instrument rather than any other thing. ".....porque a vinganca se serve fria. Porque e' vinganca, sossega filha....."

Liberdade lives among echoes of cold lands' winter times and ghostly wispered sounds. Until Sorrir, the last song, we still have time to listen to the very personal and intimate Palavras de Ninguem, a song carried on the first person; the instrumental Do' and Deus Panico. Sorrir is the perfect soundtrack for our everyday's life in a city in rush: beautiful acoustic guitar chords that tell us to lay back, take a deep breath, relax....... and smile...

Tartaruga is an album that breathes sadness, loss, hope and saudade...
Tartaruga is here to be discovered. Get it right here.

Listen to Frio e Fome here.

Find more on Azevedo Silva on his MySpace.

"...Sim, eu sei que vou partir p'ralem. Tambem sei que vais herdar a dor de alguem que nao veras. Mas tudo tem seu tempo, perpetuo movimento, esse nao vai parar, jamais recuar. Agora eu penso no futuro e em tudo o que eu deixei p'ra tras. Amor, eu penso no futuro, nao sou capaz... Nao sou capaz....."


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Deft Aphid's 256 Tales (PL)

The netlabel Chill-Label is back with Deft Aphid's 256 Tales.

This Piekary Slaski-based artist takes us into his 8th release, a true world of sounds where beats and break-beats, minimal electronic, ambient music, rap, drum-n-bass, r'n'b, pop, classic and lyrical tunes. In a couple of words, a true cultural melting pot.

For this album Qba Muller, aka Deft Aphid, gathered the contributions of Clever Chris, on the fantastic break-beat drum-n-bass madness of Cardial Puzzle (Radio Edit), Elektrobi's guitar on the distorced noisy electronic trip The Captain of Kopenick, Trochej's trombone on the electro noise bingo-bango party For Saba & Pola and on the smooth pop electronic flavoured Patoka, Catalonia-based Miurn's piano and string arragements on the contagious and in crescendo piano driven pop bits and bytes of Parentesi, Katarzyna Wojciak's vocal contribution to the guitar driven r'n'b noise drunk Vermeer Forgery and last but not least Loki da Trixta's rap contribution to the beat clashes of 1.

256 Tales is an album tough to catalogue.

256 Tales is an album tough to listen at first time, but that reveals itself quite impressive in the end. After the first time you go through these 13 tracks, you'll want to do it again, and again.

I do not know if this has to do with the rhythm changes we're constantly facing - try listening to 1 and then the de-construction arcade beats of Borsuk, or to the simplistic harp sounds of Piri Reis and the sounds of The Captain of Kopenick or For Saba & Pola.

This are the melodic 256 tales of Deft Aphid.

Visit them at his MySpace, or get the album at Chill-Label.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007
News Bulletin (PL)
Stealpot is about to release his second album, Indian Saloon. After the highly acclaimed debut, Mass Mess.Age, Szymon Folwarczny is back wih one of 2007's most expected albums.

Earlier this year, this Katowice-based young musician gave us Kimi Na Oto, a track featuring Mondialito's singer, Junko Nishimura. Now, Szymon is back and this time he drops us a mix for this Indian Saloon.

This is nothing but an appetiser for his forthcoming album, but what an appetiser. Most likely, one of Poland's best album for this 2007!!!!

Full-bodied downtempo moments, amazing jazz-scratchy pearls and delicately sung anthems. All this, plus a remix for Bjork's New World.

Check it at his MySpace.

New Century Classics will be playing live this Sunday, the 1st of April, at Lubu Dubu, in Krakow.

This concert will present NCC's debut EP. This 5 track EP will include Sandbox Love, Children Of An Uncertain Future and Random Acts Of Happiness (these three available at their MySpace), plus two other tracks, with no title so far.

The EP will come out as a limited edition (49 handmade copies), so in case you'd like to get a copy, contact them soon, before it sells out, or drop by Lubu Dubu this Sunday, from 19h.

This night will also see Krakow-based alternative electro-psychotronic rockers Eluktrick and a suprise guest....

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Vixo and Fireworks EP (PL)

"....Why not? We are in love with music, we want to express ourselves by the music... "

This is Vixo. Heading from Zdunska Wola, these youngsters decided back in 2004 to start doing what they loved most; this is, to have a band and play...

