Thursday, April 17, 2008
If Lucy Fell and the Zebra Dance (PT)
If Lucy Fell go back to the year 2004. According to the band it all started when ".....due to their ballet teachers’ lack of professionalism, Helio,.., Makoto, Pedro and Rui ... decide to hang up their ballet shoes and buy musical instruments....."

Today, the choice reveals itself as the most appropriate. 5 young lads rampaging from sunny Lisbon!!! or if you prefer..... no mercy and no damn sweet talks! Just pure beautiful noise rock led by Helio Morais (out of Linda Martini), on drums; Makoto Yagyu (out of Riding Panico), on vocals; Pedro "Gaza" Cobrado, on bass; Rui Carvalho, on guitar; and most recently Joao "Shela" Pereira (out of Riding Panico), on keyboards.

After releasing their first demo back in 2005, this quintet soon had their debut on the way. You Make Me Nervous took If Lucy Fell to several venues across Europe and their music was presented to a much wider audience.

This year, we welcome Zebra Dance; a 10 track record where noise, hardcore, punk, indie and rock all flow on the same pot. For some, an album not that easy to listen to; for others one of the best releases this year.
Explosive, brutal, right on your face!!!!! Makoto Yagyu sings and screams, with an energy that will contaminate many, and for sure leave no one indifferent!!! Helio and the other three, plus special guests Joaquim Albergaria (from The Vicious Five), on La Decadence, and To Trips and Pedro Goncalves (Dead Combo), on She Lives/She Dies, do the rest.

Is it a thunderstorm? A devastating whirlwind? or is it the end? No, ... but it isn't Superman as well..... It's Zebra Dance, If Lucy Fell latest creation, an authentic burst of energy and sound!!!!

If Lucy Fell? .....What if she really fell?
She'd quickly get back on her feet and continue dancing to Zebra Dance.

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