Sunday, March 09, 2008
L.Stadt's debut (PL)
We've introduced you to this Lodz-based quartet last year, by the time we first heard about them. This year, L.Stadt are back, now with their self-titled debut album.

L.Stadt comes together with a total of 13 tracks (including an hidden track). Among these, some of the songs they got us used to (March, Fagot Eyes, Wait, Gore and Velvet) and a bunch of new tracks, including our favourites Loosing, Macca, Londyn and 13 (the hidden track, a very interesting experimental episode).

Like before, these four lads are still difficult to put on a shelf. Their music, more than before, is a colourful sound pallet, drifting among the likes of the Brian Ferry, Leonard Cohen, The The, Velvet Underground, Robert Palmer, Beck and Damon Albarn's band, Blur.

Combining pop and soul scented melodies with more experimental rock tunes, guitar driven tracks with drums meet percussion side clashes, Prince look-a-like whispered sensite sexy chorus with strong and deep cavernous vocals, Lukasz Lach, Adam Lewartowski, Radek Bolewski and Andrzej Sieczkowski deliver within this L.Stadt one of the most mature debuts I've seen around. Influences and comparisons aside, this is a hell of a debut!!!!

This is a record that will have you playing it loud and repeatedly. Songs like Marsz, with its percussion-set tempo (this band plays with drums and percussion simultaneously) and the soulful chorus, the keyboard-driven melody swirls and Beck inspired backgrounds of Macca, the low-paced cinematic pop hymn Wait, the happy merry-go-rounds Londyn and Akademia and, last but not least, the sonorous exercise at track 13, will keep sounding inside your head after the first time you listen to them..... and in case you catch them live, then, it will even be worse....

Get the album right here. Find more on L.Stadt at their MySpace.

Next..... the video for Gore

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