Sunday, March 16, 2008
FlyKKiLLer's Experiments in Violent Light (PL/UK)
3 years after her second release, Silent Treatment, London-based Polish artist Pati Yang is back together with husband and musician Stephen Hilton on their brand new project FlyKKiLLer. The debut album gives by the name of Experiments in Violent Light and sees Pati returning in great shape to sign a highly contagious record, a fresh breeze among today's music panorama.

Supposedly "...recorded by an extra terrestrial called V who created this set (whilst in captivity in the FlyKKllr Institute in Poland) as a vessel in which to pass on her peaceful communications to us earthlings...", Experiments... is a truly melting pot where fierce guitar riffs are bathed with sexy, soul and warm vocals; big fat bass beats meet with schizophrenic and distorted sharp sound textures; psychedelic synths battle with clashing percussion drunk tracks; mutated sci-fi soundtracks crash against thriller sound bites; dark, gothic, experimental and sensual backgrounds are laid on pop, hip-hop and electro inspired tracks.

Produced by Stephen Hilton and Pati Yang themselves this 12 track debut also sees the contribution of David Holmes on the mind blowing remix for the self-titled track FlyKKiLLer.
Our favourite are Fear, Peroxide, Shine Out and the original version for FlyKKiLLer. Be sure of it, once you get to listen to them, there'll a lot of crazy and mysterious things going on.

Experiments in Violent Light was released last year in the UK and this 2008 in Poland. For the Music@PL.PT troops, this is one of the most interesting debuts this 2008 and a project to keep under the radar on the nearest future.

Right next, the promo video for the electric and highly addictive Shine Out, Shine Out.

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