Sunday, March 18, 2007
The Allstar Project (PT)

Something To Do With Death.

Epic, with the sound evolving from smooth piano melodies to swirling, noisy, screaming guitar riffs.

Cinematic, with their music creating the perfect soundtrack for a drama movie..... The main actors are running away.... Ahead of them, their destiny awaits.... There's no escape! There's no place to hide.

Temperamental. They sound as if calm seas would run into a huge and violent storm. Gigantic waves clashing and roaring, showing the anger of Poseidon.

The Allstart Project dates back to early 2001. By that time, Nunez, Phil Mendrix, Fuentez, El Gar and Ramon got together and started out this trip into the world of noise, progressive and post-rock music.

Two years later, their first EP, Berlengas Connection. Their sound is revealed on this 4 track EP. We're talking about music that embraces moments of pure beauty with those of angst and anger. Mogwai, GYBE and Pink Floyd reveal themselves as their source of inspiration.

Last year, these lads revealed Something To Do With Death, another 4 track EP that continues the path taken by its predecessor.
Here the music talks about tragic moments, dragging itself, slowly, in pain.
Here the music talks about hope and enlightenment.

The spirals drawn by the guitars of Nunez, Ramon and Sawyer, the bass of Che Riff, the keyboards of Fuentez and the percussion of Velasquez will take you into this state of hypnosis, where your body will no longer respond to you but to the music coming out of your speakers.

Let The Allstar Project take control.

If you like them, buy Something to do with death. Download their debut EP, right here.

Listen to both their EPs on their site (just hit the cassette). A new track of theirs is available at their MySpace.

The Third Man

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