Monday, July 10, 2006
Iowa Super Soccer (PL)

The other day, I was checking Getecho and found out about a new Polish band by the name of Iowa Super Soccer (ISS). Even though, at first you might think they have something to do with American football (or soccer), ISS are in a completely different world.

ISS are Monika Mendak, on vocals, Michal Skrzydlo, on acoustic guitar and vocals, Marcin Fluder, on guitar, Slawek Plotek, on percussion, and Blazej Nowicki on bass guitar.

Together, since 2004, they've put up a band that brought a sound that is not that common to Poland's musical scene. We're talking about pop music, ....... depressive, acoustic and slow; we're talking about alternative country,.... the pace, the acoustic guitar and the vocals that come out crawling; we're talking about ......... we're talking about ISS.

Monika Mendak takes us through an amazing musical voyage with her sweet vocals, since the very first track (Letter to Nowhere), to the very last (Morning), the guitar slides and whispers slowly from track to track, and we? ...... we keep dreaming.

Inspired by the sounds of Galaxie 500, Slowdive, Mojave 3 or The Smiths, they've released a 4 track EP which brings us one of the most interesting debuts to come out of Poland this year.

You can find 2 tracks out of ISS's debut right here. Another track can be found at their MySpace.

Wild World

To order their EP, just follow this link here. I've just received it and recommend it strongly.
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