Sunday, August 27, 2006
3Moonboys and the Salvation (PL)

Back in 2004, the self-titled debut album, 3Moonboys, came out. This year, time for Only Music Can Save Us.

Coming from such bands as Charlie Sleeps and Piata Strona Swiata, this quartet (and not trio) from Bydgoszcz, invite us to visit their world. Garage rock, noisy and distorced; avant pop, psychedelic and atmospheric, served all together with some tiny little gadgets, in a menu only in English.

This is the sound of Wojtek Kotwicki, Piotr Michalski, Marcin Karnowski and Radek Maciejewski. This is the sound of the latest 3Moonboys.

Catch them live at

08.09 Bydgoszcz Radio Pik
07.10 Ostrzeszow

Listen to some of their tracks right here. Check, as well, the video for Broken toy "...... at the screen"

From Only Music Can Save Us

Spit it out
Broken toy

From 3Moonboys

Evaded me...
3moonboys from the bright side
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