Sebastian Stasiak on vocals and guitar; Darek Grabowski on lead guitar; Arek Jaros on drums and Michal Szafarz on bass guitar are the four responsible for the music behind Vixo. This one shines with influences from the 60's and 70's pop rock scene, with this century's post-punk return and alternative pop rock.

Recently they released Fireworks EP. 4 tracks highly contaminated with melodic guitar chords, repetitive and straight to your mind pop chorus and happy drum beats.

The percussion driven and guitar frenzy Lufu, the pop and delicate Do you remember love?, the 80's pop, indie rock drunk and dance friendly Farewell in oblivion and the tempting uhhh uuhh wispers of Nothing can be born from stillness are a perfect visit to their full lenght debut expected to arrive this Autumn, through Love Industry.

Recently they participated on Piotr Stelmach's Offensywa compilation with the track Farewell in oblivion.

Download their EP, Fireworks EP right here.

On their MySpace you can listen additionally an acoustic version of Watching Watching.

Check them out, in concert, this April, chez eux, at Variete, on the 20th.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007
96Project (PL)

"....Our story is very short. We (Marcin, Piotrek) started in 2003 as a project for one album in cooperation with a few vocalists. But when we met Maciek we knew that it was the only voice we were looking for....."

And this was how 96 Project came together. Together with bass player Lukasz Damm, Marcin Limek, on guitar, Piotr on percussion and the lead vocalist Maciek Prusinki, this Radom-based alt-rock quartet released this year their third demo, Numer 3.

After 120 and Here (Anyway), back in 2004 and 2005 respectively, this year sees four new tracks coming to life. My Cause For Life, Life-Phobia, I Take on Trust and Lady-Jail pulse heavily, contaminated with grunge'like guitar and stunning drums.

It is difficult to listen to these tracks and not picture straight away bands like Soundgarden or Incubus. The guitar riffs and Maciek's vocals do take us that way, specially when he sings in English.

Their music possesses good rythmn, melody and energy. It's catchy, it rocks and it kicks arse!!!!.
The guitar, drum and bass seem to be on the right place, saying present only when requested.

I received their first single Unaesthetic together with its Polish version, Na znieczuleniu. This latter sounds better than it's English partner. Maciek's sings more naturally and his voice gets a different tone, a better one.

Discover it by yourself at their MySpace.

Listen to a quick demo preview right here.

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Friday, March 23, 2007
Sepia, by Indy (PT)

Rasarte is back with another release. This time, it's up to Indy's EP, Sepia.

After the release of their debut demo, Reveal, back in 2003, Pedro Franco, together with Nuno Furtado, Pedro Ramos and Victor Coimbra, share with us, this time, a couple of tracks that swim in classic rock and pop deep seas.

While listening to this release I can't help sharing a certain feeling of disappointment. After the promising Rasarte's debut with Levi, this Sepia turns out to be some points bellow what I expected.

Nevertheless, there are some good ideas in here. From the not so enthusiastic Holly Water, to the the more interesting indie pop Round We Walk, via the Jeff Buckley and Incubus inspired Softly Spoken and Trial, we are taken through a couple of tracks worth listening.
The EP closes with the not so good Built Back Up, an acoustic guitar driven track that seems to loose its direction one minute after it started. It wants to be too many things at the same time, ending up sounding too artificial.

Sepia shows a band that is still looking for a direction, for their sound. As a second release it shows some interesting ideas, but nothing more.

Download it and judge by yourself right here.

Get Round We Walk right here.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Tragic Story with Happy Ending (PT)

"....Some people are different. All what they whish is to be like to the others, deliciously mixing among the crowd. There are people spending the rest of their lives fighting to achieve this, denying or hiding their differences. Some other assume it and raise up themselves, getting their place close to the others… in their hearts...."

This week, Atalanta Filmes will release on the big screen the multi-awarded Portuguese Animation film Historia Tragica com Final Feliz (Tragic Story with Happy Ending). Shown together with Nanni Moretti's The Caiman, Regina Pessoa's highly acclaimed short film will finally have its deserved premiere.

Do not loose this 7 minutes fairy tale. Be impressed by the beauty and quality of this little story.

"....Once upon a time there was a little girl whose heart beat faster than other people’s…

That disturbed them… because of the noise... Her heart beat so loudly...

She tried to explain: "It’s a bird’s heart... I'm in a body that isn't my own... That's why my heart beats so fast... I'm a bird..."

