Monday, August 21, 2006
Ali Baaba and the 40 Jazz thieves (PL)

This is neither a fairy tale nor the 1001 Arabian nights. Bartek Weber and the rest of the gang released this year "Poope Musique", the latest record by Baaba.

Amusement park synths, chinese ding 'a' longs, minimal beats with an happy smile, Michael Nyman gone disco ........ all this is to be found at Baaba's Poope Musique.

As the tracks move forth, we depart in a musical journey. Experimental jazz served in a cocktail glass, colourful and with electronic sunny beats saying Hello!! Then, we move smoothly into another direction. We're still talking jazz, but now, it's been stripped to the bone and set free......

This is the magical world of Baaba. This is the world of Bartek Weber, Tomek Duda, Wojtek Mazolewski and Maciek Morus. Please say the word and step inside.....

This edition comes together with a dvd where one can find 2 concerts "Live From Alchemia" and "Live From Astigmatic", plus the videoclips for "12" and "Szczepan".

Find right here the video for "12" and as well, the following tracks
Kulavva Madchen by DEUCE
Manekin Rmx by POXE
Biegnij Kuba, biegnij

"12" (video)

More info on Baaba and the album to be found at Lado abc Records

You can catch them live @

19.09.2006 - Szczecin @ TBA
27.09.2006 - Bytom @ Kronika
28.09.2006 - Krakow @ Alchemia
29.09.2006 - Sanok @ Pani K.


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