Friday, August 04, 2006
He's on the run with Projecto Fuga (PT)

The other day, I received a message that a certain Projecto Fuga would like to be added to my friend list @ MySpace. It was the very first time I heard something about this project.

But who or what is Projecto Fuga? Projecto Fuga is the musical journey, conducted by Pedro Pereira and several other honorable guests and friends.

Viviena Toupikova, on violin & vox; Celina Piedade, on accordeon & vox; Susana Amaro, on cello; Miguel Santos, on drums & guitars; David Arroz, on vox & lyrics; NBC, on vox & lyrics; Enjel, on vox & lyrics; Carlos Galissa, on vox, lyrics & kora; J.P. Simoes, on vox & lyrics and Pedro Pereira himself are responsible for a project where music wanders around pop à la Air (Soul), or more chill-out, bluesy, soulful relaxed beats with some heavy bass tunes (Dakun Baby).

Hope you discover them as well, and find them as exciting as I did.

Projecto Fuga is to release a record later this year. Until then, you can listen to 3 of their tracks at their MySpace.

Dakun Baby ft Enjel
Soul NBC
Dakun Baby mellotron
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