Sunday, August 27, 2006
Rotofobia - post punk rock made in Warszawa (PL)

Sebastian Barc, on vocals and guitar; Michal Witkowski, on drums and Szymon , on guitar and bass. This is Rotofobia.

Sometimes these things happen. I was looking in the internet for some information, when I ran into these guys. Lucky me, the track Jeden dzien started right away.

Somewhere in the new post punk rock scene, followers of a sound close to Death From Above 1979, Gang of Four, or the most recent Interpol or She Wants Revenge, their music grabs us suddenly to never let us go again.

Distorced guitars driven to the limit, noisy, dirty and loud...... The bass, drums and vocals (how incredible they can sound in Polish) all together make their songs sound so new, so unique, so appealing. Rotofobia are definetively a band to follow closely.

Download right here, the tracks ....

Jeden dzien
Discopunk (fragment)

At their MySpace, you can download the tracks
Pistolet and Rotorvator
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