Thursday, April 27, 2006
Stealpot - Jazz soundz of tomorrow (PL)

Szymon "Stealpot" Folwarczny released last year "Mass Mess.Age". Together with Pati Yang's "Silent Treatment" and Maria Peszek's "Miasto Mania", this was one of the best Polish records to come out in 2005. Unfortunately, it only arrived to us one year later.

Imagine Skalpel, DJ Krush, Cinematic Orchestra,... altogether with some downtempo beats, atmospherical sounds and relaxing jazzy melodies. What do you get? Stealpot.

With just 19 years old, this youngster from Katowice, took the new sounds of Poland a step forth. His aclaimed debut (!!!!) album can be found already in the UK, USA or even Japan. It is quite hard to believe, as we listen to this record, that this is, in fact, his first release ever.

Here are some previews for some of the tracks coming out of "Mass Mess.Age". The tracks (as full version) can be listened @ Stealpot's Sound Section.

01. I'm not under control
02. Mass Message (Highly Recomm.)
03. Narrow Guage Train
04. Amazing Night In Eternaltown
05. Pursuit 06. Last Soar feat. Essence
07. Keynote
08. CHain Reaction
09. Stealing The Pot
10. Soda
11. Foze

Bonus track - "Stealing the Pot (Alkora Remix)"

You can order the album at Vivo Records.
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