Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Suing the Hand that Feeds You - A general view over music nowadays
Just read recently, on Future of Music Book, an article on music sharing.

I agree partially with it, as for me, sharing music (some tracks and not complete albums) is a good oportunity to promote bands and artists; to take their music where normally a label can't get.

Here is part of the article.

"Terry McBride, CEO of Vancouver-based record label and management company Nettwerk Music Group, offered to pay the legal bills of David Greubel, a Texas father of four who the RIAA has targeted with a suit for illegal file sharing. McBride contends that the RIAA's suits against music fans are "killing our future." Here, he explains why.

The passionate message of music is in the magic of the song. The more it is consumed, the more it nourishes. Music is ubiquitous; it is a utility like water. It is not a pair of pants, and as such, we need to stop treating music like a product that needs to be controlled.........."

Continue reading it right here.
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