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News bulletin (PL/PT)
News from the Fox side (PL).

Cheesewire, Home Is So Sad, Wor Jackie and Nichola have been added to Fox Gang's MySpace Player. A unique chance to listen to some of the tracks this sextet has been playing around.

All those living outside Krakow, beware!!! The Fox will take their funky reggae rock sounds to Poznan this April. Together with Alien Autopsy, they'll be hunting you at Brogan's Irish Pub.
Hopefully, other cities will follow.

FG are set loose on the

24/03 @ Awaria, Krakow
14/04 @ Awaria, Krakow
21/04 @ Brogan's Irish Pub, Poznan

Listen if you like:

Easyjet can be found at Thirty Something New Tales From PL.PT.

White English, just follow the link.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Fonzie are back with Shout It Out.

Before its release, on the 26th of March, this Lisbon-based punk rock quartet has decided to have all its tracks available, for preview, at their Myspace.

A total of 12 tracks that for sure, will make all their fans quite happy.

Recommended for most of Green Day, Sum 41 or Nofx fans.

Get to see them live @

24/03 @ Forum Romeira, Alenquer
20/04 @ Paradise, Lisbon
26/04 @ Semana Academica, Figueira da Foz

Shout It Out will see its international later on....

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
The electronic music duet Internal Sync will see their debut EP hit the stores on the 23rd of March.

Released by the German label, Klang Gymnastik, this vinyl edition will include the tracks Zero Zero and Lindostrom, plus two remixes for these two tracks, by Monoroom and Ampere (visiting Zero Zero).

You will find Zero Zero EP soon at Flur store, Lisbon, on Decks and on Straight Audio.

Check them techno beats of Internal Sync on the:

23/03 @ Lounge, Lisbon
30/03 @ Triplex, Oporto
13/04 @ Lounge, Lisbon, as Jackspot + Mighty Caeser
20/04 @ Left, Lisbon
21/04 @ Lounge, Lisbon
04/05 @ ADN, Setubal

Download one of their mixtapes right here. Just follow the link.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
2 years and half after they started as a band, Monomonkey will finally hit the road and take their melodic rock sounds to a wider crowd, showing some of the music released on their previous demos.

This quartet hailing from Marinha Grande (PT) is set to release simple songs that ought to catch everyone's attention. The music flow nicely on tracks such as Singing Out to No One and In Danger (this being one of my favourites).

It seems that the vocals need some more work, but, as a whole, they seem to be heading on the right direction.

Ricardo Simoes, Pedro Lemos, David Silva and Bruno Juliao are heading to a city close to you. See them live on the:

24/03 @ K2 Club, Cartaxo; together with Pond37
13/04 @ Festival Overlive, Marinha Grande; together with Budhi.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Pat Kay and the Gajos (PT/FR/...)
Rock with soul. Rock with character.

Pat Kay and co. released two years ago Montmartre, the debut album for this Paris-based project.

Pat, Jap, Victor, Valerie and Mitch, together with guest Adolfo Luxuria Canibal prepared 12 songs where melancholy meets claustrophobia meets controlled madness meets enigmatic melodies.

Remarkable, cavernous and slowly wispered sexy poetry. Catchy and tempting chorus.
Track after track, these songs keep suprising us with their constant mutations. They move from one direction to another, keeping only some traces to the music we listened minutes before.

With lyrics in English, French and Portuguese; inspired in bands such as Mao Morta, Tindersticks, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds or Leonard Cohen, it is difficult not to feel attracted to their music, to this variety of sounds, melodies and moods.

As we listen to Urgency, You Said,Pressure, Fisherman's Wife, Montmartre ou Noite Baca, we are taken into several different worlds. Spoken word, alternative, jazz, post rock and pop. Even though some songs fall into the universe of the above mentioned projects, the rest of this debut completes it wisely, giving a different look to this release.

Pat Kay is now on tour in Portugal in one of our recommended tours. Get to see them at:

22/03 @ Maus Habitos, Oporto
23/03 @ Whisky bar , Braga (Vila de Prado)
24/03 @ Musicalia, Braganca
26/03 @ RUC/Santos da Casa, Coimbra
27/03 @ Maxime, Lisbon
28/03 @ Pegadas no Tecto, V.N. Famalicao
29/03 @ Tambor Que Fala, Casal do Marco
30/03 @ Incrivel Almadense, Almada
31/03 @ Espaco Celeiros, Evora

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Monday, March 19, 2007
Piotr Stelmach Presentuje Offensywa (PL)
This week, Polskie Radio Trojka released Offensywa, a compilation put together by Piotr Stelmach, featuring some of the most interesting new bands hailing from this very side of Europe.

