Friday, June 30, 2006
Moments ................ (PL)

........ by Lucyna Bakowska.

More on her work at Art & Design, Webesteem magazine.
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Moments ............ (PL)

...... by Tom Lacki

More information on Tom Lacki at Art&Design, Webesteem magazine.
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Maria Peszek does not have time (PL)

Maria Peszek is back with the new single "Nie mam czasu na seks", taken out of her magnificent debut album "Miasto Mania".

The video for this track can be seen here at "on the screen ...".

From one of the best 2005 Polish records, here goes "Nie mam czasu na seks", a quiet, delicate and slow pop moment.

For more on Maria Peszek, check an early article on Music@PL.PT, right here.

If you want to listen to her first single, Moje Miasto, then just follow this link.

In case you're interested, the album can be bought right here.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
David Fonseca live and on video (PT)
For some, he's an icon on the Portuguese pop scene. For others, he's someone they love to hate.

On Music@PL.PT we have David Fonseca as one of the best pop artists in Portugal, alongside with The Weatherman and Gomo.

Founder of Silence 4, one of the most sucessful pop bands in Portugal, with 2 records released on the market, he soon followed his own path, solo.

Sing Me Something New, his first solo album, came out on the year of 2003. Someone That Cannot Love and The 80’s were some of the best tracks to come out of this album.

Our Heart Will Beat As One, released last year, was his second album. Here we saw him breaking the chains with his previous works, coming up with some of the best pop songs to be released in Portugal. Fluent voices, beautiful choirs, delicate pop melodies are a trademark from Our Heart Will Beat As One. Songs like Who Are U?, Our Hearts Will Beat As One and Hold Still are some of the tracks we recommend from his second album.

On the 29th of June he'll be playing live at Casino Estoril, on Du'Arte Garden. The concert is for free, so do not loose this chance in case you're close by.

To know more about David Fonseca, please check his MySpace or his website. On both of them you can find several tracks on the listening post.

We leave you here now with the video for Hold Still.

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Monday, June 26, 2006
Buraka Som Sistema - 7'' EP & more (ANG/PT)

Just read today on Enchufada that the collective Buraka Som Sistema released a 2 track 7'' EP from their upcoming EP.

"Yah! feat. Petty" and "Sem makas" are here to conquer all the dance floors.

Do not resist.

Give in to the sound of Progressive Kuduro!!!

Give in to the beat!!!!

Nao Vacila!!!!!

"Yah!...." is to be found on their MySpace.

Check them out live on the 8th of July, at Hype@Tejo 2006, Lisbon, and then on the 21st of July, at the Festival Musicas do Mundo, Sines.

Read more on Buraka Som Sistema right here.

Thanks to The Jazz Picante RadioShow, Music@PL.PT is able to share with you part of one of their sets.

Part I
Part II
Part III
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Sunday, June 25, 2006
Czerwiec '56 (PL)

Czerwiec 1956. June 1956, Poznan, Poland.

50 years ago, it all began here. An important move against communism. An important step towards freedom and democracy. An important example for other cities and neighbour countries.

Several perished but hope was reborn. Since then, it was never the same........

On the occasion of it's 50th anniversary, Owal and Mezo recorded this track.

Music@PL.PT plays its hommage to the heroes of Czerwiec '56.

The video, Czerwiec '56 "..... on the screen....."
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Friday, June 23, 2006
Still.......... The Poppers (PT)
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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Dapunksportif - I can't move (but my head runs like a horse) (PT)
Dapunksportif are about to release their debut album, Ready!Set!Go!.

Expect fast guitars!
Expect pure rock!
Expect loops on the verge!
Expect melodic and crashing vocals
Expect...... !???

This July, expect no more than Ready!Set!Go!

Check the magnificent video for I can't move (but my head runs like a horse) right bellow.

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The Poppers live @ Lounge (PT)

The Poppers are to play live in Lisbon, on the 30th of June, and next on Oporto, on the 1st of July.

Pedro Candeias, Luis Raimundo, Nuno Santos and Nuno Jesus took the 60's back to life. The Kinks, The Beatles, The Who, among many others are all gathered in this huge party.

