Saturday, June 10, 2006
On its 100th post, Music@PL.PT presents ..........

Celebrating Germany's 2006 Football World Cup and Music@PL.PT's 100th post, we decided to release the first Music@PL.PT compilation. This compilation though, is only going to be available for a limited period of time.

Getting ready for the games to come, Music@PL.PT prepared its team as well. With players available from Angola, Brazil, Poland and Portugal, we decided to play with an attacking 4-2-4 formation.

The Weatherman (PT), Conjunto Ngonguenha (ANG), Dead Combo (PT), Prince Wadada (ANG/PT), Bonde de Role (BR), Seu Jorge (BR), Marisa Monte (BR), Myslovitz (PL), Kanal Audytywny (PL), X-Wife (PT) and Cool Kids of Death (PL) are the 11 players choosen to start the championship. Our coach, Poesia e Percussao (PT), also took with him Muzykoterapia (PL) for the medical department and 12 other players.

As you can imagine, our strickers are ready to go and score. The furious rock and screaming guitars of Coold Kids of Death, X-Wife, The Vicious 5, the electronic sounds of U-Clic, the bluesy rock'n'roll of The Legendary Tiger Man are sure to guarantee us a lot of celebration.

Backed up by the original hip-hop, the beats and nu-jazz of Kanal Audytywny and O.S.T.R., the magical combination of DJ Nel Assassin's scratch with Sam The Kid & Sagas' hip-hop, the pop and melodic rock of Myslovitz, the electronic pop of Cindy Kat.

On the mid-field, the electronic pop dreams of Pati Yang and Maria Peszek will control the game easily, whereas Marisa Monte and Seu Jorge with their samba pop will enchant crowds while dancing and dribbling with the ball all the way to the goal.

The reggae and dub of Prince Wadada will manage with any pressure on the defensive area. Most likely, everyone will forget the game and start dancing.
Dead Combo with their western spaggethi tales, groovy bass and hypnotic guitar, alongside with Stealpot's coolness, funky, jazzy sax will command all the operations on the back sector.
On the left side everything's under control with Bonde de Role and their favela funk, hip-hop & 80's rock sampling; with Spartak! and the 80's electronic synth pop and the guitar loops. On the right side, Le Trio Infernal's pace, beat and speech and Conjunto Ngonguenha's hip-hop stories, sunny African reggae and the never ending good mood.

The goals are kept by the dreamy pop of The Weatherman and the dark, jazzy electronic pop of Grzegorz Nawrocki & Jacek Olter.

For the entire list, and respective link, please check the list bellow.

01 - The Weatherman (PT) - I Sustain

02 - Conjunto Ngonguenha (ANG) - Kanguei o Maiky
03 - Dead Combo (PT) - A menina da danca #1
04 - Prince Wadada (ANG/PT) - Entendimento
05 - Bonde Do Role (BR) - Funk Da Esfiha
06 - Seu Jorge (BR) - Cotidiano
07 - Marisa Monte (BR) - Meu Canario
08 - Myslovitz (PL) - Zle mi sie sni
09 - X-Wife (PT) - Ping-pong
10 - Cool Kids of Death (PL) - Spaliny
11 - Kanal Audytywny (PL) - Radiowa Piosenka o Niczym
12 - Maria Peszek (PL) - Cmy
13 - Spartak! (PT) - King Tubby
14 - Pati Yang (PL) - Pretty Fin [Keith Tenniswood Mix]
15 - U Clic (PT) - Europa 2 0 0 4
16 - Stealpot (PL) - Mass Message
17 - O.S.T.R. (PL) - O robieniu butow
18 - Grzegorz Nawrocki & Jacek Olter (PL) - Falowiec 3000
19 - Cindy Kat (PT) - Miudo
20 - Dj Nel Assassin ft. Sam The Kid & Sagas (PT) - Ideal
21 - Le Trio Infernal (PT) - Inventei este argumento remix
22 - The Vicious 5 (PT) - Bad Mirror
23 - Poesia e Percussao (PT) - Poeta Errante
24 - Muzykoterapia (PL) - Roman Two (MZT remix)
25 - The Legendary Tiger Man (PT) - Honey, You're Too Much

With a team like this, for sure the championship is ours.

Remember that you can find these artists' albums on the following stores:

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  • At 5:07 PM, Blogger Musik Café said…

    Fixe! Ficamos com o nº. da camisola do Nuno Gomes!
    Le Trio Infernal

  • At 6:51 AM, Blogger Kraak/Peixinho said…

    WOW! I like very much this post. You can be very creative indeed. Well, though I don't know some "players" you've chosen 4 ur team (specially polish players), I choose my goal to the screaming guitars (and voice too) from X-Wife :). The Weatherman is also perfect as housekeeper :)

    Tks 4 the blink! You're also linked on my weblog :)


  • At 3:37 PM, Anonymous Filipa said…

    Epá...já há bué k n vinha cá espreitar...'tou em exames =\
    Td bem p aí?
    'Tá mt bacano o blog, si siñor (isto...uma pexoa anda habituada a frekentar blogs de putos d idd dela, em crescente decadência (o blog e os putos)e acaba por pensar k o mundo virtual se resume akilo...vive na ignorância e julga-se feliz ( Fernando Pexoa acaba por deprimir uma pexoa...ainda tou p saber s não será a causa d mts deprexões =P))
    Bem, era so mm p dxer k o blog ta mt fixe e gostei d umas musikinhas (poucas..não podes pedir mt!=P) =DD
    Beijiiinhos p ti e para a Olenka(os meus pais 'tão a dormir, mas tbm devem mandar ;))

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