Monday, July 31, 2006
Classic Tunes : Blind Zero & Mind da Gap - No Future (PT)
10 years ago. Blind Zero and Mind Da Gap recorded No Future.

A new direction on the Portuguese Hip-Hop & Rock scene.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006
This week ......on the screen - Pogodno (PL)

This week "... on the screen", the new video by Pogodno, "Piosenka o smiesznym tytule".

This Polish band, which got together back in 1996 in Szczecin, released this year "Cale zycie z wariatami", their first live album.

Light and inteligent pop music, with some scents of rock and reggae....

Here is the track list for their latest release.

1. Czlowiek doskonaly
2. Zasilanie
3. Podgląduje Cie
4. Poganie
5. Keks
6. Usmiech sie
7. 3 chlopcow
8. Kot
9. Los
10. Ogladamy sie
11. Wieza
12. Wirtualne papu
13. Orkiestra
14. Pani w obuwniczym
15. Piosenka o smiesznym tytule
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Saturday, July 29, 2006
The sound of Scianka (PL)

Boje sie zasnac, boje sie wrocic do domu.......

This is the opening track to Pan Planeta, the latest record by the Polish trio Scianka.
Maciej Cieslak, guitar and vocals, Arkady Kowalczyk, drums, and Michal Biela, bass and vocal, deliver us a record where noise, experimental sonic trips, bizarre tunes, sweet melodies and drums out of control all get together in order come up with one of the most enthusiastic releases in Poland, this year.

Nevertheless, do not think this is one of those albums you'll fall in love at first time. This is an album that requires more attention. This is an album that you will learn to love. This is an album that you'll have to listen again, and again, and again. It was this way with me and most likely, the same will happen to you.

The first track, Boje sie zasnac, boje sie wrocic do domu, with an English version on their MySpace, starts quite slowly, with the guitars and drums evolving into a thunderstorm. Wielki Defekator continues this sonic legacy. Prepare yourself then for what's next.

We, at Music@PL.PT, recommend Pan Planeta quite strongly. You find it right here.

In order to discover more on Scianka, please visit their MySpace or their website. The tracks Boje sie zasnac, boje sie wrocic domu and Wielki Defekator can be downloaded here, for a limit period of time.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006
And now.... Time for vacations

As you might have noticed, there hasn't been any update to Music@PL.PT.

The reason? I'm on holidays. Later this week, as I return, some new posts on Scianka, the Off Festival, Novika, Erro! and many others.

Take care
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Friday, July 14, 2006
Robotobibok - Jazz experiments in Lisbon (PL)

On the 20th of July, Robotobibok are to play in Lisbon, at the Goethe Institute, as part of the Jazz Im Goethe Garten 2006 festival.

Robotobibok are Marcin Ciupidro, on vibraphone; Artur Majewski, on trumpet and electronic piano; Marcin Ozog, on acoustic and electronic bass; Kuba Suchar, on drums and MiniMoog.
On the contrary to many bands from Wroclaw, they are not an electronic music band. Though they combine electronic music elements in their sound, they explore the boundaries of jazz music, a genre quite popular in Poland.

I saw them in concert one month ago, and it is something I vividly recommend. Experimental and improvised jazz, strong drums, 70's analogue electronica and such elements as electric guitar, bass or vibraphone make their sound remarkable.

They have released so far 3 albums. Jogging (2000), Instytut Las (2003) and Nawyki Przyrody (2004), which was acclaimed as on of the best records in 2004.

Thanks to the band, we can share with you 2 tracks. Czlowiek, a new composition, and 100000 lat gwarancji, taken out of Nawyki Przyrody.

Enjoy their sound, live in Lisbon.
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Bailare ......... with Houdini Blues (PT)

Goncalo Frota, Hugo Frota, Joao Palma and Ricardo Goncalves are the Houdini Blues. After the albums True Life Is Elsewhere (2001) and Extravaganza (2003), they are back with F de Falso, one of the most interesting albums to come out of PT this year.

The record starts with Bailare, the perfect opening track for this F de Falso, starring Adolfo Luxuria Canibal on vocals. Further on, Icaro, Tudo (starring Mito Mendes), Duas Balas, Charles Manson (cover for a Mao Morta's track) and Putuaria, are there to make this musical adventure even more pleasant.

Pop music: Joyful, original, fresh and addictive; guitar sounds that flow smoothly, sometimes faster, out of control, sometimes in a spiral; a touch of electronic and world music here and there; intelligent writing; scents of cabaret music; Spanish traditional chorus, samples in French ...........

What else would you expect? This is The album to have, the one that can take the boundaries of Portuguese Pop music further. Get it right here.

For a limited period of time, you can listen to their first single, Bailare, right here.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
For all the Baile Funk lovers (BR)
For all the Baile Funk enthusiasts, following such bands as Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) or Bonde do Role, please let me introduce you to 4 interesting new projects.

Their sound can be defined as electro meets funk, 80's rock sampling, hip-hop with a punk attitude. Well............ basically, everything you can find at Baile Funk.

Discover the new sounds of ......

Tigrinha & Mc Maguila


Bonde das Impostora

and Tetine.