Boys Keep Swinging, their first record, is a perfect album for the season coming ahead of us. Forget you have to go to work, forget your exams, forget your duties. Get yourself behind the steering wheel, push the pedal, volume at maximum and enjoy.......

You can download these 2 tracks, Days of Summer and 45, courtesy of Rastilho Records, and check some more of their music at their MySpace.

The record can be purchased right here, at Rastilho Records.

Catch them live on these following dates:

23rd of June, Ritmus Bar @ Corroios
30th of June, Bar Lounge @ Lisbon
1st of July, Porto-Rio, @ Oporto

For the rest of the tour dates, click here.
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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
A moment with ....... Dead Combo (PT)
Mujitos Summer (Live) - Let the western fado blues blow you away.

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Suing the Hand that Feeds You - A general view over music nowadays
Just read recently, on Future of Music Book, an article on music sharing.

I agree partially with it, as for me, sharing music (some tracks and not complete albums) is a good oportunity to promote bands and artists; to take their music where normally a label can't get.

Here is part of the article.

"Terry McBride, CEO of Vancouver-based record label and management company Nettwerk Music Group, offered to pay the legal bills of David Greubel, a Texas father of four who the RIAA has targeted with a suit for illegal file sharing. McBride contends that the RIAA's suits against music fans are "killing our future." Here, he explains why.

The passionate message of music is in the magic of the song. The more it is consumed, the more it nourishes. Music is ubiquitous; it is a utility like water. It is not a pair of pants, and as such, we need to stop treating music like a product that needs to be controlled.........."

Continue reading it right here.
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The beat according to Quantifier (PL)

Once again, Wroclaw presents us with an interesting proposal. Once again, electronic music.

Quantifier is a music producer coming from Wroclaw. Recently he released Trippy Eve, on BeatPick, an EP that mirrors his ability to combine jazzy tunes, atmospherical synths, angelic chorus, broken beats, downtempo and soundtrack moods.

With influences such as Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, Bjork, Sigur Ros or Komeda among others, it is not difficult to understand this Trippy Eve.

We recommend the tracks Viriato and Meeting at the Solar System. Taste the flavour of jazz in an electronic music afternoon.

For a limited period of time, you can download the 2 tracks above. Afterwards, his work will still be available at his MySpace and on BeatPick. Still on his MySpace, you can listen to some other tracks such as the jazzy Green Straw.

The album can be found and purchased right here.
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"on the screen....." - Fisz & Emade (PL) - Nie bo nie

One of the most innovative and interesting hip-hop MC/DJ duos is back.

The brothers Fisz (MC) and Emade (DJ), alongside Kanal Audytywny and O.S.T.R., are here to show us that Polish Hip-Hop is more than a mere copy than the one coming from the US.

Jazz, break beat, funk and scratch easily become Fisz & Emade's weapons.
Last year they had one of the most interesting records released in the land of Walesa. This year though, they've got some strong candidates to argue with on the best Polish release.

Neverthelesss, Nie bo nie shows us that Fisz and Emade are still here to give us more and good music. You can download the video right here.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
A classic: Ornatos Violeta - Capitao Romance (PT)
Ornatos Violeta are no longer.... but their music is still among us.

Check right here the video for "Capitao Romance" with special guest Gordon Gano.

More on Ornatos at their MySpace

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The Polish Americana by Gasoline (PL)

Gasoline are one of those oasis in the middle of Polish music. Their music speaks americana, blues, country, rock 'n' roll and pop. Calexico, Bob Dylan, Gordon Gano are among those that would understand it.

Since 2002 they've been enchating this part of Europe, having already supported acts such as Mark Olson, from the Jayhawks.

They are Greg Nieuwsma, on guitar and vocals; Mark Aldridge, on drum and percussion; Mark Hall, on bass and vocals and Maciek Czernecki, on guitar and vocals.

They'll be playing live in Krakow on the 22nd of June, in Krakow, at Klub Imbir, from 20h.

