Saturday, March 31, 2007
Azevedo Silva - Tartaruga (PT)

Last year Azevedo Silva delivered Claraboia, his debut, featuring 4 original tracks and a cover for Daniel Jonhston's Devil Town.

This year he brings us Tartaruga, his first long play. Splitting his time between Madcab and his solo career, Luis Silva found time to release these 11 tracks under the name of Azevedo Silva.

One again, a close encouter with slow paced, melancholic, lo-fi, acoustic and intimate music all sung so beautifully in Portuguese.

The album kicks off with the one minute intro Ao Mar. Then, Frio e Fome, an acoustic guitar driven track of such melancholy and beauty. Words that carry emotions; words that tell a story; words...... throw to winds..... Silva's voice drags itself slowly and mournfully. One of Tartaruga's pearls.

Vai Com a Chuva continues on the same mood and so do Bloqueio and Abutre. On the latter, with the acoustic guitar on his hands, we are told about the awful episodes some of us have to go through in real life. Tough reality, accompanied by the melancholy of Azevedo Silva's voice and the sad and delicate melodies.

Inimiga is more of a instrumental track. The few repeated lines dropped in-between the guitar chords seem more as an instrument rather than any other thing. ".....porque a vinganca se serve fria. Porque e' vinganca, sossega filha....."

Liberdade lives among echoes of cold lands' winter times and ghostly wispered sounds. Until Sorrir, the last song, we still have time to listen to the very personal and intimate Palavras de Ninguem, a song carried on the first person; the instrumental Do' and Deus Panico. Sorrir is the perfect soundtrack for our everyday's life in a city in rush: beautiful acoustic guitar chords that tell us to lay back, take a deep breath, relax....... and smile...

Tartaruga is an album that breathes sadness, loss, hope and saudade...
Tartaruga is here to be discovered. Get it right here.

Listen to Frio e Fome here.

Find more on Azevedo Silva on his MySpace.

"...Sim, eu sei que vou partir p'ralem. Tambem sei que vais herdar a dor de alguem que nao veras. Mas tudo tem seu tempo, perpetuo movimento, esse nao vai parar, jamais recuar. Agora eu penso no futuro e em tudo o que eu deixei p'ra tras. Amor, eu penso no futuro, nao sou capaz... Nao sou capaz....."


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