Tuesday, August 29, 2006
The cat and the moon (PT)
In 1995, a little black cat fell in love, but his loved one kept running away from him.

Estoria do gato e da lua, by Pedro Serrazina.

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Glamour, Shades and Rock! This is Slimmy (PT)

Slimmy is here!!!!! Turn on the volume. Put the mirror ball in place. The time has come.........

Pop.... melodic, delicate, dreamy, intimate, sexy, glamourous ........

Rock.... played fast, quite fast...., loud, damn loud.... guitars squeezed, screaming in pain...... electro melodies back to the 80's, beatbox tunes that set up the pace...... addictive, pure ly addictive......

Beware!!!! Beatsound Loverboy is set free on September 06. The countdown has just started!!!!!

Download some of music right here.

Beatsound Loverboy
Blood Shot Star
Blood Shot Star (Remix)
Far From You
Self Control (from MySpace)

At his MySpace you can still find some more tracks of his.

Catch him live at Oporto city @

Ribeirinha, on the 24th of September
Maus Habitos, on the 29th of September.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Old time Radio (PL)

Old Time Radio (OTR) got together back in 2001. Tomasz Garstkowiak, on vocals and guitars; Magda Szkudlarek, on vocals and synths; and Piotr Salewski, on bass guitar, play sweet & lo-fi indie pop music, with some electronic bits, melodic and dreamy vocals, and guitars that whistle smoothly to your ears.

Their first album was released back in 2004. At the time, the album was well received by the media and fans.
They just finished the material for their second record, to be released still this year.
This record shall have several guests such as Tomasz Zietek, Tomasz Bien and Adrian Jakuc-Lukaszewicz.

She haunts me, The City ghosts and Christmas with you can be found at their MySpace. We recommend strongly the track She haunts me.

You can, as well, download the following tracks right here.

From Old Time Radio

Turn The Radio On
Your Voice


I Don't know why I love you
No Christmas today
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Rotofobia - post punk rock made in Warszawa (PL)

Sebastian Barc, on vocals and guitar; Michal Witkowski, on drums and Szymon , on guitar and bass. This is Rotofobia.

Sometimes these things happen. I was looking in the internet for some information, when I ran into these guys. Lucky me, the track Jeden dzien started right away.

Somewhere in the new post punk rock scene, followers of a sound close to Death From Above 1979, Gang of Four, or the most recent Interpol or She Wants Revenge, their music grabs us suddenly to never let us go again.

Distorced guitars driven to the limit, noisy, dirty and loud...... The bass, drums and vocals (how incredible they can sound in Polish) all together make their songs sound so new, so unique, so appealing. Rotofobia are definetively a band to follow closely.

Download right here, the tracks ....

Jeden dzien
Discopunk (fragment)

At their MySpace, you can download the tracks
Pistolet and Rotorvator
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News Bulletin ed.2 (PL)

The brothers Marcin and Rafal Piekoszewski and Zbyszek Jasinski, Plum, are to release, still this September the 5 track EP Sink or Swim.

From the sample 0 pm, this noise indie band continues playing quite powerfully. Their sound continues guitar driven.
Guitars, fast, dirty and noisy, down to the point; a bass that keeps the beat and a powerfull drum set. With no vocals at all, this track is an enormous musical orgy.

Download the first single 0 pm right here.
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3Moonboys and the Salvation (PL)

Back in 2004, the self-titled debut album, 3Moonboys, came out. This year, time for Only Music Can Save Us.

Coming from such bands as Charlie Sleeps and Piata Strona Swiata, this quartet (and not trio) from Bydgoszcz, invite us to visit their world. Garage rock, noisy and distorced; avant pop, psychedelic and atmospheric, served all together with some tiny little gadgets, in a menu only in English.

This is the sound of Wojtek Kotwicki, Piotr Michalski, Marcin Karnowski and Radek Maciejewski. This is the sound of the latest 3Moonboys.

Catch them live at

08.09 Bydgoszcz Radio Pik
07.10 Ostrzeszow

Listen to some of their tracks right here. Check, as well, the video for Broken toy "...... at the screen"

From Only Music Can Save Us

Spit it out
Broken toy

From 3Moonboys

Evaded me...
3moonboys from the bright side
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A Classic Moment - Bolek i Lolek (PL)
Dedicated to all those that grew up with these cartoons.