Discover them on their MySpace. We recommend 100 miles and El beanero.

Do not loose this chance.
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Monday, June 19, 2006
This week on 1, 2, 3...... @ MySpace

Smartini (PT)

Lourenco Mendes, vocals and guitar, J. Paulo Duarte, guitar, Ricardo Costa, bass, and Patricio Ferreira, drums, are Smartini, a project that began somewhere in 2002, in Caldas das Taipas.

Loose, melodic, noisy, loud. Their world has common points to that of Sonic Youth, Pixies.

Check some of their tracks, at their MySpace and, of course live on the following tour dates:

21st June - Galerias Bar Stª. Clara - Coimbra
23rd June - Be Space - Guimaraes
August - Festival Paredes de Coura

Brasil and the Gallowbrothers Band (PL)

First time I read about them, I thought it was a band from out of Poland. Didn't notice the album's name "
Legionowo" - a city on the suburbs of Warsaw.

Dominic Savio, on voice, guitars, analog synths, percusion and field recordings; T.E.R., on analog synths, electric piano, electronic, voice and field recordings; and Mirt, on trumpet, analog synths, electronic, guitars, field recordings and artworks; are responsible for an album that breathes jazz, pop, downtempo, ambient grooves.

They have so far three albums: "Wander Till Spring" (Cat Sun), "The Band Plays On, The Dunes Move On (Caught Me with Your Eyes Closed)" (Last Visible Dog) and last, but not least, "Legionowo" (MonotypeRec).

Check some of their music on their Myspace and on their personal webpage.

Novika (PL)

My first contact with Polish music was with Novika's compilation "feat. Novika". Here, Novika came up with a cd with such names as Futro, Smolik, Fisz, 15 Minut Projekt among many others.

Later on, another compilation was released, this time a double album with some of the newest and most interesting music to come out of Poland.

Apart from being one the persons doing most for Polish music, she's also working as a DJ, producer, radio DJ (at Radio Bis,
every Wednesday) and of course with the collective Beats Friendly which released a double cd compilation this year.

Her sound can be defined as the result of combining house, electro, broken beats, drum 'n' bass sounds.

Recently she released her first vinyl, "Finally EP", together with producers Jacek Sienkiewicz, Agim & Espace, CLS + Wax and Innocent Sorcerers, where you can find bands like M.I.A., Fat Freddys Drop, Jamie Lidell, Pati Yang, among many others. The EP can be bought right here.

In order to listen to it, please visit her MySpace or We stronly recommend the tracks Hate/Love and Finally.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Beats lda. invade Oporto (PT)

The collective Breaks lda is to perform this Friday at Gandufe's Boat, in Oporto city.

White Stripes, Gorilaz, Michael Jackson, Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, Dj Shadow, De La Soul, Chemical Brothers and Primal Scream, and many others, are among those featured on their sets and major musical influences. Want more? Have a look at their Myspace for an exclusive remix. On Breaks lda. you can find more news on their activities and as well the DJ Mix 2006.03.
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Monday, June 12, 2006
Rock na Praia 06 - Let the new music come to us (PT)

Starting on the 12th of August, the Modern Music Festival - Rock na Praia 06, will showcase some of the most interesting garage bands around.

This festival, to take place at Praia de Apulia, Esposende, Portugal, is a good chance for all you new bands to show your music.

In order to participate, a 3 track demo, photo and biography have to be sent to:

Festival Rock na Praia
Rua da Igreja nº30 Apúlia
4740-141 Esposende

until the 21st of July.

For more informations, please check their webpage or by email.
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Music@PL.PT recommends the following concerts (PT):
One Man Hand (PT)

Rock, blues, jazz & bossa,........ One Man Hand.

Acoustic guitar, blues harp, bass, drum and a hi-hat pair...... everything..... One Man Hand.

Steve Rego Franca, One Mand Hand, will take his demo cd "Vol. 1" on the road.

You can see him live @
Setimo Bar, Vale de Cambra, on the 14th of July;
The Office, Cadas da Rainha, on the 16th of July;
and at X-Pressa 06, Esmoriz, on the 24th of July.

