Thursday, January 19, 2006
Maria Peszek's Miasta (PL)

Poland, 2005. Warsaw, The Palace of Culture and Science as background.

Maria Peszek sings about her city, "Moje Miasto", on her solo debud cd, "Miasto Mania".

Singer and actress, Maria Peszek awards us with a magnificent album, one of the best records coming out of Poland, year 2005.
In Miasto Mania, she is accompanied by Piotr Lachmann and Olga Tokarczuk, on the lyrics, by Wojciech Waglewski, from Voo Voo, and Emade, on the production, and, on the album, by the Waglewski family (Wojciech Waglewski, Emade and Fisz) and by the quartet "Kwadrat"

The album is electronic-pop (Moje Miasto, Nie Mam Czasu Na Seks), with her sweet voice wandering across every song. Reggae and dub over an hip pop painting (Ballada Nie Lada and SMS), jazzy atmospheres on Lali Lali, are some of the tracks that will make you love this record more and more, every time you listen to it.

The video for "Moje Miasto" can be seen here. Some of the tracks are available for a quick preview (only 30 sec excerpts). On her website, under the section "Slowa" one can listen to Moje Miasto's Big City Mix.

Album Tracks:

01) Maria Peszek: Moje Miasto
02) Maria Peszek: Ćmy
03) Maria Peszek: Mam Kota
04) Maria Peszek: Sms
05) Maria Peszek: Ballada Nie Lada
06) Maria Peszek: Pieprzę Cię Miasto
07) Maria Peszek: Czarny Worek
08) Maria Peszek: Lali Lali
09) Maria Peszek: Mgła
10) Maria Peszek: Nie Mam Czasu Na Seks
11) Maria Peszek: Miły Mój

You can as well download 3 tracks out of Miasto Mania, in here:


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