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Monday, July 10, 2006
Iowa Super Soccer (PL)

The other day, I was checking Getecho and found out about a new Polish band by the name of Iowa Super Soccer (ISS). Even though, at first you might think they have something to do with American football (or soccer), ISS are in a completely different world.

ISS are Monika Mendak, on vocals, Michal Skrzydlo, on acoustic guitar and vocals, Marcin Fluder, on guitar, Slawek Plotek, on percussion, and Blazej Nowicki on bass guitar.

Together, since 2004, they've put up a band that brought a sound that is not that common to Poland's musical scene. We're talking about pop music, ....... depressive, acoustic and slow; we're talking about alternative country,.... the pace, the acoustic guitar and the vocals that come out crawling; we're talking about ......... we're talking about ISS.

Monika Mendak takes us through an amazing musical voyage with her sweet vocals, since the very first track (Letter to Nowhere), to the very last (Morning), the guitar slides and whispers slowly from track to track, and we? ...... we keep dreaming.

Inspired by the sounds of Galaxie 500, Slowdive, Mojave 3 or The Smiths, they've released a 4 track EP which brings us one of the most interesting debuts to come out of Poland this year.

You can find 2 tracks out of ISS's debut right here. Another track can be found at their MySpace.

Wild World

To order their EP, just follow this link here. I've just received it and recommend it strongly.
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Monday, July 03, 2006
Going away ...... to the Open 'er Festival

Now that the good weather decided to join us, it's time to go out.

Now up to Sopot and Gdynia, to the Open 'er Festival.

Among many others, I hope seeing:

From the Polish side, Fisz & Emade, Miloopa, Myslovitz, Kanal Audytywny, Cool Kids Of Death, Maria Peszek, Masala Sound System and Pustki.

Then, Franz Ferdinand, The Streets, Sigur Ros, Ladytron, Scissor Sisters, Kanye West, Nightmares on Wax Sound System and ColdCut.

I'll continue these adventures once I come back.

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The new soundz of PT invade Paris

Paris is about to be taken over by the new soundz of PT.

Electro, punk, rock, retro, ........

Sonic Youth, Gang of Four, Kraftwerk, Jesus and Mary Chain ........

On the occasion of the Festival Dead Sexy & The City, to take place from the 19th to the 22nd of July, at La Fleche D'or, Paris, U-Clic and X-Wife are going to take their music to the land of Asterix and Obelix.

Do not loose this chance to see them live.

You can find some of their tracks on their MySpace. X-Wife & U-Clic

In order to open your apetite, we've placed their video, Rockin' Rio, from the debut album Feeding the Machine, "on the screen ......."

More sweeties right here.

X-Wife : Ping Pong

U-Clic : Rock ' n' Roll
U-Clic : Pixelized Scenario
U-Clic : Like
U-Clic : Unfashionautic Superstar
U-Clic : Euro 2004

X-Wife's second album can already be found here.

U-Clic will release their debut album still this year.
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Sunday, July 02, 2006
Re-Searcher - illustration made in PT

by Susana Monteiro

by Sofia Goncalves

by Pedro Anjos

by Vera Novais

by Maria Joao Arnaud

by Joao Cabaco

by Mario Belem

by Luis Santos represents and promotes some of Portugal's best illustrators. Some of these works can be found and bought at their website.
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Jazz Music according to Jacaszek & Milka (PL)

Today, thanks to Getecho, I discovered Jacaszek, another fine artist to come out of Poland.

Delicate pop melodies, jazzy athmospheres, dreamy and catchy vocals, subtle electronic ambients.

Music to listen while relaxing on the sofa

Music to listen while having a drink

Music to ...... enjoy.

Jacaszek released Sequel last year, on Gusstaff Records. With tracks that will catch you attention faster than its predecessor Lo-Fi Stories, this is an album that, hopefully, will makes its way throughout Europe, thankfully to its distribution in Europe and Scandinavia via Dotshop and House.

Jacaszek, is Michal Jacaszek. He started his music adventure from ilustrating a poetry. Later on, in 2001, together with Milka Malzahn, he released Mapa, a "trip hop singing poetry" adventure, as he describes it himself.

In 2004, we saw the release of Lo-Fi Stories, and a year later, Sequel, both starring Milka.

Discover the new soundz of Poland right here.

From Sequel:


From Lo-Fi Stories:

Lo-fi surfing
Szum i szelest

The album can be bought here.

Listen if you like: Stealpot, Pati Yang, Maria Peszek, Muzykoterapia.
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Now we can all dream ......... (PT)

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Saturday, July 01, 2006
This evening, prepare yourself for...... (PT)

The Legendary Tiger Man presents his latest album, Masquerade, live, this evening at Club Mercado, Lisbon, Portugal.

Do not lose this chance. Blues and Rock 'n' Roll were never again the same since The Legendary Tiger Man stepped into the scene.

Starting at 22h,.......

Let us scream for the lord;

Let us dance to the blues;

Let yourself go wild....... @ Club Mercado

As an appetizer, listen to the track Honey, You're too much and have a look at the video bellow.

The Legendary Tiger Man (PT) - Honey, You're Too Much

Check some more tracks at his MySpace.

Get his latest album right here.

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