Thursday, August 24, 2006
The swings of Electric Willow (PT)

Recently, thanks to HoneySound, I discovered a trio by the name of Electric Willow.

Claudio Mateus, on vocals and guitar; Pedro Geraldo, on drums; and Adilio Sousa, on bass; just released a 2 track EP, the welcome card for their debut album, Mood Swing, to be released this September.

Song of love, songs of solitude;

Songs to sing along, songs to jump around .....

Claudio Mateus, previously on Caffeine, wrote the 10 tracks to be found at this album. 10 tracks that talk pop, with a flavour of Lou Reed, Cousteau or Raindogs.

Welcome to the swing..... the moody swing of Electric Willow.

Listen to the track Ready, right here.

Ready (mov. file)
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