With a total of 20 tracks (17 new bands plus 3 bonus tracks featuring Kombajn Do Zbierania Kur Po Wioskach, The Car Is On Fire and Pink Freud), we are introduced to what's new concerning pop, rock, electro and indie. Of course, all made in PL.

It is a pleasure for me to see that some of the bands that took part on Thirty something new tales from PL.PT are featured on this compilation. Our congratulations to The Mothers, Sensorry and Phantom Taxi Ride.

After the desolation brought by the 4th volume of Minimax PL (also released by Trojka), these 20 tracks are the breeze we were all waiting for.

Normally on any music compilation there are good and bad moments. I'm glad to say that here, the music selection holds itself from the very beginning to its very last track. There are bands that could have done better, but nevertheless, they have contributed with a good song.

And now a quick tour, track by track.

01. Klara Czubak - Next Time
Klara Czubak presents us with a little magic moment. 3 little minutes of intimate guitar chords sung along with Klara's and Kuba's Czubak sweet and delicate voice. Worth discovering. Already on my list "to follow up....".

02. Psychocukier - Sonic Cave
We've mentioned them here before, by the time they played in Krakow. This track shows another side to Psychocukier; the sweeter side of those noisy, dirty, fast and furious guitar driven rockin' music sessions. Another good track by Sasza, Piotrek and Marcin.

03. Loco Motive Sun - Oblakany
Loco Motive Sun are a quintet (sextet when playing live, together with Krystian Duc taking care of all the visualizations) from Pszczyna.
On Offensywa's third track we take a short cut and head straight to the electronic sounds of Ola, Rafal, Darek, Wojtek and Daniel.
Addictive beats, loops and chorus. The perfect to dance to on those warm Summer nights.

04. Lili Marlene - Arogancky
Lili Marlene are a quintet that has been digging some space for themselves on the Polish indie rock scene. As Arogancky shows us, Kuba, Wojtek, Kornel, Lukasz Wojcik and Norbert deliver us a fast, guitar friendly track, where the post punk and rock sounds of some acts heading from the US and Her Majesty's country, meet the nicely sung Polish lyrics of Lili Marlene.

05. Vixo - Farewell In Oblivion
Farewell In Oblivion is a tricky song. I must confess Sebastian's vocals do not impress me that much, but together with Darek's guitar tunes and the rest of quartet, the song ends up finding its way. Still I think Vixo could work out their vocals a bit more, and why not, try singing in Polish.

06. Wy W Dobrej Wierze - Dobre rady
Together with Klara Czubak, another good suprise and one of my favourites for this album. Wy W Dobrej Wierze (WWDW) are a pop trio that gathers Krystyna, on vocals and two Stefans on guitar and vocals. Together they are responsible for this beautiful pop pearl. A superb visit card from one of the best pop acts to come out of Poland lately.

07. Muchy - Miasto doznan
Miasto Doznan is Muchy's contribution to this compilation. A good indie pop moment, sung in Polish, by this Poznan-based trio. A song that flows smoothly, with a taste of 80's synths and this century's guitar sounds.

08. Phantom Taxi Ride - Leave You Alone
I heard PTR for the first time a couple of months ago. Leave You Alone takes us back to the 90's, to the sounds of brit pop, and to those crazy afternoon matinees where boys and girls would swing all day long.

09. Beneficjenci Splendoru - Moje studio
Band with a complicated name, specially if you're not coming from Poland. Beneficjenci Splendoru is a one man project. Marcin Staniszewski takes control of all the operations and delivers these lo-fi electronic beats. Jazzy ambients dressed in colourful bits!!!

10. Pawilon - Blisko
And from Gdansk, Pawilon. Blisko is the track brought by these 5 lads from Poland's sea side. As they call it themselves, "... Alternative Rock & Western Swing..." at its best. In case you know of any other....

11. The Mothers - Night Life In Big City
Night Life In Big City is a favourite of ours. So much, that we featured it on our compilation as well. The Mothers are a young quartet led by Bartek Stolarek. Together with Artur, Jakub and Vojtek, they put us dancing with tracks such GoGo Dancer or Fool Kids Are Dead. A band on which we hold great expectations.