Listen to Stop on his MySpace.

As you listen to The Partisan Seed (PT), old memories come to my mind. Leonard Cohen, Nebraska's Bruce Springsteen,....

Melancholic pop songs, folk, acustic guitar, country,....

Filipe Miranda, man of many projects, is to play live with The Partisan Seed on the 14th of June, in Coimbra, at Galeria Santa Clara. This will be a good occasion to listen to the songs he recorded for 'Visions of Solitary Branches', Partisan's debut album.

2 tracks are available at his MySpace.
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Sunday, June 11, 2006
They're coming .................... (PT)

Double D Force. The new project by D-Mars and D-Fine.
After the adventures under the name of Rocky Marsiano, D-Mars is back and this time with a new project, yet again, one of the most interesting I've known this year.

Discover the new sounds of Funk, discover the electro hip-hop, discover what would have been if Afrika Bambaataa would have released something this year.

The album shall be released soon on Loop: Recordings.

For now, enjoy their tracks at MySpace.
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Saturday, June 10, 2006
It's already today (ANG/PT)

Tonight a very special game will take place. Angola vs. Portugal. Even though I'd like us both to win, this isn't possible.

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On its 100th post, Music@PL.PT presents ..........

Celebrating Germany's 2006 Football World Cup and Music@PL.PT's 100th post, we decided to release the first Music@PL.PT compilation. This compilation though, is only going to be available for a limited period of time.

Getting ready for the games to come, Music@PL.PT prepared its team as well. With players available from Angola, Brazil, Poland and Portugal, we decided to play with an attacking 4-2-4 formation.

The Weatherman (PT), Conjunto Ngonguenha (ANG), Dead Combo (PT), Prince Wadada (ANG/PT), Bonde de Role (BR), Seu Jorge (BR), Marisa Monte (BR), Myslovitz (PL), Kanal Audytywny (PL), X-Wife (PT) and Cool Kids of Death (PL) are the 11 players choosen to start the championship. Our coach, Poesia e Percussao (PT), also took with him Muzykoterapia (PL) for the medical department and 12 other players.

As you can imagine, our strickers are ready to go and score. The furious rock and screaming guitars of Coold Kids of Death, X-Wife, The Vicious 5, the electronic sounds of U-Clic, the bluesy rock'n'roll of The Legendary Tiger Man are sure to guarantee us a lot of celebration.

Backed up by the original hip-hop, the beats and nu-jazz of Kanal Audytywny and O.S.T.R., the magical combination of DJ Nel Assassin's scratch with Sam The Kid & Sagas' hip-hop, the pop and melodic rock of Myslovitz, the electronic pop of Cindy Kat.

On the mid-field, the electronic pop dreams of Pati Yang and Maria Peszek will control the game easily, whereas Marisa Monte and Seu Jorge with their samba pop will enchant crowds while dancing and dribbling with the ball all the way to the goal.

The reggae and dub of Prince Wadada will manage with any pressure on the defensive area. Most likely, everyone will forget the game and start dancing.
Dead Combo with their western spaggethi tales, groovy bass and hypnotic guitar, alongside with Stealpot's coolness, funky, jazzy sax will command all the operations on the back sector.
On the left side everything's under control with Bonde de Role and their favela funk, hip-hop & 80's rock sampling; with Spartak! and the 80's electronic synth pop and the guitar loops. On the right side, Le Trio Infernal's pace, beat and speech and Conjunto Ngonguenha's hip-hop stories, sunny African reggae and the never ending good mood.

The goals are kept by the dreamy pop of The Weatherman and the dark, jazzy electronic pop of Grzegorz Nawrocki & Jacek Olter.

For the entire list, and respective link, please check the list bellow.

