Thursday, January 19, 2006
Bandex - Rumba-hop and Salsa-dub (PT)

Rumba, hip-hop, dub, salsa, rock, jazz. All in one. All in Bandex, the self-titled debut album from this Portuguese band.

Nuno and Miguel Gelpi, started their adventures at their home studio, in Lisbon, in 2002. Later on, in 2003, Mário Moral and Daniel Meliço joined the band.

By the end of 2003, they released their debut album. In 2004, the label Chiado Records re-released the record.

Each one of their concerts is known to be an authentic party. You can check it out now, live, in 2006, in Portugal:

21 Jan 06 - Tertulia Castelense, Oporto
22 Jan 06 - Fnac Santa Catarina, Oporto
03 Feb 06 - Maus Habitos, Oporto
04 Feb 06 - Kastrus Bar, Esposende
04 Mar 06 - Santiago Alquimista, Lisbon

You can download their album right here, and the cover book on the download section @ their website.


1. Bandex 99
2. Nite Line
3. American Flag
4. Chingón
5. Bófia
6. Blu Hotel
7. Chico Bam Bam
8. Don Kila
9. Canutito Para Sasha
10. Noches Sin Dormir
11. Johnny 2 Dedos
12. Rocanrol
13. Looking For Abrigo

Remix Section

1. Nite Line (Bandex Remix)
2. Nite Line (I-Wolf Remix)
3. Don't Think Twice, Its Allright (Bob Dylan cover)
4. Sin Semilla (Live at NetJazz Café, Lisbon)

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  • At 4:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    é um album excelente!!! fui a quase todos os conecrto deles e vale a pena. Comprem este CD!!!

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