Friday, July 14, 2006
Bailare ......... with Houdini Blues (PT)

Goncalo Frota, Hugo Frota, Joao Palma and Ricardo Goncalves are the Houdini Blues. After the albums True Life Is Elsewhere (2001) and Extravaganza (2003), they are back with F de Falso, one of the most interesting albums to come out of PT this year.

The record starts with Bailare, the perfect opening track for this F de Falso, starring Adolfo Luxuria Canibal on vocals. Further on, Icaro, Tudo (starring Mito Mendes), Duas Balas, Charles Manson (cover for a Mao Morta's track) and Putuaria, are there to make this musical adventure even more pleasant.

Pop music: Joyful, original, fresh and addictive; guitar sounds that flow smoothly, sometimes faster, out of control, sometimes in a spiral; a touch of electronic and world music here and there; intelligent writing; scents of cabaret music; Spanish traditional chorus, samples in French ...........

What else would you expect? This is The album to have, the one that can take the boundaries of Portuguese Pop music further. Get it right here.

For a limited period of time, you can listen to their first single, Bailare, right here.
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