Created by Wladyslaw Nehrebecki and Leszek Mech during the 60's, Bolek i Lolek soon became a cult series, with cinema screenings and constantly being played on tv.

For you, Bolek i Lolek and the mysterious plan

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Saturday, August 26, 2006
Off-Festival 06 (PL)
A bit late, but still I'd like to drop some notes on this festival's first edition. Located in Myslowice, and organized by Artur Rojek, during 3 days, we were given the chance to see some of the best Polish music and some other international projects.

Unfortunately, I only made it to the second day, but still managed to see Lachowicz, Pustki, Mitch&Mitch, T.Love, a bit of John Porter i Nieprzyzwoity Zespol and Lech Janerka.

First concert I saw that Saturday. Lachowicz is a very active artist. He's been participating with such bands as Scianka, Smolik, Lenny Valentino or working at some sountracks, as for the film Wesele.

His concert follows several paths. One moment we are listening to electric guitar storms, wild vocals, remembering us some of Mike Patton's projects, or even some grunge like tunes, and suddenly, everyhting's so calm. This energy has been replaced by some mellow ambients, dreamy, spacy music. You've moved from the battle field, into dream land.

After this concert, I decided to investigate further this artist, because there's plenty of potencial in here.


They say, they play Country&Eatern.... but that's not all.

Mitch, Mitch, Serious Mitch, James Boned Mitch and Mrs Mitch take us to a world where pop music is going nuts, where seriousness is silly, where each concert shall be taken as if it would their last.

They do country, they do pop, they do rock, they do versions, lovely pop versions.

This was the best concert I saw that day.

They're on tour now, so do not miss them.

02.09 Koszalin /Rock Festival
09.09 Warszawa / Summer Of Music Festival
10.10 Poznań / Eskulap
03.11 Praha (Cz) / Festival

Do Mi No, Pustki's last record increased definetively the number of followers. I'm one of those.

Their songs work quite well in concert. Tracks like Balagan, Tchu mi brak, Slabosc chwilowa or Proba Sil work perfectly and manage to put everyone dancing and singing.

Their energy and happiness on stage makes the concert even more pleasant. Afther this, I'm looking to see them live, but in a smaller venue.


Muniek Staszczyk and company are part of the Polish rock foundation. This band, playing already for 24 years, still manage to suprise us with their attitude, energy, and freshness.

During the concert, Muniek was constantly addressing himself to the public, playing new and older tunes. Punk, pop, reggae (here with Sidney Polak taking control on the vocals), rock, ......., everything is served together in heavily recommended doses.

The concert started with their latest record, but soon took off to their older material. It was the chance for several to return to their youth, sing a long and dance to the music.

You can check some more photos right here, or at onet.
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Robot 'n' Roll by u-clic (PT)
u-clic just released Robot 'n' Roll, the first single from their debut album, Console Pupils, to be released on the 18th of September.

For now, we present you the video for Robot 'n' Roll.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006
News Bulletin ed.1 (PT)

Hit da Breakz just posted some previews for the excellent debut album by Double d Force.

Check them right here.

1. Enforce the funk (complete track)
2. Let yourself go
3. Feel it
4. Electric Thoughts (reenforced version)
5. It's like a jungle sometimes
6. Double D Rock
7. Come back
8. Tetris
9. B-boy love
10. Boogie till you die
11. Eargazm

The album, in mp3s, can be found at any of these stores - Juno.co.uk, Trackitdown or Beatport.


The Houdini Blues just joined MySpace

3 tracks to listen and download.


A band to discover immediately. An album to listen over and over and over.......

The album can be bought here.
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Festival Noites Ritual (PT)

Lets all celebrate.....

On its 15th edition, the Festival Noites Ritual, at Oporto, will present some of the most interesting Portuguese bands of the moment.

On the 25th and 26th of August, do not loose .....

