Friday, June 02, 2006
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This week, Music@PL.PT goes into the world of Scratching, DJing and Hip-Hop.

We bring you 3 proposals from PL and PT. Fizyk (PL), X-Acto and Buraka Som Sistema (both PT).

Fizyk (PL)

Having released an EP, Anything Special EP, where hip-hop, ambient, electronica and drumfunk bits combine themselves, Fizyk brings us some of the newest electronic music to come out of Poland.

"....Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy & Sleepy.." award us with the May 2006's mix track, 'what you see is what you hear', which includes music from the likes of Goldfrapp, Boozoo Bajou, the Avalanches, Roni Size and FSOL among many others. The track list can be found here.

Check the tracks available at his MySpace, and have a look at the remix for B-52's track "Rock Lobster".

X-Acto (PT)

"Turntablism, Hip-Hop, Elektro, Funk, Trance"

X-Acto: DJing-Turntablism, SK8, Computer-Audio Production, Psy-Trance, Hip-Hop, Dama Bete's DJ; he's to release some tracks on "Literatura Subterranea Vol. 1", a Mixtape on which he colaborated with some scratches.

His tracks can put you dancing to the beat quite easily. The scratching flows smoothly, revealing an ease with the deck-boards. Interesting remix for the Beastie Boys' track "3 - The Hard Way).

Some more tunes can be found at Variedade Sonora, an album by MeK0.

On his MySpace, you can check out 7 tracks, with some of the best scratching I've heard lately.

Download 2 tracks, right here, at Music@PL.PT.

Spinozza - Last ticket (feat. DJ X-ACTO)

DJ X-ACTO - X-ACTO no prato! (Highly recom.)

Buraka Som Sistema (PT)

"We call it Progressive Kuduro... ", "Luanda meets Lisboa... wicked soundclash!".

With such definitions, how would you think they sound like?

Buraka Som Sistema takes the baile funk genre, kizomba, kuduro and mix it with lots of beats. The result? Some of the most dancable music out there.

This magic potion, carefuly handled by Riot, LilJohn (Cooltrain Crew/Enchufada) and Conductor (Conjunto Ngonguenha) is taking control of the Lisbon nights, spreading out fast, taking no prisoners.

Watch out!!!! Buraka Som Sistema will be storming out the city, live, on the 12th of June at the Popular Soundclash III, Miradouro Sta. Catarina (Adamastor), in Lisbon.

Check them, on their MySpace. We strongly recommend the 4 tracks available.
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