Monday, June 12, 2006
Music@PL.PT recommends the following concerts (PT):
One Man Hand (PT)

Rock, blues, jazz & bossa,........ One Man Hand.

Acoustic guitar, blues harp, bass, drum and a hi-hat pair...... everything..... One Man Hand.

Steve Rego Franca, One Mand Hand, will take his demo cd "Vol. 1" on the road.

You can see him live @
Setimo Bar, Vale de Cambra, on the 14th of July;
The Office, Cadas da Rainha, on the 16th of July;
and at X-Pressa 06, Esmoriz, on the 24th of July.

Listen to Stop on his MySpace.

As you listen to The Partisan Seed (PT), old memories come to my mind. Leonard Cohen, Nebraska's Bruce Springsteen,....

Melancholic pop songs, folk, acustic guitar, country,....

Filipe Miranda, man of many projects, is to play live with The Partisan Seed on the 14th of June, in Coimbra, at Galeria Santa Clara. This will be a good occasion to listen to the songs he recorded for 'Visions of Solitary Branches', Partisan's debut album.

2 tracks are available at his MySpace.
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