Saturday, June 03, 2006
Muzykoterapia - The cure is here (PL)

I've found my favourite Polish album of 2006 so far. The self-titled debut album by Muzykoterapia is a pearl, hidden in those 12 tracks and 50 minutes.

Jazz music has always been quite important on the Polish musical scene. During several years, this was one of the most prolific music genres.

Today, it reflects on some of the most interesting bands to come out of this country. Skalpel, Fisz, OSTR, Stealpot, among many others, have somehow created a unique sound by mixing several other genres with jazz.

Now Muzykoterapia are doing the same. Having released their album on Asfalt Records, home to some of the most innovative Polish projects (OSTR, Fisz or Noon), their music breathes freshness.

Iza Kowalska, on vocals, Wojtek Traczyk, on contrabass, and Dominik Trebski, on trombone and electronics, came up with an album difficult to define. Call it nu-jazz or downtempo; call it etno-swing; call retro-pop rumba; call it............whatever. You can find all this on their debut cd.

I hope that by now you already want to listen to some of their tracks. A promo mix can be downloaded right here, whereas on their MySpace, you can find 4 tracks.

The album can be bought here.
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  • At 12:51 PM, Blogger Kraak/Peixinho said…

    Hey :) Thanks for the information. It is always interesting to find some new sounds around here.


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