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Festas de Lisboa - When Lisbon becomes party town (PT)

The 12th of June, the day when Lisbon does not sleep is coming. Lets all celebrate "A noite de Santo Antonio".
The party has already started but much more is still to come.

FADO with a special musical trip on tram number 28 (Thursdays and Sundaysm from 16h to 18h and 19h to 21h), concerts at Castelo de Sao Jorge, with

2nd of July - Dulce Pontes
3rd of July - Misia
9th of July - Maria da Fe
10th of July - Cristina Branco and Rodrigo Leao
16th of July - Antonio Chainho and 1 Week Project
17th of July - Joana Amendoeira and Mafalda Veiga
23rd of July - Aldina Duarte
24th of July - Katia Guerreiro


Hip-Hop, from the 5th to the 7th of June, with Xeg, SP& Wilson, DJ Bomberjack, Micro, Dealema, DJs Ride and Mars One. B-Boying and Writing with B-BOY JAM (UK), RAK and TAPS (DE) and Mosaic and Nomen (PT).

5th of June - Xeg, B-Boy Jam (PT/UK) and DJ Mars One

6th of June - Micro, El Puto Coke (ES) and Dj Ride

7th of June - Dealema, SP & Wilson and Dj Bomberjack; Grupo de Rua de Niterói (BR)

Graffiti JAM with MOSAIC and NOMEN (PT) and RAK & TAPS (DE) from the 5th to the 7th of June.

EMERGE - The new sounds of electro and rock (All PT)

From the 13th to the 15th of June, @ Parque Mayer

13th of June - Dj Nelassassin, Peace Revolution and Bandex

14th of June - Dj Nelassassin, Post Hit and Room 74

15th of June - Dj Nelassassin, Bulllet and Bangguru


From the 19th to the 21st of June

This year, you'll be able to listen to Louis Sclavis (FR), Alexander Von Schlippenbach (DE) and Peter Brotzmann (DE/CH). Representing PT, the multi-cultural IMI Kollektief.

19th of June - Louis Sclavis & Vincent Courtois Duo (FR)

20th of June - Alexander Von Schlippenbach’s Monk’s Casino (DE)

21st of June - Peter Brotzmann, Marino Pliakas and Michael Wertmueller (DE/CH)
and at the Hot Clube, on the 20th and 21st of June, Imi Kollektief (BR/PT/FR/SE/BE)

ROTAS - The world music festival

From the 26th to the 28th of June

26th of June - Bajofondo Tango Club (ARG)

27th of June - Polkaholix (DE)

28th of June - Think of One (BE/BR)

The party continues @ MAXIME, with

Cool Hipnoise, on the 8th of June

Lego, on the 16th of June

Daza Cominatcha, on the 17th of June

Laurent Philippe, on the 24th of June

Rao Kyao, on the 30th of June

Cesaria Evora Live @ Torre de Belem, on the 2nd of July

AFRICA FESTIVAL @ Torre de Belem, from the 6th to the 9th of July

6th of July - Bonga (ANG) and Cheikh Lo (SEN)

7th of July - Tcheka (CB) and Oumou Sangare (Mali)

8th of July - Djumbai Jazz (Guine B) and Tiken Jah Fakoly (Ivory Coast)
+ After-hours, Bicaense@AFRO-BLUE, Dj’s Johnny, Lucky and LadyGBrown

9th of July - Stella Chiweshe (Zimbabwe) and Eyuphuro (Mozambique)

The cinema will have its share as well on all these parties.

The Lisbon Village Festival, the first European Digital Cinema Festival will take place at Cinema Sao Jorge, from the 21st to the 25th of June.

Last but not least, the ever traditional "Marchas Populares". From the 2nd to the 4th of June at Pavilhao Atlantico, and with the Parade at Avenida da Liberdade, on the 12th of June.

More information @ Egeac
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