25th of August

Stage 1

Sativa (reggae, ska)

sUBMARINe (electronic pop)

Mind da Gap (hip-hop)

Ritual Stage (Divergencias Evening)

Contrabando (rock)

Cartell 70 (reggae, drum'n' bass)

Houdini Blues (pop, rock)

26th of August

Stage 1

Quinteto Tati (pop, jazz)

Pop Dell’ Arte (pop)

Blasted Mechanism (electro, rock)

Stage Ritual

Mc Ace

Mc Porte

Mc Maze

Gatos do Beko

The tickets can be bought at the festival, for 12 Euros, 2 days.
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The swings of Electric Willow (PT)

Recently, thanks to HoneySound, I discovered a trio by the name of Electric Willow.

Claudio Mateus, on vocals and guitar; Pedro Geraldo, on drums; and Adilio Sousa, on bass; just released a 2 track EP, the welcome card for their debut album, Mood Swing, to be released this September.

Song of love, songs of solitude;

Songs to sing along, songs to jump around .....

Claudio Mateus, previously on Caffeine, wrote the 10 tracks to be found at this album. 10 tracks that talk pop, with a flavour of Lou Reed, Cousteau or Raindogs.

Welcome to the swing..... the moody swing of Electric Willow.

Listen to the track Ready, right here.

Ready (mov. file)
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Classic Tunes: Maanam (PL) - Sie sciemnia
Today, we present you a classic tune by the Polish band Maanam.

Back in 1975, Kora (Olga Jackowska), Marek Jackowski, Milo Kurtis and John Porter started what would turn out to be one of the most important bands for Poland's modern music.

Punk, rock, new wave and pop.... 30 years ago, this was the beginning of a musical revolution.

Today, Maanam are Kora, on vocals; Marek Jackowski and Janusz Yanina Iwanski, on the guitar; Bogdan Wawrzynowicz, on bass; Cezary Kazmierczak, on keyboards; and Jose Manuel Alban Juarez, on drums.

Sie sciemnia was the very first Polish track to play on MTV.

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Monday, August 21, 2006
Ali Baaba and the 40 Jazz thieves (PL)

This is neither a fairy tale nor the 1001 Arabian nights. Bartek Weber and the rest of the gang released this year "Poope Musique", the latest record by Baaba.

Amusement park synths, chinese ding 'a' longs, minimal beats with an happy smile, Michael Nyman gone disco ........ all this is to be found at Baaba's Poope Musique.

As the tracks move forth, we depart in a musical journey. Experimental jazz served in a cocktail glass, colourful and with electronic sunny beats saying Hello!! Then, we move smoothly into another direction. We're still talking jazz, but now, it's been stripped to the bone and set free......

This is the magical world of Baaba. This is the world of Bartek Weber, Tomek Duda, Wojtek Mazolewski and Maciek Morus. Please say the word and step inside.....

This edition comes together with a dvd where one can find 2 concerts "Live From Alchemia" and "Live From Astigmatic", plus the videoclips for "12" and "Szczepan".

Find right here the video for "12" and as well, the following tracks
Kulavva Madchen by DEUCE
Manekin Rmx by POXE
Biegnij Kuba, biegnij

"12" (video)

More info on Baaba and the album to be found at Lado abc Records

You can catch them live @

19.09.2006 - Szczecin @ TBA
27.09.2006 - Bytom @ Kronika
28.09.2006 - Krakow @ Alchemia
29.09.2006 - Sanok @ Pani K.


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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Muzykoterapia "..... On the Screen" .... and Live @ Off Festival

Muzykoterapia just released their first single "Winobranie" and its respective video. You can check this latest, right here at Music@PL.PT.

Meanwhile, you can catch them live today, at the Off-Festival at Myslowice.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Lets all celebrate the new sounds of Poland (PL)

This year, in Myslowice, a new music festival kicks in, the Off Festival. Thought by Artur Rojek, from the band Myslovitz, this festival will celebrate and promotePolish music.

Starting on the 18th of August, until the 20th, there will be the chance to see some of the newest and most promising Polish acts.

With a total of 30 bands, there will be the chance as well to see some foreign bands such as the Sofa Surfers, or I AM X.