01 - The Weatherman (PT) - I Sustain

02 - Conjunto Ngonguenha (ANG) - Kanguei o Maiky
03 - Dead Combo (PT) - A menina da danca #1
04 - Prince Wadada (ANG/PT) - Entendimento
05 - Bonde Do Role (BR) - Funk Da Esfiha
06 - Seu Jorge (BR) - Cotidiano
07 - Marisa Monte (BR) - Meu Canario
08 - Myslovitz (PL) - Zle mi sie sni
09 - X-Wife (PT) - Ping-pong
10 - Cool Kids of Death (PL) - Spaliny
11 - Kanal Audytywny (PL) - Radiowa Piosenka o Niczym
12 - Maria Peszek (PL) - Cmy
13 - Spartak! (PT) - King Tubby
14 - Pati Yang (PL) - Pretty Fin [Keith Tenniswood Mix]
15 - U Clic (PT) - Europa 2 0 0 4
16 - Stealpot (PL) - Mass Message
17 - O.S.T.R. (PL) - O robieniu butow
18 - Grzegorz Nawrocki & Jacek Olter (PL) - Falowiec 3000
19 - Cindy Kat (PT) - Miudo
20 - Dj Nel Assassin ft. Sam The Kid & Sagas (PT) - Ideal
21 - Le Trio Infernal (PT) - Inventei este argumento remix
22 - The Vicious 5 (PT) - Bad Mirror
23 - Poesia e Percussao (PT) - Poeta Errante
24 - Muzykoterapia (PL) - Roman Two (MZT remix)
25 - The Legendary Tiger Man (PT) - Honey, You're Too Much

With a team like this, for sure the championship is ours.

Remember that you can find these artists' albums on the following stores:

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Take a break ..... with Krzysztof Ostrowski (PL)

by Krzysztof Ostrowski. Discover as well, Cool Kids of Death
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For all the noise music lovers (PL)

AudioTong just released Radical Poland, a compilation where six of the most radical Polish noise artists get together.

As it was released on the 06/06/06, the soundrack by Tomasz Twardawa, Mantichora, Palsecam, Scordatura, XV Parowek and Noisense was the perfect gift for the so called day of the beast.

The compilation is free to download right here, but at your own risk.

Still on AudioTong, you can check the Zbigniew Karkowski's remix for "Sunset", by Zenial.
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Moments....... po polsku (PL)

Beats Friendly

Pati Yang

Abra dAb

Cool Kids Of Death


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"on the screen....." - Swietliki i Linda- Filandia (PL)

This week a new video. Again, the choice falls on a Polish band.

is the band of Marcin Swietlicki, poet and author of several books. For this record, and who knows if for the next ones, they invited the actor Boguslaw Linda. This choice couldn't have been better. His voice, as it can be heard on "Filandia", takes us to the universe of Leonard Cohen and of The Tindersticks, where he talks slowly, sadly, as if words were wrapped in silk.

This time, from the 2005 Swietliki i Linda's album "Las Putas Melancolicas", we've choosen the video "Filandia".
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Friday, June 09, 2006
d3o invade Spain with their furious rock (PT)
You can still catch d3o live in Spain, tonight and tomorrow.

Check some of their music on their MySpace. Some tracks available for download.
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Thursday, June 08, 2006
Still on the Popular Soundclash III (PT)
Buraka Som Sistema



DJ Nel'Assassin

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Even Adamastor goes into Party - The Popular Soundclash III (PT)

This year, the Popular Soundclash will have its 3rd edition. On the 12th of June, from 16h to 2am, there will be party non stop, at the "Miradouro de Santa Catarina", Lisbon.

Chullage, Nel'Assassin, Cheeks, Cruzfader, Tekilla, Stick up, Kalaf, Kronic and Kacetado will represent the Hip Hop movement, whereas Loop Diggerz will dig further into the Funky Soundz of Hip-Hop.

Mike Stellar, Conego de Braga, Lucky and Joao Gomes will explore the music of Africa. Morna, Coladera, Batuku, Semba, Afro-Beat or Gumbe will all say present at this party.

Nuno Forte and Dinis, Pressure Force and Scooby Duo (not the cartoon) also be part of this event and will invade this day with their sonic Drum'n'Bass.

But expect much more on this little corner, somewhere in Lisbon. With a magnificent view over the river, expect still a night of Reggae, Dubstep and a special appearance by the collective Buraka Som Sistema. On this special occasion, they'll be together with a special guest on vocals, Petty, and 8 dancers on stage.