12. Nell - Red Ribbons
Their music is inspiring and emotive. Their music breathes Muse and Placebo. Perhaps a bit too much....
Nevertheless, this young quartet has a very good chance, and the quality as well, to do something special in the near future.

13. L.Stadt - Gore
L.Stadt are one of my favourite bands in Poland. What so special about them? The way they sound.
Lukasz, Adam, Radoslaw and Andrzej cannot commit themselves to a unique kind of sound. The The, Brian Ferry, Velvet Underground,.... you name them yourself!!!
Listen to this Gore and then visit them at their MySpace. A band to keep an eye on...

14. Renton - Hey Girl
Hey Girl might be one of the less interesting tracks among these 20. The constant uhh uhhh uhh and those fancy clapping, cannot take my mind out of the idea that this is music for teenagers introducing themselves indie whatsoever!!!

15. Sensorry - Glodny slonca
Sensorry are mainly a live band. In concert they can free up their unique rock, jazz and funk music sounds. In Offensywa, they introduce us to their sound via Glodny Slonca. By the way, another band to discover at our online compilation.

16. The Black Tapes - Love Letter
Another band carrying the post-punk, indie rock flag. Love Letter does not bring us anything special. This song sounds too artificial, not capable of having the sparkle we find at Bus Song Nver. These lads can sound better than this.

17. Saluminesia - 100 dni
Another band coming from Poland seaside. This time, from Sopot. Saluminesia are a pop rock quartet that manages to come up with a fine track sung in Polish. Supporting themselves on longer and melodic guitar chords, together with Remigiusz catchy vocals, Saluminesia are a band to follow up, specially if you're in the mood for Myslovitz.

The compilation ends up with the following three bonus tracks:

18. Kombajn Do Zbierania Kur Po Wioskach - Janusz Reaktor i Krystyna Zmrok (bonus track)

19. The Car Is On Fire - Ex Boyfriend (bonus track)

20. Pink Freud - Come As You Are (bonus track)

Buy the compilation right here. It is worth it.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007
Rockastru's 2007 (PT)

This year's edition of Rockastru's Music Festival is already on the move.....

With Rockastru's on its 11th edition, Kastru's Bar will host some of the most interesting projects hailing from Portugal.

20 bands will then compete for a place under the Sun, during five elimination steps. These will take place on the 21st and 28th of April and later, on the 5th, 12th and 19 of May.
The final will take place on the 2nd of June and will have Dapunksportif and another act as special guests.

Therefore, all bands without any commercial edition, contract or label are invited to join this party.

The winning act will have the chance to record an EP, with Rastilho Records taking care of its distribution, two concerts booked at Kastru's and thanks to Audiencia Zero, they will have the change to embark on a tour in Galicia, Spain.

Get listed until the 3rd of April. Join the new music of PT at Forjaes, Esposende, by sending the following required information to:

Rockastru’s 007 - Kastru's Bar
Av. Margarida de Queirós, n.º 82 – Forjães
4740 – 438 Esposende

Required Information

. Name of the band/project
. CD with three tracks minimum. Original tracks only. No longer than five minutes each.
. Contacts for project's contact person (address, email and mobile/phone)
. Name, age, job and contact for all other band elements (same requirements as above).
. Band's photo and bio.
. Lyrics written or on scan with composer's signature.
. Style and musical influences

All the rules to be found here.

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Charge Festival 2007 (PL)

The quiet and small city of Bialystok is about to be invaded by the new electronic sounds of Poland.

During the 24th and 25th of March, club Fama will host six different projects, where electronic music plays a vital role.

Whether it is pop, ambient or minimal electro, we strongly invite you to discover the sounds of Tomasz Bednarczyk/Milipop, So Quiet, Old Time Radio, Lewel, Zerova and Emiter.

We've mentioned already some of these bands. Nevertheless, discover them at their MySpace.

24th of March, starting at 19h00

. Tomasz Bednarczyk/Milipop
. So Quiet
. Old Time Radio

25th of March, starting at 19h00

. Lewel
. Zerova
. Emiter

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The Allstar Project (PT)

Something To Do With Death.

Epic, with the sound evolving from smooth piano melodies to swirling, noisy, screaming guitar riffs.

Cinematic, with their music creating the perfect soundtrack for a drama movie..... The main actors are running away.... Ahead of them, their destiny awaits.... There's no escape! There's no place to hide.