Music@PL.PT strongly recommends the following concerts:

Skalpel, Pustki, Iowa Super Soccer, Maria Peszek, Delons, Muzykoterapia, Lenny Valentino (the band decided to get together specially for this concert), Oszibarack, Kanał Audytywny, Robotobibok, The Car Is On Fire, Mitch & Mitch, Silver Rocket, T.Love, John Porter i Nieprzyzwoity Zespół and Hurt.

The tickets are quite cheap, so another reason not to miss it. A 2 day ticket costs 20 PLN or 5 EUR. The tickets for the third day are sold separately but these are sold as well with a friendly price, 15 PLN (around 4 EUR).

Worth saying, that the profit from ticket sales will be used for the charity purposes.

The 3 days program can be found here.

Have fun .....
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Monday, August 14, 2006
Festival Paredes de Coura (PT)

The most alternative and one of the best festivals in Portugal, Festival Paredes de Coura, just started yesterday.

Among many international bands, you can find the following Portuguese acts:

Stage Heineken Paredes de Coura
17th August

Stage After Hours
14th August

15th August

Stage Ruby
15th August
Zé Eduardo Unit

17th August
Insert Coin

And now, the rest of the acts:

15th August

Broken Social Scene
White Rose Movement

16th August

We Are Scientists
Bloc Party
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Gango of Four
Eagles of Death Metal
The Vicious Five

17th August

The Cramps
!!! (chk chk chk)
Shout Out Louds
Cat People

Have fun.......
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Wilhelm Sasnal (PL)
Lady Smoking (Anka)


Lady Smoking (Dominika)


Lady Smoking (Peaches)

After a visit to the Tate Modern, we present you...... Wilhelm Sasnal.

Discover more on the following links:

The Artists.org


The Saatchi Gallery
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Sunday, August 13, 2006
The Magician's Pop (PL)

Piotr Krakowski and Iza Tomczyk released this year Marzyciele, perhaps, one of the most Pop albums to come out of Poland.

Their music breathes pop, with a smooth jazz breeze, scents of electronica, cabaret music, but mostly, pop. Delicate and sweetly, Iza's voice flows amongst Piotr's beats, trompet, piano and guitar.

This is a record that does not aim to become the next big thing. Neither are we in the UK, nor their songs will become the start of a music revolution. Basically, we are talking.... pop.

The album comes with 13 tracks, on which we can find 3 versions: Smalltown Boy, from Bronski Beat, Sweet Harmony, from The Beloved, and Chodz, Pomaluj moj swiat, from 2+1.

We strongly recommend the tracks Przestan, Zle Tango and Wianek.

This last one, Wianek, can be found right here. In order to buy the record, just follow this link.
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Thursday, August 10, 2006
Sounds of the world by Village Kollektiv (PL)

2006 saw the release of Motion Rootz Experimental, the debut album by Village Kollektiv (VK), the collective that gathers musicians from Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa (a.k.a. Warsaw Village Band), Masala, Yerba Mater, Swoja Droga and Stara Lipa.

Formed back in the year of 2002 thanks to Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa and Rafal Kolacinski, this 7 elements collective plays music that travels across the sounds of the Bulgarian Shopluk region, the throat singing from Tuva and the yoik of the Sami people. All this, together with dub, drum 'n' bass and more electronic beats. In total, 10 tracks that will easily put your feet moving to the beat and the world music of the VK.

You can listen to 2 of their tracks, plus a promo mix right here.

Wysoki Ganecek
Pulsy (demo)

Their album can be found right here.
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Monday, August 07, 2006
Nobody's Bizness' blues (PT)

The sounds of Mississipi are back.

Acoustic blues, dressed out of any new gadgets, right down to the roots, as if we had travelled in time, many, many years ago.

Nobody's Bizness are Petra, on vocals; Luis Ferreira, on the guitar; Catman, on vocals, harmonica and piano; Pedro Ferreira, on guitars and backing vocals; Luis Oliveira, on bass and backing vocals; and Isaac Achega, on drums and percussion. Together, they lead us throughout the music of Robert Johnson, Ida Cox, Bessie Smith, Willie Dixon or Muddy Waters, among many others.

As they describe themselves ".... Each show is like a History lesson, an attempt to keep the traditions of the Mississipi Delta alive and to remind people about the early sounds that made the blues what it is today...."