Let the music take you you on Santo Antonio's night. Go out and party all night long. But do not forget: Get some sardines, bifanas and ginginha!!!!!!!!

More info on Popular Sound Clash
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Saturday, June 03, 2006
Muzykoterapia - The cure is here (PL)

I've found my favourite Polish album of 2006 so far. The self-titled debut album by Muzykoterapia is a pearl, hidden in those 12 tracks and 50 minutes.

Jazz music has always been quite important on the Polish musical scene. During several years, this was one of the most prolific music genres.

Today, it reflects on some of the most interesting bands to come out of this country. Skalpel, Fisz, OSTR, Stealpot, among many others, have somehow created a unique sound by mixing several other genres with jazz.

Now Muzykoterapia are doing the same. Having released their album on Asfalt Records, home to some of the most innovative Polish projects (OSTR, Fisz or Noon), their music breathes freshness.

Iza Kowalska, on vocals, Wojtek Traczyk, on contrabass, and Dominik Trebski, on trombone and electronics, came up with an album difficult to define. Call it nu-jazz or downtempo; call it etno-swing; call retro-pop rumba; call it............whatever. You can find all this on their debut cd.

I hope that by now you already want to listen to some of their tracks. A promo mix can be downloaded right here, whereas on their MySpace, you can find 4 tracks.

The album can be bought here.
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Friday, June 02, 2006
This week on 1, 2, 3...... @ MySpace
This week, Music@PL.PT goes into the world of Scratching, DJing and Hip-Hop.

We bring you 3 proposals from PL and PT. Fizyk (PL), X-Acto and Buraka Som Sistema (both PT).

Fizyk (PL)

Having released an EP, Anything Special EP, where hip-hop, ambient, electronica and drumfunk bits combine themselves, Fizyk brings us some of the newest electronic music to come out of Poland.

"....Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy & Sleepy.." award us with the May 2006's mix track, 'what you see is what you hear', which includes music from the likes of Goldfrapp, Boozoo Bajou, the Avalanches, Roni Size and FSOL among many others. The track list can be found here.

Check the tracks available at his MySpace, and have a look at the remix for B-52's track "Rock Lobster".

X-Acto (PT)

"Turntablism, Hip-Hop, Elektro, Funk, Trance"

X-Acto: DJing-Turntablism, SK8, Computer-Audio Production, Psy-Trance, Hip-Hop, Dama Bete's DJ; he's to release some tracks on "Literatura Subterranea Vol. 1", a Mixtape on which he colaborated with some scratches.

His tracks can put you dancing to the beat quite easily. The scratching flows smoothly, revealing an ease with the deck-boards. Interesting remix for the Beastie Boys' track "3 - The Hard Way).

Some more tunes can be found at Variedade Sonora, an album by MeK0.

On his MySpace, you can check out 7 tracks, with some of the best scratching I've heard lately.

Download 2 tracks, right here, at Music@PL.PT.

Spinozza - Last ticket (feat. DJ X-ACTO)

DJ X-ACTO - X-ACTO no prato! (Highly recom.)

Buraka Som Sistema (PT)

"We call it Progressive Kuduro... ", "Luanda meets Lisboa... wicked soundclash!".

With such definitions, how would you think they sound like?

Buraka Som Sistema takes the baile funk genre, kizomba, kuduro and mix it with lots of beats. The result? Some of the most dancable music out there.

This magic potion, carefuly handled by Riot, LilJohn (Cooltrain Crew/Enchufada) and Conductor (Conjunto Ngonguenha) is taking control of the Lisbon nights, spreading out fast, taking no prisoners.

Watch out!!!! Buraka Som Sistema will be storming out the city, live, on the 12th of June at the Popular Soundclash III, Miradouro Sta. Catarina (Adamastor), in Lisbon.

Check them, on their MySpace. We strongly recommend the 4 tracks available.
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Cibelle (BR) live in Sopot and Warsaw (PL)

The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves, by Cibelle, is one of the most interesting records to come out of Brazil this year. There will be the chance to catch her live in Poland, on the 23rd of June in Sopot, or on the 24th, in Warsaw.