Temperamental. They sound as if calm seas would run into a huge and violent storm. Gigantic waves clashing and roaring, showing the anger of Poseidon.

The Allstart Project dates back to early 2001. By that time, Nunez, Phil Mendrix, Fuentez, El Gar and Ramon got together and started out this trip into the world of noise, progressive and post-rock music.

Two years later, their first EP, Berlengas Connection. Their sound is revealed on this 4 track EP. We're talking about music that embraces moments of pure beauty with those of angst and anger. Mogwai, GYBE and Pink Floyd reveal themselves as their source of inspiration.

Last year, these lads revealed Something To Do With Death, another 4 track EP that continues the path taken by its predecessor.
Here the music talks about tragic moments, dragging itself, slowly, in pain.
Here the music talks about hope and enlightenment.

The spirals drawn by the guitars of Nunez, Ramon and Sawyer, the bass of Che Riff, the keyboards of Fuentez and the percussion of Velasquez will take you into this state of hypnosis, where your body will no longer respond to you but to the music coming out of your speakers.

Let The Allstar Project take control.

If you like them, buy Something to do with death. Download their debut EP, right here.

Listen to both their EPs on their site (just hit the cassette). A new track of theirs is available at their MySpace.

The Third Man

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
The Video Night - Portugal at the SXSW Festival (PT)
This year's edition of the SXSW Festival will host 3 Portuguese bands/acts.

Austin will be invaded by the post-punk, indie rock sounds of X-Wife and You Should Go Ahead and the indie pop sounds of David Fonseca.

We let you now with one video for each one of these artists, after featuring them recently ".... On the screen......".

In case you're planning to drop by this festival, take some time and check them live.

You Should Go Ahead
Live at SXSW, Molotov Lounge, Austin, Texas, on the 15th of March.

You Should Go Ahead - Wake Up Song

David Fonseca
Live at SXSW, Spiro's, Austin, Texas, on the 14th of March.

David Fonseca - Little Drummer Boy

Live at SXSW, Friends (208 E 6th Street), Austin, Texas, on the 14th of March.

X-Wife - Rockin' Rio

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Noite CD-R (PT)

We all know what CD-R stands for....

What you might not know is what "Noite CD-R" stands for...

On the first and second Wednesday of every month, Lisbon and Oporto host the so called Noite CD-R (CD-R Night). First at Lounge, Lisbon, and one week later at bar Passos Manuel, this event is a good occasion for all those getting started on the arts of mixing and producing, that still haven't released any material so far.

There are no limits or restrictions concerning what you would like to propose. Drum 'n' bass, techno, hip-hop, rock,.... everything is welcome......

The material delivered (until 24h00 that day) is then played at the venue hosting the event (Lounge or Passos Manuel), and later on, passed over to Noite CD-R's webpage.

Next Noite CD-R is already tomorrow, at Passos Manuel, Porto. Drop by with your proposals this time....

"We Are Your Friends!"


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Monday, March 12, 2007
New Century Classics (PL)

It is time to reveal one of Krakow's best kept secrets.

Krakow is a city that, within its narrow streets, its old buildings and behind each face that smiles to you, keeps several secrets and gems to itself.

Today, we have the pleasure to reveal one of these well kept secrets.......

They're five!!

They list Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Mew, Muse, Mojave 3 or Radiohead, among others, as their main influences!!

They.... they give by the name of New Century Classics. NCC is a Krakow-based post-rock, indie pop quintet that started their music adventure last years, back in May.
Together, they have taken the mission to compose some of the most beautiful music Krakow has listened recently. Delicate and melodic, yet sometimes so emotional and of such strength.

With Anna on synths, bells, guitar, ibook and egg, Antonello on percussion, Dana on violin, synths, laptop and egg, Marek on guitar and synths, and Mateusz on lead guitar, they brings us the soundtrack for our busy days, for our tormented hours.
As Sandbox Love or Random Acts of Happiness kick in, it is time for me to lay back and dream.....

Their music has the same effect on me as that of Sigur Ros, Michael Nyman or Mogwai. Melodies in continuous spiral. Dancing lullabies. Instruments that bleed incredibly passionate music. Guitars and percussion galloping as wild worses.

