Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Glamour, Shades and Rock! This is Slimmy (PT)

Slimmy is here!!!!! Turn on the volume. Put the mirror ball in place. The time has come.........

Pop.... melodic, delicate, dreamy, intimate, sexy, glamourous ........

Rock.... played fast, quite fast...., loud, damn loud.... guitars squeezed, screaming in pain...... electro melodies back to the 80's, beatbox tunes that set up the pace...... addictive, pure ly addictive......

Beware!!!! Beatsound Loverboy is set free on September 06. The countdown has just started!!!!!

Download some of music right here.

Beatsound Loverboy
Blood Shot Star
Blood Shot Star (Remix)
Far From You
Self Control (from MySpace)

At his MySpace you can still find some more tracks of his.

Catch him live at Oporto city @

Ribeirinha, on the 24th of September
Maus Habitos, on the 29th of September.

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