Sunday, July 02, 2006
Jazz Music according to Jacaszek & Milka (PL)

Today, thanks to Getecho, I discovered Jacaszek, another fine artist to come out of Poland.

Delicate pop melodies, jazzy athmospheres, dreamy and catchy vocals, subtle electronic ambients.

Music to listen while relaxing on the sofa

Music to listen while having a drink

Music to ...... enjoy.

Jacaszek released Sequel last year, on Gusstaff Records. With tracks that will catch you attention faster than its predecessor Lo-Fi Stories, this is an album that, hopefully, will makes its way throughout Europe, thankfully to its distribution in Europe and Scandinavia via Dotshop and House.

Jacaszek, is Michal Jacaszek. He started his music adventure from ilustrating a poetry. Later on, in 2001, together with Milka Malzahn, he released Mapa, a "trip hop singing poetry" adventure, as he describes it himself.

In 2004, we saw the release of Lo-Fi Stories, and a year later, Sequel, both starring Milka.

Discover the new soundz of Poland right here.

From Sequel:


From Lo-Fi Stories:

Lo-fi surfing
Szum i szelest

The album can be bought here.

Listen if you like: Stealpot, Pati Yang, Maria Peszek, Muzykoterapia.
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