Live this quintet sounds even better. Their music gains another life. It aspires for something huge, something beautiful...... Suddenly we are taken by our arms and we find ourselves in Neverland. As the music fills in the room, we become part of New Century Classics. Our bodies move smoothly to the music slidding out of the guitar and synths, whereas our feet keep up the rhythm, together with Antonello.

Nevertheless, live, there is still space for improvements. The constant change of instruments breaks the mood a little bit, creating these long pauses. I hope that they'll sort it out.

You can listen to Sandbox Love or Random Acts of Happiness, together with other tracks at their MySpace. We recommend it strongly.

Catch them live as well. Their next show will happen on the 1st of April, in Krakow, at Lubu-Dubu.

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Friday, March 09, 2007
Plum and Witness of your fall (PL)

"Time, it was time I started;
I started to rot...."

Plum, the noisy, dirty alternative rock trio rampaging out of Stargard Szczecinski, are back with Witness of Your Fall, their 6th studio release.

Witness their screaming thunder guitar storms; devastating and powerful storytelling; and if this would not be enough, a strong percussion line, that backs up the other two in case they run out of forces.

Martin Piekoszewski, Zbyszek Jasinski and Rav Piekoszewski have defined a space for themselves in the Polish music scene. Their sound can be defined as the result of an experiment bound to take music a step ahead, by exploring the bounderies of rock and of the instruments handled (if you can say it this way) by these three gentlemen.
Do you remember that film where a scientist ends up mutating into a fly? Now try to imagine Rage Against the Machine meets Sonic Youth meets GYBE meets Jesus Lizard. Can you figure it out? Yes? Then, there you go, you’ve got Plum.

In a country where more bands are trying to explore rock music, combining it with several other elements, Plum are kept as one of the references, together with Scianka.

I won’t say this is an album you can go through easily. Witness of Your Fall requires your attention, dedication and an open mind. The album opens with the magnific Drought Destroyed My Eyeballs, and closes with Source, another breathtaking music piece. In-between, there are some moments that do not keep up with the energy and enthusiasm of the previously mentioned tracks.

On the other side, Plum are more of a live band. In such conditions, their music sounds as never before, releasing all the energy contained on this little 35 minutes album.

Plum are now on tour. Check their concerts right here.

30/03 @ Pod Muzami, Kalisz
17/04 @ Stare kino, Poznan
18/04 @ Aurora, Warsaw
19/04 @ Firlej, Wroclaw
20/04 @ Alter Ego, Szczecin
21/04 @ Leipzig, Leipzig (DE)
23/04 @ Brooklyn Cafe, Rouen (FR)
24/04 @ Le Klub, Paris (FR)
25/04 @ El Inca, Bordeaux (FR)
29/04 @ Mozg, Bydgoszcz

You can find their albums right here.

Get under their influence at their MySpace.
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Thursday, March 08, 2007
Brava Danca premieres today (PT)

Brava Danca. A picture of Portugal during the 80's and today.

With the music, image and history of Herois do Mar (HDM), we are taken on a time portal into the political situation, music and tradition Portugal was submerged into 20 years ago.

By breaking some of the barriers existing by then, this quintet was often misjudged and misunderstood. This is shown on this documentary brought by Jorge Pereirinha Pires and Jose Francisco Pinheiro.
Interviews, old television and photography archives, press and videos.... all this was used by these two directors in order to come up with the history and influence of this remarkable band on the history of music in Portugal.

This documentary, which saw its premiere during last year's edition of the Lisbon Documentary Film Festiva, DocLisboa, stars Rui Pregal da Cunha, Paulo Pedro Goncalves, Carlos Maria Trindade, Antonio Jose Almeida and Pedro Aires Magalhaes, the five elements of HDM.

Listen to Paixao and So Gosto de Ti right here.

"...Embora nos nao parecessemos punk, nao tivessemos cabelo espetado e correntes, a nossa atitude como banda e a nossa intervencao como artistas, era completamente punk e situacionista. E foi isso que chocou mais as pessoas....."

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Monday, March 05, 2007
New Tracks by Dead Combo (PT)

Warm winds from the west prairies....

Dead Combo have just made two new tracks available. Correria Desenfreada and Um Pouco Mais Pequeno Que o Indiana where initially released as part of the online version for the daily newspaper Publico.

Their music adventure continues within the old ghost town bars and cabarets somewhere in wild west.....

