Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Lets all celebrate the new sounds of Poland (PL)

This year, in Myslowice, a new music festival kicks in, the Off Festival. Thought by Artur Rojek, from the band Myslovitz, this festival will celebrate and promotePolish music.

Starting on the 18th of August, until the 20th, there will be the chance to see some of the newest and most promising Polish acts.

With a total of 30 bands, there will be the chance as well to see some foreign bands such as the Sofa Surfers, or I AM X.

Music@PL.PT strongly recommends the following concerts:

Skalpel, Pustki, Iowa Super Soccer, Maria Peszek, Delons, Muzykoterapia, Lenny Valentino (the band decided to get together specially for this concert), Oszibarack, Kanał Audytywny, Robotobibok, The Car Is On Fire, Mitch & Mitch, Silver Rocket, T.Love, John Porter i Nieprzyzwoity Zespół and Hurt.

The tickets are quite cheap, so another reason not to miss it. A 2 day ticket costs 20 PLN or 5 EUR. The tickets for the third day are sold separately but these are sold as well with a friendly price, 15 PLN (around 4 EUR).

Worth saying, that the profit from ticket sales will be used for the charity purposes.

The 3 days program can be found here.

Have fun .....
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