Saturday, August 26, 2006
Off-Festival 06 (PL)
A bit late, but still I'd like to drop some notes on this festival's first edition. Located in Myslowice, and organized by Artur Rojek, during 3 days, we were given the chance to see some of the best Polish music and some other international projects.

Unfortunately, I only made it to the second day, but still managed to see Lachowicz, Pustki, Mitch&Mitch, T.Love, a bit of John Porter i Nieprzyzwoity Zespol and Lech Janerka.

First concert I saw that Saturday. Lachowicz is a very active artist. He's been participating with such bands as Scianka, Smolik, Lenny Valentino or working at some sountracks, as for the film Wesele.

His concert follows several paths. One moment we are listening to electric guitar storms, wild vocals, remembering us some of Mike Patton's projects, or even some grunge like tunes, and suddenly, everyhting's so calm. This energy has been replaced by some mellow ambients, dreamy, spacy music. You've moved from the battle field, into dream land.

After this concert, I decided to investigate further this artist, because there's plenty of potencial in here.


They say, they play Country&Eatern.... but that's not all.

Mitch, Mitch, Serious Mitch, James Boned Mitch and Mrs Mitch take us to a world where pop music is going nuts, where seriousness is silly, where each concert shall be taken as if it would their last.

They do country, they do pop, they do rock, they do versions, lovely pop versions.

This was the best concert I saw that day.

They're on tour now, so do not miss them.

02.09 Koszalin /Rock Festival
09.09 Warszawa / Summer Of Music Festival
10.10 Poznań / Eskulap
03.11 Praha (Cz) / Festival

Do Mi No, Pustki's last record increased definetively the number of followers. I'm one of those.

Their songs work quite well in concert. Tracks like Balagan, Tchu mi brak, Slabosc chwilowa or Proba Sil work perfectly and manage to put everyone dancing and singing.

Their energy and happiness on stage makes the concert even more pleasant. Afther this, I'm looking to see them live, but in a smaller venue.


Muniek Staszczyk and company are part of the Polish rock foundation. This band, playing already for 24 years, still manage to suprise us with their attitude, energy, and freshness.

During the concert, Muniek was constantly addressing himself to the public, playing new and older tunes. Punk, pop, reggae (here with Sidney Polak taking control on the vocals), rock, ......., everything is served together in heavily recommended doses.

The concert started with their latest record, but soon took off to their older material. It was the chance for several to return to their youth, sing a long and dance to the music.

You can check some more photos right here, or at onet.
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