This March, they have scheduled the following concerts:

16 @ Fabrica (Prazeres e Irmao), Castro Verde, PT
17 @ Maxime's, Lisbon, PT
23 @ Cinema Festival PlayDoc, Tuy, ES
24 @ Incrivel Club, Almada, PT

Meanwhile and thanks to SonicBids, you can find some more of their music right here.

Mr. Eastwood

Electrica Cadente

More tracks can be found here.

Support Dead Combo and buy their two albums right here, at these internet stores:

Comprar/Buy Vol.1 - iTunes Store

Comprar/Buy Vol.2 - iTunes Store

Comprar/Buy Vol.1 - CD Baby

Comprar/Buy Vol.2 - CD Baby

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Politicamente Incorrectos - A Mixtape by Gov Som (PT)

The brand new independent label Gov Som has just released its debut mixtape, Politicamente Incorrectos, the first of many to come.

With 16 blazing tracks where each word is a real weapon and no one is spared to a critical and analytical vision, this release, mixed and mastered by Kron and Dj Yur, gathers the likes of Governo Sombra (with a remix to Mais uma Bomba - the track they participated with at Music@PL.PT's online compilation - Thirty something new tunes out of PL.PT), Triangulo Dourado, Chupa Loops, Sound Killaz (JA), P-Lee, Deep Niggaz, Maze, Presto and Berna.

This release can be listened at their site and three promotional tracks can be downloaded as well right here.

01 - Governo Sombra - O Nosso Som
02 - Governo Sombra - A Chamada
03 - Chupa Loops - Nos Somos o Cabo
04 - Triangulo Dourado - Avancamos Ja (feat. Maze, Berna and Presto)
05 - Chupa Loops - Deep Niggaz (feat. AB & G-Smooth)
06 - Mais Uma Bomba (skit)
07 - Governo Sombra - Mais Uma Bomba (MindHeart Productions REMIX)
08 - P-Lee - Caos & Drama
09 - Governo Sombra - Na Rua
10 - Governo Sombra - Socio2006
11 - Governo Sombra - Whisky & Cola
12 - Live from JA (skit)
13 - Sound Killaz - Chop Dat
14 - Sound Killaz - Blessings
15 - Governo Sombra - Corrida de Chavalos
16 - Imune - O Renascer

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O Brilho das Imagens (PL/PT)

Back in time. O Brilho das Imagens.

Lisbon has been invaded by a total of 49 sculptures, paintings and other art pieces from the Warsaw National Museum.

This Museum has made part of its medieval art collection available at the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga in Lisbon.

With sculptures and paintings dating from the 12th century, and up to the 16th, this is a unique occasion to see some of the most fascinating art going back to those times. Divided into two sections, scultures and paintings, we are taken into this "golden" exhibition coming from the cities of Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk and Wroclaw.

Do not miss it.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007
Poland and Portugal get closer.... (PL/PT)

This time we're not talking about music. This time we're not talking about cinema. This time we're talking about holiday destinations.

This Summer, the Polish low-cost airline, Centralwings, will offer two new connections between Portugal and Poland. Krakow-Lisbon and Faro-Warsaw will become a reality, becoming the first direct flights between these cities.

The Krk-Lx connection will start in June and run until October, whereas to Faro, this connection will only be valid for the months of April/May.

Now, Music@PL.PT can get more often to its PT side.

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Enbe - Theory of jazz (PL)

Jazz beat manoeuvres

Theory of jazz is Enbe's third release. After the 2002's Jedna Milosc and 2004's Tone Mixtures, 2007 sees this Krakow-based artist dedicate an album mainly to jazz and hip-hop sounds.

Inspired by artists such as David Benoit, Billy Caldwell and Pat Metheny, (among others), going through these 12 tracks and 22 something minutes is like opening an old safe and discovering a pile of precious vinyl wonders and start playing them endlessly.

This Theory is impregnated with jazz samples and hip-hop beats, minimal funk inspirations, cabaret big bands tunes and orchestral driven rock guitar riffs. On an album mainly instrumental, True and Wonder About Myself make the difference by being the only two tracks to feature vocals. The other ten speak for themselves, with the beats setting up the pace.

As part of the duo Graffika, we shall see him (together with Luksus vel Dawid) release this year Evvia l'Arte, their second album.

Released on 16Wersow, this album can be downloaded for free, right here.

"In my opinion, each track out of this album has a story to tell, and thanks to its instrumental form, everybody can interpret it personally"

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