Discover the old American blues, broadcasting right from Lisbon.

Find their most recent album, Ao Vivo Na Capela da Misericórdia - Sines 2005, free to download at You Are Not Stealing Records.

Take a look at Ain't Nobody's Bizness, right here, at Music@PL.PT
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Saturday, August 05, 2006
From Buraka to the World (PT)

Buraka Som Sistema are back, and now with a limited edition EP. From Buraka to the World is to be found at the Fnac stores, in Portugal, as a limited EP edition, with only 500 units available.

With 8 explosive tracks, this is their first edition, following the 7'' released some weeks ago.

You can order the EP here. Listen to it, meanwhile, at their MySpace.

Listen to the new sound of Portugal meets Angola.....

Listen to the kuduro and kizomba revolution........

Listen to the techno and breakbeat soundz of...........

Lil' John, Conductor, Riot, Kalaf and Petty
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Is this year 2006 or 2008's (PT)

Today, while reading a post on Sound--Vision regarding Festival Sudoeste, I've rediscovered the portuguese band 2008.

Winners of the 2006 TMN Garage Sessions, they were one of the revelation bands from this year'sFestival Sudoeste. With all their songs sung in Portuguese, with their music somewhere between rock and pop, and delivered with some doses of madness and spontaneity, Andre, Nicolau and Pedro, are one of 2006's most promising bands.

You can check their sound by downloading freely their following tracks:

Acordes com Arroz
Fim de Linha

We strongly recommend the tracks Caratequide and Acordes com Arroz.

Find their lyrics here.
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Friday, August 04, 2006
He's on the run with Projecto Fuga (PT)

The other day, I received a message that a certain Projecto Fuga would like to be added to my friend list @ MySpace. It was the very first time I heard something about this project.

But who or what is Projecto Fuga? Projecto Fuga is the musical journey, conducted by Pedro Pereira and several other honorable guests and friends.

Viviena Toupikova, on violin & vox; Celina Piedade, on accordeon & vox; Susana Amaro, on cello; Miguel Santos, on drums & guitars; David Arroz, on vox & lyrics; NBC, on vox & lyrics; Enjel, on vox & lyrics; Carlos Galissa, on vox, lyrics & kora; J.P. Simoes, on vox & lyrics and Pedro Pereira himself are responsible for a project where music wanders around pop à la Air (Soul), or more chill-out, bluesy, soulful relaxed beats with some heavy bass tunes (Dakun Baby).

Hope you discover them as well, and find them as exciting as I did.

Projecto Fuga is to release a record later this year. Until then, you can listen to 3 of their tracks at their MySpace.

Dakun Baby ft Enjel
Soul NBC
Dakun Baby mellotron
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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Festival Sudoeste 2006 - The 10th anniversary (PT)

This year Festival Sudoeste has its 10th edition.

From today, the 3rd of August, to the 6th of August, among many international artists, you can find such Portuguese acts as:

3rd of August

Palco TMN

Souls Of Fire
Gaiteiros de Lisboa

4th of August

Palco TMN
David Fonseca

Palco Planeta Sudoeste
DJ Nuno Reis
Linda Martini

Palco Positive Vibes
One Sun Tribe

5th of August

Palco TMN
Boss AC

Palco Planeta Sudoeste

Buraka Som Sistema
Houdini Blues
Rock Group Tiger
If Lucy Fell

Palco Positive Vibes

Sir Giant
Quaiss Kitir

6th of August

Palco TMN
Xutos & Pontapés

Palco Planeta Sudoeste

Rui Vargas
The Legendary Tiger Man
Factos Reais

Palco Positive Vibes

Prince Wadada

4 days ticket available for 70 EUR. 1 day ticket available for 40 EUR.
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Rock na Praia 06 (PT)

Bed Noise, from Matosinhos, Dado, from Coimbra, Lua Cadillac, from Lisbon, Sr Acaso and The Mad Dogs, from Oporto were the chosen bands for Rock na Praia 06, the new portuguese music festival.

Nuno Casais and Reckless are the guest bands for this festival.

Do not loose the chance to get to know some of Portugal's newest acts.

The festival will take place on the 12th of August, at Praia de Apulia, Esposende.
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