Sunday, January 08, 2006
U-Clic (PT)

The year 2005 was a poor one for Portuguese music. Nevertheless there were some good records coming out. David Fonseca, Rocky Marciano, Old Jerusalem, Bernardo Sasseti and Sagas were some of those that helped saving what could have been a disastrous year.
2006 seems to be a bit different. X-Wife, Cindy Kat, Gomo, The Legendary Tiger Man and U-Clic promise to gives us a rockin' year, just like 2004.

This year U-Clic are to release their first record. Storming the country from Tomar, Filipe Confraria, on vocals and moog, Luís Salgado , vocals, guitar and vocoder and Gonçalo Figueiredo , VJing and back vocals, have been working on what shall be their debut cd, Console Pupils.

Their sound which takes from the likes of Kraftwerk, New Order or Adult, wonders around electro, punk and rock music.

Known for having memorable live performances, they've got a very strong visual component live. The future is all bits, 01 11000........

You can listen, meanwhile, to the 3 songs coming out of their first EP, already sold out.

"Ici in Disneyland", "Europa 2004" and "Robot'n'Roll", only available on their site, on the download section.

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