Saturday, July 29, 2006
The sound of Scianka (PL)

Boje sie zasnac, boje sie wrocic do domu.......

This is the opening track to Pan Planeta, the latest record by the Polish trio Scianka.
Maciej Cieslak, guitar and vocals, Arkady Kowalczyk, drums, and Michal Biela, bass and vocal, deliver us a record where noise, experimental sonic trips, bizarre tunes, sweet melodies and drums out of control all get together in order come up with one of the most enthusiastic releases in Poland, this year.

Nevertheless, do not think this is one of those albums you'll fall in love at first time. This is an album that requires more attention. This is an album that you will learn to love. This is an album that you'll have to listen again, and again, and again. It was this way with me and most likely, the same will happen to you.

The first track, Boje sie zasnac, boje sie wrocic do domu, with an English version on their MySpace, starts quite slowly, with the guitars and drums evolving into a thunderstorm. Wielki Defekator continues this sonic legacy. Prepare yourself then for what's next.

We, at Music@PL.PT, recommend Pan Planeta quite strongly. You find it right here.

In order to discover more on Scianka, please visit their MySpace or their website. The tracks Boje sie zasnac, boje sie wrocic domu and Wielki Defekator can be downloaded here, for a limit period of time.

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