Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Pop?!?! Rock!?!? Indie!?!!? .... L.Stadt (PL)

Yesterday just got a message on my email concerning this new video by Polish band called L.Stadt. I have to be honest and, unfortunately, admit that it was the very first time I heard about them. I say unfortunately because L.Stadt are able to come with a unique sound and a couple of superb songs.

Trying to catalog a band can always become something quite difficult and I must say I'm facing this issue with this Lodz-based quartet. The easiest would be mentioning what they have on their MySpace, and I quote "Alternative / Garage / Indie". Then again, nowadays, almost every band calls itself alternative, indie,.... and post-punk!!!

Lead vocalist, piano and guitar player Lukasz Lach, bass and guitar player Adam Lewartowski and drum players Radek Bolewski and Andrzej Sieczkowski bring us the sounds of Jim Morrison's The Doors, a Leonard Cohen-inspired Barry Adamson, The The and Spiritualized mixed with hipnotic spiral pop sounds, sexy wispered chorus, electronic beats and a deep and captivating voice.

L.Stadt got together in the year 2003. Their unique combination of mellow pop music with alternative rock has brought them success not only in Poland but as well in countries such as France and Germany.

We strongly recommend you to discover their music. Listen to it at their site. The magnificent March can be heard at their MySpace.

This week's video features L.Stadt's Fagot Eyes

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  • At 3:20 AM, Blogger Lena said…

    Parabens pelo site, esta muito bom!
    Tentei contactar mas e dificil!

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