Download the tracks "Hate" and "Train Station" right here.
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Festas de Lisboa - When Lisbon becomes party town (PT)

The 12th of June, the day when Lisbon does not sleep is coming. Lets all celebrate "A noite de Santo Antonio".
The party has already started but much more is still to come.

FADO with a special musical trip on tram number 28 (Thursdays and Sundaysm from 16h to 18h and 19h to 21h), concerts at Castelo de Sao Jorge, with

2nd of July - Dulce Pontes
3rd of July - Misia
9th of July - Maria da Fe
10th of July - Cristina Branco and Rodrigo Leao
16th of July - Antonio Chainho and 1 Week Project
17th of July - Joana Amendoeira and Mafalda Veiga
23rd of July - Aldina Duarte
24th of July - Katia Guerreiro


Hip-Hop, from the 5th to the 7th of June, with Xeg, SP& Wilson, DJ Bomberjack, Micro, Dealema, DJs Ride and Mars One. B-Boying and Writing with B-BOY JAM (UK), RAK and TAPS (DE) and Mosaic and Nomen (PT).

5th of June - Xeg, B-Boy Jam (PT/UK) and DJ Mars One

6th of June - Micro, El Puto Coke (ES) and Dj Ride

7th of June - Dealema, SP & Wilson and Dj Bomberjack; Grupo de Rua de Niterói (BR)

Graffiti JAM with MOSAIC and NOMEN (PT) and RAK & TAPS (DE) from the 5th to the 7th of June.

EMERGE - The new sounds of electro and rock (All PT)

From the 13th to the 15th of June, @ Parque Mayer

13th of June - Dj Nelassassin, Peace Revolution and Bandex

14th of June - Dj Nelassassin, Post Hit and Room 74

15th of June - Dj Nelassassin, Bulllet and Bangguru


From the 19th to the 21st of June

This year, you'll be able to listen to Louis Sclavis (FR), Alexander Von Schlippenbach (DE) and Peter Brotzmann (DE/CH). Representing PT, the multi-cultural IMI Kollektief.

19th of June - Louis Sclavis & Vincent Courtois Duo (FR)

20th of June - Alexander Von Schlippenbach’s Monk’s Casino (DE)

21st of June - Peter Brotzmann, Marino Pliakas and Michael Wertmueller (DE/CH)
and at the Hot Clube, on the 20th and 21st of June, Imi Kollektief (BR/PT/FR/SE/BE)

ROTAS - The world music festival

From the 26th to the 28th of June

26th of June - Bajofondo Tango Club (ARG)

27th of June - Polkaholix (DE)

28th of June - Think of One (BE/BR)

The party continues @ MAXIME, with

Cool Hipnoise, on the 8th of June

Lego, on the 16th of June

Daza Cominatcha, on the 17th of June

Laurent Philippe, on the 24th of June

Rao Kyao, on the 30th of June

Cesaria Evora Live @ Torre de Belem, on the 2nd of July

AFRICA FESTIVAL @ Torre de Belem, from the 6th to the 9th of July

6th of July - Bonga (ANG) and Cheikh Lo (SEN)

7th of July - Tcheka (CB) and Oumou Sangare (Mali)

8th of July - Djumbai Jazz (Guine B) and Tiken Jah Fakoly (Ivory Coast)
+ After-hours, Bicaense@AFRO-BLUE, Dj’s Johnny, Lucky and LadyGBrown

9th of July - Stella Chiweshe (Zimbabwe) and Eyuphuro (Mozambique)

The cinema will have its share as well on all these parties.

The Lisbon Village Festival, the first European Digital Cinema Festival will take place at Cinema Sao Jorge, from the 21st to the 25th of June.

Last but not least, the ever traditional "Marchas Populares". From the 2nd to the 4th of June at Pavilhao Atlantico, and with the Parade at Avenida da Liberdade, on the 12th of June.

More information @ Egeac
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