Thursday, August 24, 2006
News Bulletin ed.1 (PT)

Hit da Breakz just posted some previews for the excellent debut album by Double d Force.

Check them right here.

1. Enforce the funk (complete track)
2. Let yourself go
3. Feel it
4. Electric Thoughts (reenforced version)
5. It's like a jungle sometimes
6. Double D Rock
7. Come back
8. Tetris
9. B-boy love
10. Boogie till you die
11. Eargazm

The album, in mp3s, can be found at any of these stores -, Trackitdown or Beatport.


The Houdini Blues just joined MySpace

3 tracks to listen and download.


A band to discover immediately. An album to listen over and over and over.......

The album can be bought here.
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